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How to edit PDF?

PDF Format - universal, convenient and one of the documents which are most used by preparation which are intended for wide and various audience. They say that every tenth document published on the Internet is made in the PDF format. But editing such files is impossible without existence of specialized programs. On what of them to stop the choice? Example of the successful tool.

The PDF format - universal, convenient and one of the documents which are most used by preparation which are intended for wide and various audience. They say that every tenth document published on the Internet is made in the PDF format. It small by the size, opens on computers and mobile devices with different operating systems, and presented in PDF - the document fonts will look equally regardless of whether such font on the reader`s device is established. Also an opportunity to protect such document the password is important.

In PDF - the document it is possible to combine text material, multimedia objects, tables and graphics. The majority of e-books is created in the PDF format. It is possible to prepare such file and without special programs, for example, by means of Microsoft Word. But here to make changes in PDF - the file without those will not turn out even if it is necessary to correct a simple typographical error. Not to mention more serious actions - combination of several documents of different formats, removal and addition of pages, commenting of fragments at collaboration over documents.

One of the most convenient instruments of work with PDF - files to which I used it is ABBYY PDF Transformer+.

The program is simple and allows to carry out effectively all tasks connected with creation and change of PDF - files. In it there are a lot of opportunities which will help to prepare both office document, and the e-book. It is possible to create PDF - the file from documents of the most different formats: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, graphic files and some others. It is possible to collect by

the uniform file from several documents - for example if the e-book consisted of several PDF or DOC - parts, then it is possible just to unite it easily and in one volume, having removed with the easy movement of a hand excess pages and having carried out the necessary adjustments in the integrated file. Or to include various tables, schedules and charts.

Files of different formats when opening will be transformed to PDF, and all tools of the program are applicable to them.

If you had just scans of documents let and in PDF, then at their opening by means of ABBYY PDF Transformer + the program itself will automatically add a text layer to the image of the page. It will allow to carry out full text search in the document and to copy its contents. By the way, the program distinguishes not only the Russian and English text - developers declared support 189 (!) languages, including their various combinations. However, personally I did not manage to check it, meanwhile there was no such need. But judging by excellent job of other tools of the program and the fact that ABBYY is known for the technologies in the field of recognition of the text and the FineReader program so it also is.

The result of the work can be kept in any format from the big list of possible.

In texts it is easy to make changes, changing fonts, their size, doing inscriptions over images - everything that will be required to you. And, for example, " tool; " Eraser; not only erases the text, but also automatically selects a background.

Sometimes it is necessary to work on the document collectively - for example, coordinating the offered editorial changes with the author. It is easy to introduce comments in the document, they will remain in the form of dialogues, and at achievement of a consent it is easy to remove them from the final version of the document, or to add a mark about coordination.

It is convenient to mark the text the most different marks - color marking, underlining, deletion, marks of the place of an insert of a new fragment of the text.

That there was no confusion in versions of the document, it is possible to give special marks.

It is easy to protect the file from unauthorized actions, having adjusted the password. Level of access varies: settings include request of the password for opening of the file, restriction of a possibility of its listing, editing, change of access rights etc. of

of ABBYY PDF Transformer + allows to convert PDF - documents into formats of EPUB and FB2 e-books that gives additional opportunities in their reading on iPad, tablets or other portable devices.

Indisputable advantage of the program is that, as the program, and the excellent user`s guide - in Russian. Therefore it is not difficult to deal with tools at all. And that else is important - the low price of a product, practically 10 times less some analogs, at the same time is more than opportunities in work with PDF - documents.

The free test period makes month, during this time the program can be mastered in all subtleties. After a month it remains on the computer, however, loses a number of functions. But still allows to open and look through any PDFs - documents, to add comments and marks in the text, to do search in the file.

I was satisfied with a product and in general, and in particulars. Of course, I did not master it in all details - only that it is necessary for me in work. But there are practically no remarks. Everything works conveniently and simply. I recommend!