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Drew Barrymore: from diapers - on the screen? To 40 - to the anniversary of the actress

Father of the actress John Drew Barrymore - younger succeeded in an actor`s profession - as a rule, offered it roles of the hero - the lover. And mother of the actress Ildiko Dzhad Mako was the Hungarian actress. In a creative family as it quite often happens, career of the baby was predetermined. Christening of the girl became the last fatal stroke. Parents chose as God great Steven Spielberg who played not the last role in formation of the actress.

An actor`s dynasty of a family Barrymore originates from the famous English tragedian of the nineteenth century Maurice Barrymore. John Barrymore who is necessary the grandfather Drew held the top places of a rating of actors - performers of Shakespearean roles in the twentieth - the thirtieth years of the past century, also it is included into the list of the most popular actors of silent cinema. It was called Great " Profile;.

Besides, both the father, and mother Drew were actors - career of the baby was predetermined. Christening of the girl became the last fatal stroke. Parents chose as God great Steven Spielberg who played not the last role in formation of the actress.

Already from the cradle it begins to flash on screens. At first it is advertizing roles in which the baby was removed when she hardly was 11 months old. Then bit parts began to arrive, and in 7 years Steven Spielberg invited the goddaughter to one of leading roles in the movie Alien . This movie collected a huge box office, popular having become far outside the USA. The baby Gerti whom played Drew Barrymore was fallen in love to many cinema-goers, the girl began to be invited with pleasure and in other projects.

Star life since the childhood left the mark on the girl`s life. The little actress began to smoke in 9 years, in a couple of years she had problems with alcohol, and in one and a half years she got hooked on marijuana. Soft drugs business did not manage, having tried cocaine for the first time in 13 years, it ceased to control itself. She became the frequenter of club parties. At the same time the girl broke filmings, forgetting to appear on a shooting stage and making scandals in each occasion.

Drew brought herself to such state that she had to lay down in narcological clinic. Also it threw study at school and left mother (in 15 years through court the girl acquired the right independently to run the business).

Therefore, having left a clinic, the young actress appeared all alone - close people from it turned away long ago, and directors did not want to contact the undisciplined teenager. Many critics predicted it completion of career on so sad note, however Barrymore was not given.

She decided to earn money on the history - Drew writes the book under the name The Little lost girl in which tells about all the experiences and difficult situations into which got from - for problems with alcohol and drugs. In 17 years she acts in a frank photoshoot for the man`s glossy Playboy edition. It should be noted that the owner of the magazine Hugh Heffner highly appreciated talent Barrymore, having reported that that is one of the brightest models which agreed to erotic shooting.

Persistent work of Drew returns trust of workers of cinema, and she begins to be called at first on incidental, and then and for more important roles. Her agent regularly rang round various directors with requests to pass tests for a leading role, and in 1992 the girl is invited in the movie Poisonous Ivy .

In several months, thanks to cooperation of the actress with the talented director Tamra Davies, the movie " is published; It is crazy about the " weapon; for which Barrymore received a prestigious award Gold " globe;. After this movie many directors reconsidered the relation to once loose and unreliable actress.

In 1995 offers on participation in various shootings literally fell down on Drew. She at the same time participates in several projects at once. So, the pictures " were published; All say that I love you and Batman forever with its participation in a leading role.

And really the romantic comedy " helped to win the hearts of TV viewers to it; The Singer at a wedding which was removed in 1998. Also this picture helped it to be included in the list of the highest paid Hollywood stars.

However since then before the actress sharply there was a problem of perception of - she was never a thin person, but the fashion on excessive symmetry brought it to the fact that it began not just to hesitate, and even to hate the body. Active sports activities helped to overcome complexes to the girl: though it did not reach a podiumny ideal, Drew learned to love herself and the body.

In 2000 Barrymore invite to one of leading roles in the dizzy adventure fighter with comedy " elements; Angela Charlie where she played together with Lucie Lew and Cameron Diaz agents of confidential special forces. The girl decided to enclose the high income in the future, having based own film studio Flower Filmz .

In 2003 the comedy " comes out; 50 first kisses and role of the romantic heroine is assigned to the red-haired beauty for several years. On February 3, 2004 one of the main events in life of the actress took place - her name forever becomes history of cinema with the advent of own star on the Walk of Fame located in Hollywood. This moment became significant also the fact that Drew was succeeded to repeat success of the eminent relatives who received the same honor many years ago - Lionel Barrymore, John Barrymore and Ethel Barrymore.

And in 2009 Drew Barrymore debuted as the director to the screen version of the short story Shauna Kross who left under the name Slide! .

Today the actress continues to participate in various advertizing and cinema projects actively. A few years ago Barrymore became the ambassador on fight against hunger, having taken part in the World food programme of the UN. Besides, having forever finished the rebellious past, Drew got a long-awaited family: in 2012 she married Will Kopelman and gave birth to him to two daughters - Olive Barrymore - Kopelman (on September 26, 2012) and Frankie Barrymore - Kopelman (on April 22, 2014).