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Why Alexander Barykin began to hate the hit about a bouquet? To birthday of the singer and composer

Alexander Barykin the hit about a bouquet and the " bicycle; in literal sense began to hate. He constantly said that he wrote such pop the song from a hopelessness - a pier, a family it is necessary to feed on something . However to return the name fate - the hero it was already difficult. However, and from pop holders the singer quickly took off.

Alexander Barykin endured, at least, three periods of glory. For the senior generation his name is inseparably linked about fate - the CARNIVAL group. However, the most advanced from music lovers will remind that for the first time Barykin`s voice could be heard on David Tukhmanov`s plate On a wave of my memory (1975) where Alexander sang the song The Invitation to travel on Che. Baudelaire`s verses.

And in 1979 - on one more madly popular plate - Musical " globe;. It was written down by VIA CHEERFUL CHILDREN as the collection of covers of a foreign platform. However, to songs were thought up own (absolutely left ) Russian texts. The composition " became the only song where left the original English text, just; Mona Lisa sung by Barykin. However, for some reason specified by her author certain... David Bowe (quite so!) . The song so was pleasant to me that I long looked for the original among David Bowie`s records. The people so far knowing did not explain to me that this ballad belongs to UFO group and actually is called Belladonna . Surprisingly, but performed by authors it seemed to me much more dimly, than in Barykin`s version where one final with a tremendous falsetto cost much...

Literally in a year after the record Musical " globe; Barykin left CHEERFUL CHILDREN. At the same time well-known Vladimir Kuzmin leaves one more VIA - SEMI-PRECIOUS STONES. By then our heroes were already developed amateur performers with own repertoire: at the same time Kuzmin was drawn towards classical fate with the " elements more; new wave and Barykin - to style of a reggae. Thirst for an independent career also led these two people to creation of the CARNIVAL group.

The beginning was not really successful. It was not succeeded to punch the English-language program prepared for the Moscow Olympic Games of 1980. But next year the CARNIVAL waited for break. Already eminent poet Igor Kokhanovsky and the composer Vladimir Matetsky suggested group to write down several their songs in " firm; Melody . In 1981 the minion with three songs left and with a copies of 5 million copies was sold! The song " became the main hit; Vnezapny Deadlock written by Kuzmin on Kokhanovsky`s verses and executed by Barykin.

Soon the magnetoalbum " followed; Superman - the first and the last where Kuzmin and Barykin acted as a uniform tandem. As it often happens, two leaders could not get on in one group. Kuzmin enticed the most part of musicians and organized the LOUDSPEAKER, and for Barykin there was a name CARNIVAL.

Though the LOUDSPEAKER was more popular, Barykin`s CARNIVAL was known too and loved. Many Soviet guys executed to the guitar remarkable a reggae - composition The Miracle - the Island which Barykin wrote together with the keyboard player Ruslan Gorobts on verses of one more participant of group (and the main tekstovik) Pavel Zhigun. Amusing Wow - in! reminded of a former sotrudnichev with Kuzmin (the same counter it is possible to hear in a " LOUDSPEAKER hit; Sport lotto ) . Did not manage in lyrics The Miracle - Islands and without, popular then anti-war notes.

There is no volume of doors on the island, there are no locks and there are no borders.

Only rustles foliage, the sky blue, singing of birds of paradise. It in the sea costs

as though a ridiculous color lawn, there is no

wise men there, there are no fools there, there are no military zones.

B 1984 when in the USSR campaign against fate - groups was launched, many musicians took a cunning step. The matter is that collectives, but not specific persons were subject to a ban. As a result, both Kuzmin, and Barykin had to train for a new profession in solo performers.

In this quality Barykin also found the second recognition. Understanding that with own repertoire to it not to break through, he asked for the help the old acquaintance - to David Tukhmanov. Tukhmanov was not only the talented composer, but also held big authority in firm of a gramophone recording Melody . Therefore to let out there a plate, Barykin asked Tukhmanov to give several songs, having added that he wants not only to execute them, but also to arrange. Tukhmanov agreed, and the song Mona Lisa (not to confuse to a cover on Belladonna ) even tried to write in Barykin`s manner.

