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What soap operas to watch since February? Difficulties of assimilation and Devotion

Telemir try not only not to lag behind political trends of the last time, but also quickly to react to them therefore in February several series directly related to Russia and to Russian start at once.

Reality of the serial world such is that the most premier relish it falls on March, and not much interesting novelties fall to lot of February. But this serial February - special as several very interesting and long-awaited starts bring to our attention.

Difficulties of assimilation ( Fresh Off the Boat )

on February 4 on ABC channel the new project - one more attempt to address a subject of difficulties of assimilation of emigrants in severe conditions of the American reality started. This time the Taiwan family - Luis and Jessica with members of household will become the assimilating heroes. Creators of series did not begin to concern a problem of resettlement of the people on a global scale: their heroes move within the USA - from the Washington Chayn - a town to Olando.

Series plot. Action happens in the nineties what clearly point such details as the song " flowing from the autoradio tape recorder to; The sign Ace of Base groups and general enthusiasm of housewives for roller skates. By the way, paid attention: use in a retro soundtrack - hits Ace of Base became some kind of mainstream?

Problems which Luis`s family faces are quite clear, where you would not go, you take with yourself yourself with all the cultural features, habits and vital concepts, and as far as the American culture differs from the Asian, it is not necessary to explain. However, it does not stop creators of series, and they once again in easy and slightly importunate manner will show us differences - we will see also shopping with obstacles, both heavy school everyday life, and difficulties of establishing own business in the offered circumstances, and pernicious impact of a humid climate on Asian type of hair.

The narration is led on behalf of Eddie, one of sons Luis and Jessica. The child grows in conditions of the continuous conflict of interests, his mother categorically does not accept the American culture, and the father, on the contrary, we will gain the American dream.

Series counter. This project deserves our close attention, it is based on the book of memoirs of the famous American cook - the showman Eddie Huanga, the expert on culinary traditions of people of the world and the hot admirer of Russian cuisine. Having visited Moscow in 2013, Eddie came to full delight from ability of Russians to cook meat, and also from that, how masterly we can prepare surprisingly tasty and unusual dish from the most ordinary products. It compared the Russian food to the term in the American soccer which designates reception when you do one sharp and exact movement . Vareniki, pelmeni, herring under a fur coat and stuffed cabbage forever subdued the experienced culinary specialist - the traveler. Exactly on behalf of Eddie Huanga the narration in series is led, and he personally sounded a role of the story-teller.

Familiar faces. Castes of the project it is quite interesting. There is Randall Park whom we know on small roles in series Doctor House Office and Ambulance charming Constance Wu ( Law and order. Special " case; Confidential communications ), and also numerous young actors, and they, it is necessary to recognize, will give hundred points to adult colleagues forward - Hudson Young, Forrest Viler, Yens Chen and others.

Stsenarno - the director`s team is presented, first of all, by Eddie Huang, and also Leann Shelton ( Newcomer Madmen Mindi`s Project ) and Robert Cohen ( Theory of a Big Bang American daddy ).

Devotion ( Allegiance )

on February 5 on NBC channel the series " started; Devotion who, in the light of the latest events, certainly, deserves our attention.

Series plot. After Russians - gangsters, Russians - prostitutes and Russians - mad and ingenious scientists on the American television time of Russians - spies came. We already observed successful start of series Americans met noble Russian robbers in series Arrow and here the NBC channel presented on court of the viewer the whole series about the Russian spies.

On a plot young Alex O`Connor - pride of the of mother, father and sisters - comes the military analyst to CIA. It does not remain unnoticed by the Russian intelligence as both parents Alexa, and his elder sister work for KGB for a long time, being so-called the frozen agents which the management from Moscow in case of need can always address.

And the management, of course, addresses mother Alexa to Katya and her husband Mark who have to take part in the terrorist operation planned for territories of the USA. But there is also one more task: to enlist in ranks of the Russian spies of own son as many years ago Katya attracted on the Soviet party of own American husband. However for Alexa the answer to a question to whom it Bol is devoted - a family or the Homeland - is not so unambiguous, and it appears before the most severe and difficult choice in the life.

Familiar faces. Author of the " project; Devotion - George Nolfi, on which account Born`s Ultimatum Twelve friends of Ouchene and Changing reality . An unconditional trump of series is the name of Scott Cohen in the list of main characters of the film - a wolf from Tenth kingdom and Nicko from Necessary cruelty . Besides, are involved in series by Hope Davies ( News service ), Kenneth Choi ( Sons of anarchy ), and also there are a lot of our compatriots - Margarita Leviyeva ( Revenge How to achieve success in America ), Pavel Lichnikoff ( Theory of a Big Bang ), Evgenia Orudzheva ( House of cards ), Sofia Akilova ( The Alpha - the house ) and others. As Alexa the young beginning actor Gavin Stenkhauz acted ( American history of horrors ) .

Series counter. Here all set of stamps and stereotypes about Russia what were ever used in western by cinema - and television industry is. Here angry Russians speak bad Russian, burn the enemies in furnaces of power plants and are represented as The Companion from Moscow . And still they bake pies for an orthodox holiday about which their children who grew up atheists do not know and listen in the car only On beautiful blue Danube Strauss.

The project is a calque from the Israeli teledrama Cell Gordinykh 2012, and the Israeli option seems to us more responsible.

The series are recommended for viewing at least because an opportunity to see the drama when which viewing every ten minutes you break on a laughter not so often drops out. In total - absence in a shot of a bear, a nested doll and a balalaika - an obvious defect of a film crew.

As you can see, February projects of the American channels, wishing to remain in a trend, paid the close attention towards our immense Homeland. And it is not a compliment. However, this month there are also other interesting projects so do not switch!