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Bamboleo! What adventures waited for the Old horse?

Simon Diaz composed several hundreds of songs. But the song " became the best-known song of Diaz; Caballo Viejo - Old horse (1980). An old horse - an interesting image in culture. One of variations on this has to be known to it for everything.

When a year ago (on February 19, 2014) the daughter of one citizen of Venezuela reported on the twitter about death of the father, it became quite world news. To very few people will tell a name of Simone Diaz, but it Old horse heard in 15 languages. And well-known Bamboleo the majority of mankind managed to hear.

Actually it is the same song. Such adventures happen to songs. But at first it is a little about the author.

He is called a legend and a sign figure of the Latin American music. Simon Diaz was so loved in the country that all called him simply Uncle Simon .

Than Simone Diaz - the name, of course, is in Spanish twice longer (years of life: On August 8, 1928 - on February 19, 2014), the composer, the actor, the singer, the owner Gremmi, the TV host. For many years kept the program on television devoted to a folk music of Venezuela. Mainly, to songs of the Venezuelan plains. To studying of these songs and the composition of the, to promoting of this genre, new to mankind, Diaz also devoted all the quite long life.

In the jungle and mountains, for obvious reasons, what is called " sounds; Andean music - music of the Andes, music of Indians. On the plain - well-known Venezuelan lyamos - a few other music sounded. On the one hand - it is close to a folk music of the Spanish colonialists, to another - to music of the Caribbean region.

Simon Diaz composed several hundreds of songs. But the song " became the best-known song of Diaz; Caballo Viejo - Old horse (1980).

The horse runs on the steppe therefore,

that it old and tired.
the Figurative party of a song is absolutely clear to

. The old horse meets a young mare, heart presses, the reason and feelings fight among themselves. And all this stereotyped history moves without platitude, without scabrousness as managed without platitude to write on this subject numerous poets and writers.

Of course, in the song there is a lot of personal, but it not our business. The song about love, let and overdue - for one or maybe not.

The love has no schedule,

dates in a calendar

In a word, the song though is playful according to contents, even quite fervent, but in general sad.

In 7 years the song was processed and executed by musicians of the French group Gipsy Kings the flamencos playing in style and singing on mix of Spanish and some dialects. Success to To the Gipsy barons (actually history with the name is a little more difficult) came with a rehash and arrangement Old horse . The song began to be called on a new refrain - of Bamboleo . Since then the group has constant concerts and tours, including in Russia.

So met transformed ispano - the Venezuelan song from the Gipsy - the Spanish flamenco at the end of the 20th century in the south of France. But also it is not the end of history.

Ispano - venesuelsko - the Gipsy - the Spanish song ( already Bamboleo ) again got the next world fame, but already as part of the musical.

All former Soviet people know a name of El Salvador to Allende - the president of Chile which died during a military coup. His cousin niece Isabel (Isabel) Allende is nowadays the U.S. citizen - the famous Latin American writer (was born on August 2, 1942). It is even called Gabriel Garcia Marquez in a " skirt;. Action of its first novel House of spirits occurs against those events. According to the novel, by the way, the movie of the same name (Denmark, Germany, Portugal) is shot from Meryl Streep in a leading role.

Since then Allende published many novels. At last in 2005 the novel " was published; Zorro - the prequel of all earlier published books about the legendary fictional hero. Who such Zorro - seems, too all know. According to this book the musical of the same name, just on music of Gipsy Kings group was put. And in the musical, of course, sounds Bamboleo .

So Old horse constantly gets new breath. For a song it is guarantee of love and recognition. For a good song - guarantee of longevity.


In comments - as usual, all songs.