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What history of hits of Yury Antonov? The top - 10 best songs to 70 - to the anniversary of the singer and composer of

People who was not included into the semi-official Union of Composers and till 1985 did not publish any disk - the giant, earned much more than any figure of the Soviet platform. And in 1981 Antonov established one more not broken record: in 15 days it gave 28 concerts in Leningrad, was present at each of which on 14 thousand viewers!

Personally for me Yury Mikhaylovich Antonov will always be the brightest symbol of an era of the Soviet VIA. It is sure that not only I so consider. This ingenious melodist wrote, at least, 20 - 30 songs which are still learned from the first notes not only music lovers, but also ordinary citizens.

For those whom the dry language of digits interests I will give only two examples. The person who was not included into the semi-official Union of Composers and till 1985 did not publish any disk - the giant, earned much more than any figure of the Soviet platform. At the same time it is absolutely lawful. Though the author`s rate was extremely small, Antonov`s songs were published by million circulations performed by the most different VIA (about restaurant ensembles I already also do not speak).

And in 1981 Antonov established one more not broken record: in 15 days it gave 28 concerts in Leningrad, was present at each of which on 14 thousand viewers!

Here is known only of history of hits of this remarkable composer and performer disappointingly a little. Therefore in the choice I had to be limited to criterion not only recognition, but also existence of interesting information.

You are absent more perfectly (1971)

the First national hit Antonov wrote to

in 1969 when he was registered as the keyboard player to VIA the SINGING GUITARS (by the way, in the same place he for the first time tried as the vocalist). Coauthor of the song You are absent more perfectly unexpectedly there was a girl by the name of Irina Bezladnova - the worker Lenkontserta with which Yury had a short novel. Antonov remembered that the melody of a song came to him in the train when it went with ensemble to tours to Moldova.

Irina Bezladnova:

Music overflowed Antonov, he constantly whistled something and sang; and once nasvistat to me the pressing strange melody.

- It is new, - he told. - Absolutely newborn... so far without the words .
Here - that Irina also offered

the services of the poetess though she never wrote before lyrics. Well, try - Antonov told and wrote to it so-called fish - the verbal abracadabra corresponding to rhythmics of composition. To surprise of the composer, Bezladnova coped with a task. There was only one editing... Antonov always said that he approaches texts first of all from the performer`s positions. Therefore in a line As a moment, it is imperceptible... difficult to pronounce " caused rejection in it at once; mgn and it replaced moment on image .

Initially in the song there were two couplets, but later Antonov considered that it is not enough. Bezladnova was busy with something and refused to write the third couplet (what then very much was sorry about). Therefore it was added by the guitarist of group of DOBRA GOOD FELLOWS Mikhail Belyakov.

Antonov did not take part in record of a song. You are absent more perfectly became a farewell gift before its withdrawal from the SINGING GUITARS.

Evgeny Bronevitsky, the vocalist of the SINGING GUITARS:

When it left, left a scrap of musical paper on which there was this song. He told: Zhenya, seems to me, this song in your execution will be heard . I pickled it for half a year, forgot about it, then came across and literally for one night painted to whom what to play. So it also turned out .

On a twist of fate Bronevitsky decided that three couplets are much and the second couplet ( If more fixedly you look... ) cleaned.

Evgeny Bronevitsky:

It seemed to us that it was long " sausage;. And we managed two couplets and inserted guitar solo. Then it was very fashionable. Since it was created, and remained .

In such look the song also appeared on a minion Melodies in 1970. On one of editions Irina Bezladnova was even forgotten to be mentioned the coauthor - on her place it was for some reason printed A. Azizov (the truth, soon the error was corrected).

Mirror (1977)

the Wife of the poet - Mikhail Tanich`s songbook - Lidiya Kozlova - remembered how once deeply at night her husband brought with himself the stranger. Antonov whose creativity the woman did not know at all was him. Therefore when saw that Tanich hands to the young composer the text Mirrors she grudged these remarkable verses.

Lidiya Kozlova:

I Think, such Lel came... What will he write there? Early in the morning the call is distributed: I wrote the song . Yura comes, sits down at a piano, plays to us... And we understand: in total... heart broke and fell .

In this song to Antonov perfectly managed to keep sensitivity in relation to lyrics and at the same time to introduce vigorous variety rhythms in music.

Disputes were caused by only the immemorial requirement of Antonov to a harmony of texts. The composer considered that the words I Am looked in you, as in a mirror, to dizziness... to read distinctly hardly not that to sing. However Tanich`s authority in this case won...

