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How to watch TV on the computer screen?

I Like to watch TV. Whatever spoke or wrote about its harm. The last 15 years it is necessary to share it with the computer which occupies more and more operating time and rest. If to twist from the head between two screens - both occupations suffer.

Already several years I watch TV on the computer screen in a separate window which does not prevent the main work. Its sizes can be changed from matchbox label size to the full screen. Quality of the image is much better, than on the screen of the ordinary TV. And the angular sizes of the picture 17 - the inch monitor from usual distance in half-meter, are similar for eyes to examining from three meters of the television screen in two meters on diagonal. Just home theater at the corresponding stereo speakers and the sound card in the computer turns out.

It is possible to combine the computer with the TV in three ways now. All of them at me are realized, and I can choose.

The first. To install the television tuner in the computer. They are different. I installed the internal television AVerTV 307 tuner. Having connected to it the television antenna, it is possible to watch all available television channels, to record them with the hard drive of the computer or DVD. There is even a control panel. It is possible to program in advance. The tuner itself in due time will turn on, will write down the necessary transfer and will be switched off. The full analog of the good film videorecorder turns out. Only quality of record is much better. But it is limited to quality of the television signal coming from the antenna. It is possible to improve it, having replaced the television tuner with the satellite, receiving digital signal from the antenna - plates.

In big cities it is possible to use the second way. My Internet - the provider free of charge broadcasts about 15 television channels in digital quality through the " program; VLS media player which can be downloaded from their website. No additional equipment is required. The picture can be any size with a binaural sound too. It is possible to open at the same time even several windows with different television channels, it is only necessary to unmute from one of them. As well as in the first way, the signal can be written down. It is possible to watch at the same time one channel, and to write down another. Television broadcasting is not considered in a traffic who has an Internet not unlimited. I know that in Moscow some more Internet - providers are broadcast by such television signals.

Third way. My Internet - the provider renders such service. For an additional fee in 150 rubles a month it broadcasts on the Internet more than 100 satellite channels in digital quality, but at the exit - a usual signal of the television antenna. The external block worth about three thousand rubles is required. The cable from it can be connected to an entrance of the tuner of the computer or to the ordinary TV. Right there is a service Video on demand . It is possible to order any movie from the available catalog, to look or write down to itself it. This way of television broadcasting in Moscow too is provided by several providers. And, some provide the block necessary for this purpose for rent or at all is free for the period of use of service.

I generally use the second way on the computer, and the wife - the third via the TV. We recommend also to you.]