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How to make the " liqueur; " Limoncello;? Secret of the Italian drink. For the first time I heard

about this liqueur on the travel across Italy. Even did not hear, and saw. Italians put small liqueur shot glasses in the freezer. What for? It appears, this liqueur is served quite so - in the frozen shot glasses.

I tried it in different options. How many hostesses - are so much recipes and secrets. In supermarkets the " liqueur; " Limoncello; is on sale in different forms - classical and cream - liqueur. Dense and viscous. This drink is so popular in Italy that unless only Kampari will concede. Train him not by distillation and as infusion. It rather strong - from 27 to 43 degrees. Fine addition to frozen, any dessert and even to the second meat and fish dishes. This liqueur is pleasant to me in itself. It is pleasant to savor, roll on language. To enjoy frosty vitamin drink in midday Italian sun.

On 150 grams of water 200 grams of sugar - liqueur are necessary! We put on fire, we bring to boiling and we cook dense syrup - 4 - 5 minutes. While syrup cooks and cools down, we prepare lemons. Lemons for this liqueur are necessary thin-skinned, fresh and fragrant. Very carefully choose them. Creatively approach preparation of this drink. Only then the true pleasure will deliver a drink of this delightful nectar.

We wash six lemons, we pass via the meat grinder together with a dried peel, a peel. And in even warm syrup it is implicated this gruel. 700 ml of vodka or the colourless fruit eau liqueur - de - vie is added to our liqueur. Sterilize banks or bottles, pour liqueur together with tselzy there - lemon contents. Also let`s be drawn month in the dark cool place. The first week it is necessary to stir up once a day bottles. In a month you receive surprisingly fragrant liqueur.

It is the simplest recipe. Any Italian restaurant will offer you as a bonus a liqueur glass of Limoncello. Or Oranzhichello - orange liqueur. And every time will surprise you different taste. Even if you will make this drink according to the same recipe - it will be a miscellaneous. And depends on mood, and on the country of growth of lemons, oranges, and even on composition of water, vodka and sugar. Prepares quickly enough, and pleasures!

Some Italians call " Limoncello; alcoholic " lemonade;. Actually at each stage - before consumption - you receive the whole bouquet of pleasures from preparation. The most important - all vitamins on the place. Are alcoholized. Curative such alcohol.

Read even in the summer that the famous American actor Danny de Vito in Florida opened the restaurant and long ago possesses own brand of the Italian " liqueur; " Limoncello;. It is called Danny DeVito`s Premium Limoncello. For what the comedy actor was christened right there Prince Limon.

In Russia this liqueur was tried out too. Only the prices are many times higher here, than in Italy. 750 - the gram long opaque bottle of lemon color (such is also considered a suitable container for this drink) in our shops costs from 25 to 50 dollars. Try to prepare. Only do not forget to freeze liqueur shot glasses when giving. Beautifully and tasty!]