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Movie Fifty shades gray . Female sensuality is how far capable to step?

Fifty shades gray (English Fifty Shades of Grey ) - the erotic novel of British E. L. James published in 2011. The novel narrates about history of the relations between the businessman Christian Grey and the graduate of university Anasteysha Steel. In 2015 - m offer public the screen version of the book.

One men buy tickets for the movie! - the cashier of years sixty complained to the colleague when she sold tickets to two men on the movie Fifty shades gray . She did not complain, did not rejoice, just established the fact. And then already, when also I it was drawn before cash desk with money, added: I spoke!

Well, not only women this picture attracts though the book according to which the movie is shot is more addressed to women.

The director Sam - Taylor Johnson and film company Yuniversal decided not to wait for decades as often happens, and to forge iron, so far it is hot . Semi-pornographic novel of the Englishwoman E. L. James Fifty shades gray was published in 2011 - m and became the best-seller because the world, as we know, lust and hunger rules. And if something similar still to assign to talented marketing specialists, then beautifully wrapped up attractive product, but not a semi-finished product will turn out. The ready advertized work. As it was made with Fifty shades gray .

An essence of newly made cinema according to the book the same: the student Anasteysha Steel (Dakota Johnson) meets by will of a case on the way the nice billionaire. Their first meeting, apparently, and has to become the last if the billionaire did not begin to behave in a queer way. And to behave in a queer way not on a trifle, and on - large.

For a role - the summer rich man Christian Grey the actor Jamie Dornan, and, it seems, was chosen 27, he corresponds to a prototype from the book: it is nice, it is even slightly cute, the suit on it fits well. In the book it was allocated also with the trained torso, but in the movie of it it is not noticeable. However, we not came to look at torsos, and at how sensational, scandalous and strongly erotic history in book cover is shifted by cinema language to the big screen. And so, Gray in the book is an ultraboundary character, I did not meet similar, never about them read, and I do not even know whom it is possible to call by a prototype of this character. And it is remarkable!

The son of the prostitute - addicts in 27 years possesses own empire of business, it has planes, the garage of luxurious cars, the whole skyscraper is occupied with its firm etc. It is rich - fantastically, is beautiful - undoubtedly, is well-known - and as! It is mysterious and capable of nasty thing. At the same time it is careful - will give the scarf from the thinnest silk when, I`m sorry, tears the girlfriend from the drunk alcohol. There is what rattling mix!

Probably, such people are. American dream in operation. But when viewing all movie I felt that the actor Jamie Dornan could not embody accurately this unique image on the screen. And not because he is a bad actor, just character too semi-fantastic!

Here is how time we approach the main motive of popularity of the book and movie. Fifty shades gray - new semi-pornographic Cinderella! Quite so. You look: in the movie and the book there is Prinze (Heat). Is and " pumpkin; that turns into the carriage (Gray has a full garage of the sparkling luxury cars). At last, there is a Cinderella (Anasteysha) who works at simple work (pastes a stroke - codes on goods in a household department of a supermarket). And once among its nails and holders the cable is the channel, shurupchik and hammers, It comes up! Prinze (billionaire). And here it begins Than to you not the Cinderella?

We will also talk about the girl in more detail. Anasteysha as the character, me was remembered not only a figure which, I will tell directly is magnificent. But first of all, I as the viewer recorded her eyes. Widely open, as though doors at the Premiere in Opera Theatre. They call and attract. And still these freckles. They as if made its image solar. And, at last, bang. Uneven, breaking up, disobedient. Of course, this girl is romantic, unlike Gray.

Men hardly go on this movie for the sake of romanticism. But at once I will warn: fans cheesecakes will be disappointed. The book, in comparison with the movie, is much more frank and teeters often on the brink pornographies, the movie - a pure sensuality. Something " type; Nine and a half weeks with Mickey Rourke and Kim Bessindzher. Both there, and there are similar episodes (for example, dipping of a cube of ice in the beauty`s navel), both there, and there the body of the partner is investigated under music, and all this does not look vulgarly at all.

I think, it was necessary to the actress Dakote Johnson on shootings very hardly. It according to the scenario - the lover of books, men at it was not, sometimes carries braids as the honors pupil. And here it it is rigid display in the Red Room of Tortures (forgive, Pleasures). The scene is very courageous. One director said that the good actress will always undress for the sake of the necessary and important shots that I also observe in the movie Fifty shades gray . There are such moments when no doubler can replace Dakota Johnson.

A task of the actress began to embody on the screen an image charming Lambs which got to the perverted mouth Wolf (Gray), and Dakota Johnson coped with this task. And Wolf it is not simply perverted, it also the dictator. Got used to order. Though looking at work of the actor Jamie Dornan you will not tell that he managed to reincarnate in the tyrant. Let Anasteysha also say that Heat - the dangerous person, but he does not radiate danger, the guy was not successful this side.

I consider that I women coped with the roles better, than men. It concerns all movie and, perhaps, all characters. Anasteysha, her stylish mother and Kate - here a female trio of the movie on whom a lot of things in a picture also keep.

I would tell that the movie Fifty shades gray - it is a story about female sensuality and about that how far the girl, inexperienced in love, is capable to step to learn not only the partner, but also first of all herself. On the screen the viewer sees history from origin of love of the beauty to the Monster, sees how there passes the love consecutive stages from the first splash before disintegration and then reaches line for which to take up already one of the parties is incapable. The scene of flogging of Anasteysha, these six mighty blows, became highlight and business card of the scandalous movie.

Fifty shades gray - really adult cinema, with beautiful types, magnificent planes, the sparkling cars and erotic scenes. The movie not bad is watched, but it is not a masterpiece in any way. The book, in my opinion, was successful much better than the film version.