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What is success?

On shelves of bookstores flash names: How to become successful, rich and happy in 25 days Do for what you are given birth The fastest and effective way to become rich, successful and well-known Success others hands I attract success! Success - it is simple and so on.

They are hundreds, take me the word. Similar editions cause an ironical smile in me. Pay 100 rubles, read, take something into consideration or in general use as the instruction - and everything will become simply, the success will come to you to hands. Funny, isn`t that so?

Multi-colored announcements are invited on doubtful trainings in " style; To Become successful in 3 days promising participants gold mountains and life without black strips in only three, five, seven days - who as. Danger of similar trainings is that they apply the " methods; reprogrammings mentalities, manipulations, hypnosis. Work is based by the principle of network marketing: the pupil needs to attract to transition to the following grade level on the first step a certain number of beginners. And though each new level is more and more expensive, participants are involved and cannot stop any more. I do not want to say that trainings - it is bad that you should not go to them, it is necessary to be only more attentive also razborchivy. To be more attentive and razborchivy - sometimes, this the most difficult.

What is success? Agree, we quite often use this word in talk, but sometimes we do not reflect that everyone means by it the definition is exclusive.

Boris, 17: It when you for a minute stop and think: And I am happy with myself!

Alexander, 18: There are 2 ways. It is possible to realize the real - to form the body, to accumulate the property, to gain recognition in society, the power... And - to realize the second way spiritual I, to gain knowledge, to get knowledge from the Universe surrounding you, that is, to reach wisdom... And so the success for me is something in the middle between these two ways of development of the person, but it is heavy to achieve it. Therefore the success is also regarded by men as the number of cars, houses, the concluded bargains, academic degrees, and women - plus to it the established family... I will repeat, it if to take deeply and not to consider success as a victory over something concrete in the present or the future

Vsevolod, 16: The Success is such state of mind when everything develops as it is impossible, by the way, when everything in literal sense turns out just greatly... The success consists of many factors and aspects. In my opinion, one more concept success - when you try to obtain something in characteristic activity, and someone estimated your opportunities and believed in your forces...

In other words, the success is something relative. Someone holds the director`s position in tiny firm and considers himself rather successful. And someone keeps for months on the top lines musical a hit - parades, but, nevertheless, does not consider it as a limit and tests a dissatisfaction. The success is when you move forward all the time: from the purpose to the purpose, and you it is pleasant.

But everything so there is a wish that all affairs came to an end as it was planned that the house was not problems, and the family smiled that money the river flew in a pocket, and to happiness there was no limit! Unfortunately, the success is not just luck. It is not enough to want of something and to dream, to be going to do and postpone again and again. Badly those who are only going to live live. Therefore you should not wait when the bluebird of happiness of good luck flies. Yet not the fact that you will catch it for a tail.

It is unlikely you will be the first person who opened the first " snackbar; McDonald`s on Saturn. Even for certain you will not be. And without space suit in space you will not leave. (If you not from that rare breed of absolute idiots). It does not mean that it is necessary to give up as a bad job dream: just it is necessary to coordinate it with reality. Perhaps, you will be the second.

But it is necessary to learn to satisfy the vanity not to the maximum - eventually, I am not Anna Politkovskaya as it is regrettable. It especially concerns teenagers who look forward maturity to become... at - at - at - at - at! Very best! Will not leave, all very best is for a long time. Or almost everything. Yes, I do not say at all that the purposes should be set more simply. Valid and adequate - does not mean simple.

You, probably, waited that I will write a formula of success? I will not write. For everyone she is individual. As well as the person.