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How to achieve a proper correlation of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in a diet?

We are what we eat - Ancient Greek wise men came to this elegant conclusion many centuries ago. They the first noticed that the food exerts huge impact not only on health of the person, but also on his cerebration, mood, appearance and spiritual health .

It is difficult to find the person who would not have at least general idea of what happens to food after its absorption in the modern world. But at the same time seldom who reflects as the consumed food influence us and how difficult way there have to pass their components that our organism could acquire them.

According to modern nutritionists to keep health and a beautiful figure, it is necessary to understand and control accurately the diet, and the main principle by drawing up the menu is a balanced food, but not minimizing or an exception of fats and carbohydrates at all. Therefore let`s understand why proteins, fats and carbohydrates are necessary and as to us to achieve their proper correlation.

of the Fundamentals of healthy nutrition

the Organism needs nutrients every day. Without their receipt at least within several days there is an imbalance as a result of which also the morale worsens physical. The healthy nutrition is one of the main rules of a healthy organism which is very difficult for supporting in a good shape. To be always in an excellent form and it is fine to feel, the first what it is necessary to take care of, it is the balanced diet.

At the same time it is not only about enough mineral substances and vitamins, but also about a proper correlation of fats, proteins and carbohydrates that is not less important for the person. To calculate for itself an optimum ratio, it is necessary to take a number of factors into account. Sometimes the person needs to make some changes in the menu, a day regimen and a way of life. Besides each organism possesses specific features and therefore to be guided by the program of food of your friends and acquaintances is not necessary. As sometimes the recommendations made by it experts can not only not help you, but also exert negative impact. Therefore it is necessary to approach definition of the diet very carefully.

Value of proteins, fats and carbohydrates for the person

From a school course of biology all of us perfectly know that the human body for normal functioning needs to receive a full set of the nutrients providing with its energy and force. The main components of a diet are fats, proteins and carbohydrates. We absorb them every day together with food and to refuse from some of components not just difficult, and it is impossible as practically all products contain all three components (proteins, fats and carbohydrates) in different percentage ratios.

Proteins, or proteins (the thicket can hear the last name from athletes), are formed of chains of amino acids in a certain sequence. 8 of 20 amino acids known today are among irreplaceable, and it means that in our organism they cannot be formed therefore have to arrive surely with food. Proteins prevail in the following products: fish and meat, milk and dairy products, soy and bean, and also nuts.

Fats (lipids) are the supplier of energy necessary for an organism which is emitted at their splitting. They also provide our organism with nonsaturated fatty acids (An omega - 3 and the Omega - 6) and are carriers of low-fat vitamins. However if we do not spend the delivered energy, then the organism begins to care for our future, laying surplus in store in the form of hated many women of fatty cages.

Best of all not only to limit consumption of greasy food, but also to give preference to vegetable sources, in them polynonsaturated and monononsaturated fatty acids which it is much more useful than saturated fatty acids prevail. Lipids from fish which are difficult for receiving from other products are also useful. Main sources good fats maslyanichny cultures, oil, fat grades of fishes (a mackerel, a salmon, a herring) and avocado are.

Carbohydrates are the chief supplier of the true, easily received energy. Carbohydrates can be divided into two groups: difficult (slow carbohydrates) and simple (fast carbohydrates). By drawing up the menu it is necessary to adhere to the first group. Complex carbohydrates contain in fruit and vegetables, grain products (for example, in porridges).

As I already wrote, all above-mentioned is vital to an organism, however there is a group of substances which should be avoided that who cares for the health - it is a trance - fats . These harmful connections are terrible not only the caloric content, but also artificial structure.

The human body cannot process a trance - fats therefore they are laid. Such connections are available in products fast - foot, the food made of low-quality margarine (some confectionery). It does not mean at all that if you want chebureks or cookies, it is necessary to refuse them - just prepare similar products of the house from qualitative ingredients.

the Principles of the correct balance of food

Is several simple principles, adhering to which it is possible to normalize not only quantity, but also quality of the consumed food:

Vegetables and fruit - an important component of a diet. They contain vitamins and cellulose which helps to clear an organism, but at the same time be not overzealous as sweet types may contain a large amount of sugars.

do not neglect complex carbohydrates, they are an obligatory component of a diet of the person who decided to grow thin.

Some proteinaceous products (cottage cheese, meat, fish, nuts) may contain the increased amount of fats, before purchase read their structure.

At increase in number of the consumed proteins, add to a diet more fruit and vegetables.

do not try to reduce the content of fats in a diet to a minimum as these substances support a hormonal background and are responsible for a condition of skin.

Can count independently a ratio of the consumed proteins, fats and carbohydrates or to use the special program.

visit Less places of public catering as quite often their owners save on quality of ingredients. Good luck are also beautiful