Indian summer (1977)

One poets dream that they on their verses wrote at least one song. But is also such at whom on only one text several songs are written, and all of them are dissatisfied.

Quite so happened to Igor Kokhanovsky`s poem Indian summer . Only he wrote it how his colleague on a feather - Andrey Voznesensky - declared at once that words just ask for the song.

Somewhere in 1964 Kokhanovsky himself composed to the guitar unpretentious bard motive, and in this option the song will be sung quite often at concerts by the good acquaintance of the poet - Vladimir Vysotsky.

Then Claudia Shulzhenko contacted Kokhanovsky. It so liked verses that she wrote down the version. Even line I turn completely from the most windy of women... did not confuse the singer.

But Kokhanovsky was dissatisfied with both versions and decided to order a third to Yury Antonov.

Igor Kokhanovsky:

. . told: I have verses, but my music - primitive. Still there is a song which is sung by Shulzhenko. But that it - valsochek At everything we wash a piety it is the man`s song . Antonov liked verses, he wrote music .

B 1977 the song for the first time was issued on a vinyl minion with songs on Kokhanovsky`s verses. However, not Antonov, and VIA the SINGING HEARTS executed it there.

Anastasia (1979)

One of the most beautiful female names and, precisely, the most beautiful song to it devoted... And its history such is.

Once Yury Antonov had dinner at restaurant of the Union of Composers. The unfamiliar man sat down by it and it was presented by Leonid. As it appeared, at Leonid was two appearances . Under a surname Handel he was known as one of the leading Soviet biophysicists. And under the pseudonym Fadeyev (taken from the wife) he was active as the poet - the song writer . Leonid showed to Yury the text of the poem Anastasia also asked - whether that on it could write the song? Words were pleasant to Antonov, and quickly enough he wrote on them one of the most known hits.

Yury Antonov:

It rather difficult for a vocal, is high notes there, and it is always a problem. Therefore I try to sing it less often, and here the audience asks it to execute with enviable constancy .

Not less often Antonov is asked also about to what such Anastasia he devoted the song. I think, could not answer this question and Fadeyev, his wife was called Elena.

Yury Antonov:

I Admit honestly: songs is my ordinary work. I sit down at a grand piano and I think out music. To whom to devote it - business of public. Devote to relatives, darlings. Please!

I remember (1980)

From the song Anastasia began fruitful Antonov`s cooperation with Fadeyev. This tandem it was created shock by the disco - a hit I remember . In the people he was nicknamed The Flying gait and right there thought up many parodies, it seems:

The flying gait

You left behind

I vodka disappeared from the sight

Under " car; KAMAZ ...
(option: At " restaurant; Donbass ) For the first time the song was published by

in 1980 on a minion Yury Antonov and " ARAKS group; and still is business card composer. On it the remix will make di - Jay Groove who very much will be pleasant to Antonov for respect for the original .

Everything is seemingly clear, but on the Internet strange information where the authorship of words is for some reason attributed to Oleg Zhukov still hangs, and a music source some Hungarian group appears at all.

Oleg Zhukov (it is published on the website of the Ukrainian newspaper Today 2010):

And here the song, which today my business card, - The Flying gait - we for the first time heard in Kiev at a concert of the Hungarian collective. They had just improbable number - guys an engine ran on the hall and sang something type: Black train, black train .

I remember, there were we with Yura, and he to me at once: It is necessary to remember this song, we have to make it. Same hit! Smash hit! When the text was born, and I, happy, read it to Antonov, he only also told: Class!
Oleg Zhukov really wrote

texts for such songs of Antonov as Life or My way is simple but definitely not for The Flying gait . Who and that here confused - still not clearly.

Do not forget (1980)

If the most known western guitar riff, certainly, is Pham - Bam - Bam! from Smoke on The Water DEEP PURPLE, this title it is possible to give to the USSR surely to the introduction to the song Do not forget . It is learned instantly. Not without reason this riff is used by the SISKIN in the comic song Eternal Youth devoted to the Soviet school VIA.

The song Do not forget (better known in the people, as The Dream comes true ) it was written by Antonov on Tanich`s verses and left on the same minion, as I remember .

Yury Antonov:

You know, I think that generally completely the dream at one person cannot come true, it is impossible. Always to the person something, for people such being, something there is a wish new, new " all the time;.

Twenty years later (1981)

In 1981 Yury Antonov for the first time tests as the film composer. He writes a soundtrack to - f Protect women where the team of women - seamen tries to prove that it is not worse than men. The movie made huge success - in many respects thanking songs. Practically all of them became national hits - Life Protect women Sea . However, I for some reason always disliked two last ( Sea so in general made up for an inexplicable depression).

