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What should be known concerning feeding of the child a breast?

you in confusion because what plainly you do not know how long and how often it is necessary to nurse the kid? You think of whether it is worth feeding the child according to the schedule or to wait until the child begins to cry, giving thereby a signal that he is hungry whether it is worth awaking the child?

Really, questions there is a lot of, so far as concerns the first child in a family. Answers to most frequently asked questions concerning feeding of the kid are provided in this article.

How often it is necessary to feed the child? with

Generally aged till 6 months it is necessary to feed children from 8 to 12 times a day. As a rule, time of feeding is chosen individually, i.e. you should not adhere to any accurate temporary schedule. Duration of feeding is also individual. On average, it lasts from 10 to 40 minutes.

Whether it is worth awaking the child to feed once again? is recommended to awake with

In the first several weeks after the birth of the child the child each 2 - 3 hours to feed him.

What to do if the child himself wakes up before there comes time for the next feeding? Should not wait for

until there pass 2 - 3 hours after the last feeding if the child himself wakes up, cries, begins to suck a finger. If the child got hungry, and did not pass also 2 hours yet, it is all the same recommended to feed him. Remember that the strict temporary schedule for feeding of the kid should not exist.

How feeding long has to continue?

Always give the chance to your kid most to give to you a signal that it is already full (when the child ceases to suck a breast within several minutes when he is removed from a breast). There is no strictly certain limit of time during which the child has to eat the main thing that it was not less than 10 minutes and no more than 45 minutes.

When it is possible already to cease to awake the child for feeding?

Later a certain period of time (till 6 months) after the child`s birth, after an assessment of development of the child by the pediatrician after you already studied the kid, you can begin to feed him only when he wakes up and gives signals that it is hungry. Now it is not obligatory to awake the child each 2 - 3 hours a day.

How to understand that the kid is hungry? When the child is hungry

, he usually begins to suck a finger, to widely open a mouth, to cry. Crying is, one may say, the last stage of manifestation of hunger, and it is better not to wait nevertheless until the kid begins to cry as then he at first should be calmed and only then to start feeding.

How it is possible to define that the child receives enough milk?

on development of the child can be judged whether enough he eats. You will easily define by the children`s doctor how your kid grows as he develops. Diapers and pampers can serve as one more indicator. Remember that for the kid aged from 5 days till 6 - 8 weeks normally if diapers and pampers appear wet at least 5 - 6 once a day.