In 1985 a disk - the giant under the name Steps. Alexander Barykin sings David Tukhmanov`s songs appeared on counters of shops. The tandem was extremely successful, and thanks to vinyl, learned millions about Barykin. Personally I still very much like melancholic composition But all - summer . After it will rehash Talc and Allegrov within Tukhmanov`s project ELECTROCLUB, but it will be not that at all...

Barykin`s popularity continued to grow. In New Year`s Blue spark 1984 - 85 it with success executed a comic song of Igor Nikolaev Program of telecasts for tomorrow (speak, first it was offered Pugachyova, but that refused). Soon on TV also other songs began to sound. For example, the shock hit " written by Ruslan Gorobts mentioned above; " Airport; (where the guitarist of CRUISE Valery Gaina solo played). Or own lyrical Barykin`s compositions - 20:00 .

But the real triumph waited for our hero in 1987 when it for the first time executed the well-known hit about a bouquet and the " bicycle;...

According to Barykin, by the first it was thought up introductory folkovy solo (as on me, the strongest part of a song). He composed it under impression from Peruvian the block - the flute sounding in Simon and Garfankel`s well-known composition El Condor Pasa .

However the melody gained the development when in one of booths Barykin acquired the collection of poems of the poet - the man of the sixties Nikolay Rubtsov.

Alexander Barykin:

Then read many verses - Bryusov, Tsvetaeva, Mandelstam, Yesenin But there all not that. And somehow in shop incidentally saw the collection Plantains Nikolay Rubtsov. And I did not know at all who is such. But bought. Began to read, and everything very much is pleasant to me - at all not our way, not on - Soviet. And when came across the poem Bouquet understood at once - it is the ready song. Houses, in kitchen, minutes for fifteen wrote music. I think: It is necessary to write down and give quicker it on radio, and somebody me will outstrip that . It is sure - if did not take advantage of the opportunity, on these verses surely somebody another would write the song .

the People literally fell in love with the song. Funnymen then joked that in a line I will long drive... ciphered a protest of moonshiners against Gorbachev antialcoholic campaign. At the competition The Song of year - 87 to the song unanimously awarded gran - at . And in 1988 on Melodies left not less successful longply Barykin under the same name Bouquet . Later few years the singer will write one more hit Behind that river in similar national to a manner.

In spite of the fact that in the same Bouquet Barykin not so strongly changed himself (in the song it is possible to hear even echoes of his favourite reggae), many considered that the singer left fate - camp and was finally beaten to to a pop-music .

As a result Alexander began to hate the hit in literal sense. He constantly said that he wrote such pop the song from a hopelessness - a pier, a family it is necessary to feed on something .

However to return the name fate - the hero it was already difficult. However, and from pop holders the singer quickly took off. Consequences of performances of Barykin in a zone of accident of the Chernobyl NPP in 1986 affected. At the beginning of 1990 - x he endured a thyroid gland operation and substantially lost the remarkable voice.

After a creative pause of the singer transferred to the category retro that fairly angered him. As a result Barykin began to perform at the concerts, like EAGLES group which popularity of the song " also exhausted; " California Hotel;. That is it began performance with " at once; pop it is hit it seems Bouquet and " Airport; and then played that wanted. As a result the public received the desirable from the very beginning and did not exhaust the performer shouts Give about a bouquet!

Unfortunately, in recent years the press discussed weddings and Barykin`s divorces, than his creativity more. By hearsay, family disorders also brought the singer to a heart attack. The attack happened to Barykin directly on a scene, and on March 26, 2011 he died at the age of 59 years.

In the last two decades the singer even more often addressed orthodox belief therefore the best of his late songs were devoted to Russian spirituality ( Crosses and stars It is sacred Birds ) .

P. S: Songs it is possible to listen in 1 - m to comments to this article.