In the same movie also the lyrical song of extraordinary melodic beauty - " was heard; Twenty years later to which text was written again by the biophysicist Fadeyev.

Yury Antonov:

For me it is technical process, I take verses and I compose a melody. Or, on the contrary, I go to the author, I strum, and he composes verses. That`s all. In a case Twenty years later I had a melody, and Leonid Fadeyev " wrote then verses;.

It is amusing that in the movie Yury Antonov does not appear, but his voice sing songs the most different characters. So Twenty years later on the " screen; executed for the darling the hero of the actor Andrey Gradov.

Rooftop of yours (1982)

Soon to Antonov suggested to try in one more new sphere - to write songs for the children`s musical of Mikhail Plyatskovsky Adventures of a grasshopper of Kuzi .

Yury Antonov:

I, by the way, did not want to work on it. But Mikhail Plyatskovsky told: it is noble to write for children. I then considered what to compose for children - destiny of aged men. Nevertheless tried .

As on me, really to Antonov was not successful a role of the children`s composer. Not without reason among children there is any song from Grasshopper of Kuzi a hit did not become. But at adults...

They say that it was initially planned that songs will be sung by Georgy Vitsin playing a role of Kuzi. However the actor was busy with something, and as a result the release of the musical was late. And here " firm; Melody at once guessed a smell of a big hit and in 1982 published on a minion patriotic song Rooftop of yours performed by Antonov.

The composition became madly popular and reached the final Songs of year - 83 . In the same 1983 Antonov, at last, had a disk - the giant, and called Rooftop of yours . By the way, similar adult the destiny waited also for two other songs of the children`s musical - Native places and Do not pick flowers .

That potential at Roofs... was not so children`s, confirms also the disk Yuri Antonov let out in 1986 in Finland. There the song changed the name on Look At Their Faces ( Looking in their person ) sounded in absolutely other arrangement and with the English text having nothing in common with Plyatskovsky`s original.

" Poppies; (1982), Bullfinches (1983)

More successful. In 1982 he wrote the successful song " Poppies; on verses of the poet - the veteran Grigory Pozhenyan. In the people it is quite often called Red " poppies; what sometimes causes confusion with the composition of GROUP of the same name of STAS NAMIN. It is necessary to tell that Antonov approached a subject of the Great Patriotic War delicately and never rolled down in variety platitude.

Yury Antonov:

When there was my song " Poppies; against it Eduard Kolmanovsky rose. Revolted him that I interfered in its ideological course. He decided that its song Whether the Russian wars " Want; has to be nearly only song about war .

the Second military song of Antonov; Bullfinches which will sound in a documentary Belarusian short film Unfamiliar song devoted to veterans.

Yury Antonov:

Took the poem of the poet - the veteran Mikhail Dudin. It was pleasant to me long ago. The war subject for me is sacred. I was born in a year of a great Victory, grew in the serviceman`s family. The father was at war, reached Berlin .

On Kashtanovaya Street (1984)

1984 the Crimean region celebrated

B 30 - the anniversary from the moment of the education. The leaders of area addressed the famous poet - to Igor Shaferan with a request to write to the songbook to anniversary some song about the Crimea. Shaferan remembered tender names of streets of the Crimean gorod also wrote a simple lyrical verse. But except words also music is necessary.

Shaferan called Antonov and directly by phone dictated the poem. On memoirs of the composer, he, especially without straining, in 30 minutes wrote music and also quickly - literally on knees - wrote down the song with ensemble of " firm; Melody . Antonov in this song did not see any special prospects and considered it as just custom gift to the Crimea.

But quickly enough the composer understood that he was mistaken. On radio began to come to scroll bags of letters with a request the song once again and the requirement to publish a plate. Scrupulous in all that concerns record, Antonov remembered that he wrote down the song literally on knees - and right there started rewriting it to the VIA the AIRBUS. In 1985 the new version of a song with great success was published on a minion.

In spite of the fact that Shaferan ponadyorgat names of streets in different places, some inquisitive people tried to find out - and whether it is possible to make actually somewhere the route described in the song?

Information from the Odessa website Sutochno. ru :

Our search ended with success! In Gelendzhik it is possible to walk on Apricot, to curtail afterwards on Grape, to pass several meters and to stand on Shady. All these streets are near a local bay - one of sights of Gelendzhik

On it is all! Persons interested can listen to other hits of Antonov in 1 - m comments to this article.

And to Yury Mikhaylovich we will wish to cheerfulness, good health and several more anniversaries!