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Where to take Russians of health to celebrate New year?

Everything, will celebrate New year as everything, except readers Schools of life which will do it as demand modern life.

I foreknow that from the narrow-minded point of view this subject is uninteresting, as well as the fact that many citizens will not consider experience of celebration of last New year and all the same, will maniacally hold old New Year`s traditions which were not repaid for a long time.

A holiday it is good, this great mood, tasty food, huge quantities of gifts, pleasant communication and expectation something fantastic. All this so theoretically, but in practice is rare when the holiday smoothly passes without consequences into a rhythm of everyday life.

All know expression: To Business time - a fun hour But, as, it appeared, this proverb initially sounded, otherwise: To Business time and fun hour It is necessary for the person only hour, but well thought over holiday when also the soul has a rest and we will gain strength and energy.

Any more not news that New Year`s feasts - the real tests for health of many Russians. Where to take how many health that all night long is spicy, sour, greasy, sweet food and to wash down it with plentiful amount of alcohol, carbonated drinks and to remain at the same time healthy? Besides it is necessary to consider that at Russians the New Year`s feast smoothly flows during a breakfast, a lunch and a dinner, and so all holidays besides without exception. To walk, to walk so.

The majority on New Year`s holidays blindly follow rituals of behavior and adapt, to others representations instead of being guided by own. Very few people reflect that the New Year`s ceremony of carrying out a holiday is harmful:

- we meet at night;

- we use a large number of food, alcohol, carbonated drinks;

- we break the settled mode;

- from the drunk alcohol many do not control themselves and do big nonsenses (on New Year`s holidays and after them, to doctors to have to state, the fact that the number of patients increases several times in comparison with usual days);

- and after holidays, everything painfully try to be built in in an operating mode and naturally labor productivity falls, the worst violations in work which will call then as " are made; human factor ;

- in days of preparation and celebration, many children are provided to themselves and as a result of a trauma and illness.

And how here not to remember Aristotle`s word: Reasonable, pursues not what is pleasant. And behind what relieves of troubles .

Russians are guided by a belief: As you will meet New year, so and you will spend it - therefore and we meet, thinking that abundance of products on a table as it is impossible more eloquently will tell us that rich life is guaranteed to us.

We habitually take public stereotypes on trust. For example:

Say, on New Year`s Eve, that it will be wished, everything will always occur, everything always comes true And we sincerely trust in it, but, unfortunately, quickly we understand that life is seldom similar to the fairy tale, and in reality many surprises are prepared for each of us.

New Year`s gifts - part of a holiday of Skupayetsya all. Of course, it is pleasant to receive gifts, but take a view of the apartment how many unnecessary things to be stored at your place? Generally each other we give and we regift knickknacks, for expensive gifts one do not have enough money, taste. And they (unnecessary things) take the place, demand leaving, distract us.

On last New Year`s holidays practical Germans thought up the new " form; Fight against gifts . To the owner of a gift, an opportunity to hand over it back in shop was presented. Also it is already declared that at donation of a gift you should not throw out the check in order that the owner could hand over it.

This fact can demonstrate that many stereotypes of behavior will be reconsidered towards a practicality. The people grow wiser!

It is difficult to refuse the legalized rules, we already so got used to it and we will not be understood just if we arrive in a different way.

And after celebration of New year, our citizens, in the first working days heavy sigh: To Have a rest! To Grow thin! To Sleep! ...

All New Year`s holidays the majority of us were slaves to a feast.

Still, we sometimes celebrate New year not only, on - to the Russian time, and in each family there are friends, relatives from the FSU and beyond, on their time we note the beginning of New year too. And if after a holiday to ask to share impressions, then many will tell: Fir-trees, ate again, again ate, watched TV, fir-trees, again ate, again ate and slept very little, then ate " again;

I have an acquaintance which on the eve of New year to go to bed as it is possible a bit earlier well to sleep and meet the first day of New year vigorous, healthy, full of strength and with fresh thoughts. And having woken up meets the come day of New year according to the, annually changing program.

And all begins with our correct thought, it pushes us to the correct acts, they form the correct habit which sets the correct and necessary program as a result each of us receives that result which deserves. So that correctly organized meeting of New year, gives start in new life. New year on that also is New that to change everything to the best, and to the beginning to it and there has to be a preparation of celebration of New year in a new way.]