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Why the accountant in labor market is popular on all hundred ? Part 1

I Bring to your attention interesting information on the accountant`s profession, and already after a while - in the second part of this article - we will talk about where it is possible to get an accounting education that students study in HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS on accounting specialties and how many on average the accountant receives. So, we will begin

the Boom of popularity of a profession of the accountant fell on the middle of the ninetieth years. Rapid development of commerce, emergence of a set of small and medium-sized companies caused excessive demand for these experts. To get at that time on well paid work was rather just from applicants generally ability to reduce balance and to work with payment orders was required. Most of accountants were limited to short-term courses, profile higher education was got by units.

Today all in a different way. To the accountant, especially main, knowledge from different areas is required. It is already not enough one data of the debit with the credit. Acquaintance to computer technologies helps to work with the automated systems of accounting. Foreign language skills give good chance of employment in the western company. Knowledge of law and the financial analysis allow to build successful career.

Short-term courses not to cost the modern accountant counting on a high salary any more. In labor market only skilled and highly qualified specialists are in demand. In the organizations they worth its weight in gold, and the chief accountant knowing internal kitchen " enterprises; completely - key figure of the company. Not incidentally chief accountants usually work in one firm till several years and receive the highest salaries.

Down with stereotypes!

the Bookworm shipped in payment orders and pieces of paper, nothing seeing except the figures such is an image of the accountant in consciousness of most of Russians. This delusion! Need most to conduct scrupulous calculations at the accountant is not present for a long time. In total black work is done by the computer. The expert needs only to substitute the right figures in the necessary columns. Naturally, on it its duties do not come to an end: tax accounting, analysis of information, control of financial streams and... work with people.

Opinion about isolation accountants - too the myth. There is enough communication: with heads of the company and the ordinary staff, representatives of government bodies, tax specialists and auditors. Changes do not allow to start missing at work in the legislation, constantly it is necessary to be aware of new standards of the tax and labor law.

Black and white Several years ago in many companies the most part of work of the accountant was reduced by

to competent concealment of means from the taxation. Now black and gray schemes are applied more and more seldom: leads changes in legislative base, introduction of a uniform rate of the taxation, emergence of a number of privileges to the fact that to the companies it is simpler to pay taxes and to sleep peacefully than constantly to be on the razor-edge.

Today other aspects of accounting, for example, business management move to the forefront. The talented head on the basis of the documents which are competently prepared by accounts department can not only draw conclusions on a financial situation in the company, but also plan development of firm, resolve personnel issues, reveal weak places business. For example, the analysis of payment documents of travel agency allows to estimate seasonal activity of clients, to predict further demand for tours. The international systems of accounting are focused, first of all, on needs of management for a long time. But also the Russian system gradually moves in this direction.

Versatile person or narrow expert? Accountants can work with

in the most different organizations: from banks and finance corporations to hospitals and kindergartens. In what a difference? On the one hand, the principle of creation of accounting in all spheres is identical. Not so important, you work at shoe factory, in the trade mission or the cultural center. With another, - at each direction the specifics. Especially brightly it is shown if to compare accounting at the state enterprises and in commercial structures. Everywhere there are nuances.

Demand for accountants also is connected with specifics of concrete branch: one firms need the expert who worked on production, to others in financial structures, the third in government bodies. As soon as something new is published in the legislation (for example, privileges) there is a need and for the pro already familiar with novelty . For example, this summer urgently look for skilled accountants, directors of schools to educational institutions allowed to pass to independent conducting accounting.

In what of branches to begin the career - does not matter: accountants are necessary everywhere. And here on higher " positions; to be exchanged is not necessary. To the candidate applying for a position of the deputy chief accountant or chief accountant, jumping from bank in the trading company or, for example, in health care, serious employers will have no trust.

The first step in a profession for

of Accountants is prepared at all levels of training: in average professional educational institutions, higher education institutions and on short-term courses. Where it is worth arriving? Accountants consider that the choice of educational institution depends on the purposes which you before yourself set.

Many students of colleges consider the education as the first step on the way to a profession: the graduate of average professional educational institution can enter to the profile university on a preferential basis on the second, third or even the fourth year. At many large universities (for example, MESI) own colleges function, and here education becomes continuous.

And here you should not choose short-term courses right after school. It is impossible to gain all necessary basic knowledge for several months. Such programs suit rather already taken place professionals who need to improve the skills.

Good luck to you and all your family!

To be continued