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How to become the master of time?

At school on mathematics at me stood firm five and at " university; queen of sciences safely avoided our faculty. Who knows, can therefore I am not on friendly terms with mathematics. And can just because the humanist by nature... When writing article the formula from the school textbook was remembered: if A=B, and B=S, then A=C. I will risk to assume that if time - money and money is " water; perhaps, time and water are one and too?

To what all this introduction? Yes, all besides Daily time leaves as water... You wake up since morning, and in the head already whole action plan per day, everything is painted about one second. You clutch at the head in the evening, you understand that it is made much, but if still at least a couple of hours And again you ask a question: well why in days only 24 hours?

, It seems, priorities are placed, with tasks everything is all right, clever books on the subject How to find in days excess 2 hours are read, and time from it does not become any more What not so? Let`s try to look at a problem from outside.

Situation 1. we Wake up since morning. With pleasure we stretch and luxuriate in a bed So there pass 5 - 10 minutes. You Will think, but there is a wish to sleep already not so - we think And then exactly these 5 - ti there are also not enough minutes just to sit down in the minibus leaving before a nose.

Council. Try to put an alarm clock for 5 - 10 minutes before usual. They will be enough for you for quietly to waken from a dream and to rise in time. At first it will be unusual, but the organism adapts to changes quickly. Do not close an eye only at all and do not rearrange an alarm clock on 5, and then for 5 minutes. To oversleep so not for long!

Situation 2. in the Evening we so are tired that there is already no time to think of in what tomorrow to go for work. Tomorrow is a new day And not here - that was! Since morning there can be a mass of the unplanned moments: milk escaped, water was disconnected for some reason, the child is capricious and does not want to put on in any way, and here also keys were gone somewhere. As a result we make the real running on the house. We open a case. We get the first jacket, a blouse, a shirt, trousers, jeans, a skirt and we pull them in a hurry on ourselves. From where here the mood will appear if most in a mirror it is terrible to look?

Council. we Think over clothes for tomorrow always today, as if you were not busy It will allow to notice the come-off small button, an inhaling, a speck etc. in time. And the most important - to pick up the harmonious and combined dress in which you will feel comfortable, comfortably and surely. We check whether all as it should be with the chosen clothes, we erase, we iron, we correct shortcomings And tomorrow morning we put on with pleasure and we are not late!

Similar situations each of us daily has a huge number. It is impossible to list all within one article and whether there is in it a need? It is much more important to understand that the similar situations given as examples are in our hands. Therefore it is necessary to learn to define potential thieves of our precious time and it is effective to struggle with them.

So to become the full master of the time, I offer the action plan following :

1) Solve for yourself whether you want to have much more leisure hours? How many? What you need it for? (To pay attention to children, to learn a foreign language, to play sports, to descend to the cosmetologist etc.) ...

2) Think what will occur if this time at you appears? (I will register in fitness - club, I will begin sports activities and I will lose several extra kilos)

3) Reconsider the daily routine and find in it defects which have to be eliminated. (At lectures I sit in a chat, and then in the evenings I try to catch communication in the rewritten abstracts of fellow students)

4) Ask yourself the main issue: what it is more important for me, my dreams and desires or addictions? If you find forces to refuse at least one negative point in favor of positive, believe, business will move off dead center.

5) Before beginning some new business, estimate tasks which face you. Define whether this task is one of those which does not suffer expectation? Whether it is necessary for you? Why you have to do it?

6) Making the list of tasks, try to consider all highlights, but you do not reach to the point of absurdity. Everything is no need to write down in the daily log to trifles. Leave vacant positions: for, a family, rest. Otherwise, having driven the life into a rigid framework, sooner or later it is possible to feel a full time trouble in which constantly there is not enough for anything time.

7) you Remember, to business time - a fun hour ! Simple and familiar words, but their sense deep and invaluable

8) Control precious minutes of the life, do not neglect all. Try to enjoy life to the full that in your forces. Tomorrow on it can already just not be time, and life is much shorter, than it seems About it I always remember Agniya Bartho`s poem I Will postpone for later . That persons interested did not waste time for searches, I quote below:

What I suffer from

Over a blank sheet? there is no

, I Will postpone the drawing

for later.

It is not pasted by

Ya to the drawing?

I Run to Shurka, the Secret I will tell

to it.

No, I, perhaps,

will postpone the Secret,

Is better I with the book

of Hour or so I will sit.

The book got -

Weighty volume,

Ya postponed its

For later,

I suffer from

Over a blank sheet Again...

is So much cares,

Everything put yes affairs...

It is a pity, I could not Postpone night



Keep up to date and let it be always enough for everything! Good luck to you and progress! ]