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What soap operas to watch since February? You call Saul " Better; and Strange couple

TV channels are loved and appreciate devoted admirers of the serial projects and from time to time present them really imperial gifts. This season promises to be generous for admirers of series In all heavy and legendary comedy Friends .

Continuing the review of February serial novelties, we hurry to pay your attention to very successful, even record starts and promising projects.

You call Saul " Better; ( Better Call Saul )

Series You call Saul " Better; began to show AMC channel (USA) on February 8, and already pilot release became the champion - it was looked by 6,9 million viewers, and it is the highest rating for all history of cable TV channels of America. It in many respects is explained by the fact that the TV show is backs - offy series In all heavy - the best, according to the audience of the whole world, TV - show of all times and the people. By the way, critics are extremely unanimous in this question with ordinary serialomana.

Series plot. Action happens in Albuquerque (New - Meksiko). That who looked In all heavy it is not necessary to tell who such Saul Gudman. This bright, charismatic character, the lawyer Walter White were remembered by all. In new series we will see Saul Gudman`s life until acquaintance to the narcoking, we will track his formation in professions, formation of his surprising personality, we will get acquainted with circumstances thanks to which he also became that whom became.

Series counter. " Project; You call Saul " Better; called so in honor of one of the " series; In all heavy is a peculiar gift of Vince Gilligan to all fans of original series who absolutely lost courage after a final season. And the secret of success of the project consists in it. Creators were from the very beginning so sure of its high ratings that they prolonged the project for the second season, without waiting for results of display of the pilot.

However, they can be understood, Saul`s popularity is really unprecedented - the minor hero of series has even own website on the Internet where all visitors are welcomed by the commercial with the become familiar expression Got into a scrape with the law? Better for you to call Saul! .

Familiar faces. Besides, interest of the audience is stirred by the promise of the executive producer Peter Goode to return to Walter White`s role of Brian Krenston, action You call Saul " Better; will occur as to events In all heavy and at the same time.

A basis a series caste - film-making team of the " project; In all heavy led by Vince Gilligan, Colin Baksi and Adam Berstein. In leading roles acted Bob Odenkyork ( In all heavy Fargo ), Johnathan Banks ( In all heavy Dexter ), Aileen Fogarti ( Sons of anarchy ), Michael Mendo ( Dark child ), Michael Makkin ( Homeland ) .

The series will be interesting not only devoted, but also to all who love a qualitative serial product.

Strange couple ( The Odd Couple )

A for the admirers of another not less famous and the series which already became legendary - the comedy Friends the CBS channel prepared an excellent gift too - the project under the name Strange couple where in a leading role Mathew Perry, that Chandler from " acted; Friends .

Familiar faces. Chandler grew old, became sad, but does not lose a grasp, and his latest television works - the best for that confirmation. The previous work of Mathew Perry - series On start! about a difficult life of the sportscaster - became the real phenomenon in a serial sky.

Except Mathew Perry in the project in a leading role Thomas Lennon - too the person quite famous acted ( 17 Again As I met your mother ). Also in a series caste - Wendell Pearce as the police officer Teddie, Lindsey Sloun ( Handsome As I met your mother ) and Lesley Bibb ( Handsome Ambulance ) .

Series counter. the New series are not the first and not second attempt to picturize the play of the owner of the same name of the Pulitzer Prize Neil Simon - there are series of a sample of the eightieth and seventieth years so it will be interesting to all who are familiar with works of the American playwright to see one more option of reading of the well-known play.

A series plot in brief is as follows: after (Thomas Lennon) the wife exposes Felix Anger from the house, he goes to live to the sports journalist and the best friend Oscar Madison (Mathew Perry) who also did not have family life. Both friends absolutely different: one - the full bore, and the second - the sloven what light did not see before. Whether such different people with each other will be able to get on and to conduct economy?

The series should be watched as humour here stylish, impregnated with classics and checked by time, and hardly it it is possible to spoil strongly modern serial approaches. However, as they say, bad business simple.

The series start on February 19 on CBS channel.

February prepared some more remarkable premieres so do not switch!