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What men are not loved by women?

U you a problem with women while at your friend all goes perfectly? Perhaps, you - just that type of the man which frightens off representatives of an opposite sex.

Certain types of men can attract women or frighten off. Especially actually it at an acquaintance stage. Lower the man`s traits of character which are frightening off women are called and described. Knowing them, you will be able to control yourself and to make favorable first impression.

1. Needing your attention.

It very emotional, shares with all of you the experiences and feelings. He constantly doubts himself, he needs to hear all the time that between you all is good that it has a good work, friends, etc. of

Sexually attractive man`s traits of character are confidence and independence. The woman seeks to catch the strong in spirit man therefore your sentimentality can frighten off her at an acquaintance stage.

But, as we know, women - beings inconsistent: at the same time give them two opposite qualities. Your warm-heartedness will become your trump when you approach and will a little develop the relations. Here then you can talk heart-to-heart as much as necessary, the woman will even seek to learn that at you in thoughts and on heart.

2. Predictable.

it is boring for b to communicate with the man who always acts on a template and never presents surprises. Unpredictability and spirit of freedom attract women therefore they so often give themselves in a charge bad guys .

It does not mean that you have to become bad guy . Just be a miscellaneous, mix predictability and unpredictability. For example, unexpectedly call and invite her to a dinner or in a trip on the nature.

3. Haughty.

He condescends before communication with people and talks to them as if they are worse and sillier than it, is rough with those whom considers below himself.

The woman estimates the man how he communicates with people around. Thus, she expects how the man will communicate also with it at their closer acquaintance.

If you want to make impression on the woman, show more respect for people around. You remember, she watches you.

4. Ill-bred.

He frankly examines other women at its presence, can even poflirtovat. It does not confuse him at all. He can tell about the last victories on the love front. Generally, all this says that he does not respect women.

Such behavior will not be pleasant to the woman neither at an acquaintance stage, nor at a stage of the serious relations.

5. Greedy.

He invites the woman to appointment and thinly hints that not bad to pay everyone for itself. He will not fork up on a bouquet of flowers once again and always orders cheap wine. Already from the first appointment the woman feels in the austerity mode.

Words economy and budget are inappropriate on the first appointment. At a courting stage the woman has to feel special, otherwise nothing will leave.

6. Debater. Any conversation he turns

into verbal fight. The woman at the same time feels uncomfortably, she should be protected, think over what she tells. Communication with the fan to argue is a stress.

If you have such feature, try to relax as much as possible during appointment as the desire to begin dispute at you arises from - for the fact that you are nervous and you do not know what to tell and what to talk about. Previously consider possible subjects for conversation and questions which your companion can set.

7. Considers himself always and in all right.

Such man considers himself to have the right to judge others. From the first appointment he begins to specify to the woman what she has to do and what it should not do. Such behavior does not cause in the woman anything, except feeling of irritation and rage. It will be pleasant to whom that it begins to be lectured moreover on the first appointment.

Affairs, traits of character and acts of the stranger is his personal record. If from the first appointment already something is not pleasant to you, do not continue to meet this woman. Each person has merits and demerits, with some of them it is possible to be reconciled, with others is not present. To change other person is an ungrateful work.

8. Misogynist.

the Man of this kind does not hide the attitude towards women, releasing cynical and offensive comments concerning all female in general and towards the companion, in particular. It, definitely, - the only thing from all male qualities which will absolutely cause negative reaction in any woman. If you are a misogynist why to you in general to go out on dates? Once again to be convinced of the correctness or in hope to find - the ideal?

If all of you want to find the half, then you should reject illusions (ideal people are not) and to change most, to become more tolerant.