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What is a flashmob?

entered our lexicon the word " Not so long ago; flashmob . The word it was heard, probably, by already one and all citizens having the TV, the Internet or the radio receiver. Subconsciously from a context in which this word is used it is simple to guess that this term implies any mass actions, but at desire to learn in more detail about the phenomenon in general and in particular, word " etymology; flashmob I found out that not so it is a lot of information on the matter.

Scarcity of information on the matter is explained by a number of factors.

In - the first the flashmob appeared enough recently. On the websites of fleshmober it is possible to read that the inhabitant New - York Bill, using the SMS and e - mail, brought together about one and a half hundreds of people unfamiliar with each other who were at the same time included on June 17, 2003 into furniture department of " shop; Macy`s also asked love carpet for suburban commune at the cost of $10 000. The television rather in detail covered in due time this action and is considered to be it as the first flashmob.

In - the second , not everyone considers a flashmob as the new phenomenon. Long before a flashmob there were phenomena, very similar to it, designated by the words ", not less exotic for the Russian ear; happening and performance . Between the phenomena really much in common.

the Happening - a kind of actionism of 1960 - x, 1970 - x years. The action of a happening represents the besfabulny dramatized action:

- developing without in advance programmed scenario; and

- calculated on spontaneous actions of performers and on active partnership of spectator audience. (English happening - the events) (The dictionary on social sciences.)

Performance (English performance - letters. - representation) - the type of art creativity uniting opportunities from - art and theater. It was preceded tableau vivant but finally it developed in actions of representatives of dadaism and in particular conceptual art. Unlike the happening calculated on active spectator partnership in performance the artist or special supernumeraries presenting to public live compositions with symbolical attributes, gestures and poses entirely dominates. (BES)

Literally from English (flashmob), a flashmob is translated as flash of crowd or instant crowd . Interesting the fact that English " seems; mob (concourse, crowd) from German it is translated as: common people, crowd, geeks. In subconsciousness it causes the phrase " in me; concourse of geeks that is explained most likely by the fact that that the flashmob phenomenon interested me after the stunning popularity of the known collage " seriously; Preved! . (Just that case, when so-called padonkofsky the lexicon which long time remained a transcendental object was splashed out suddenly not only for a framework of the circle, but also for an Internet framework.)

Today a flashmob format experts in the field of marketing with might and main try to use, advertizing, various the public relations - and are watered - technologies, and it is quite probable, intelligence agencies. And it is, by the way, the third reason for which information on such interesting phenomenon as a flashmob, there is not a lot of. The matter is that all listed professional categories, interested in this phenomenon, for obvious reasons do not advertize the interest and especially the researches in this area.

Advertizing campaigns with use of elements of a flashmob became an everyday occurrence today. However, participants of such actions, not volunteers often are, and promo - personnel and not often similar actions become really mass. It means that the phenomenon is studied not rather well today.

Of course, similar planned actions cannot be considered as a flashmob in pure form as break the basic principles of a flashmob:

1) spontaneity;

2) lack of the centralized management;

3) lack of any political, financial or advertizing goals;

4) depersonifikation; participants of a flashmob (ideally it is absolute strangers) during an action should not show in any way that something connects them;

5) refusal of covering of a flashmob in mass media.

Judging by actions which our homebrew experts in the organization of mass actions position as a flashmob, the impression is made that a flashmob sample for these experts is the Soviet community work day. Finally, any street action will be shortly called a flashmob only because this form of activity is not present at the legislation.

Of course, it is not all information on a flashmob. In the following article I will tell about types of a flashmob and I will try to answer a question: Whether It is possible some electronic analogs letters of happiness to consider as a flashmob? (In detail about letters of happiness it is possible to read in my article What to do with Letter of happiness ? )