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Starvation is the benefit or blow to health? To Paul Bragg - 120 years

Since the birth of the American nutritionist Paul Bragg who is actively propagandizing medical starvation passed 120 years. However, this method of improvement of an organism was known for many millennia B.C. However doctors still did not come to a consensus: starvation is useful or it is harmful. Let`s try to understand why.

Those who strictly watch a body weight and health perfectly know this person. The American nutritionist who developed own theory of improvement of an organism, wrote the book " famous for the whole world; Starvation Miracle . He considered that if the person applies medical starvation in the life, then diseases will avoid it, and he will be able to live 120 years or even more. Unfortunately, on own experience the fighter for a healthy lifestyle could not prove the theory - at the age of 81 year he died from heart attack, speak, there was it from - for accident during sports activities. And it is a pity - to the famous figure of alternative medicine Paul Bragg 120 years would just be executed today.

Treatment by starvation was used several millennia ago: data on it can be found in different sources of Old Indian medicine. However it became not with the purpose to lose weight, and within philosophical system of an Ayurveda. The 4th century BC in the guide to medical science of Tibet contained data on treatment by starvation.

Later, in the Middle Ages, starvation for the purpose of improvement practiced in Germany, England, France and Switzerland. Russia started talking about advantage of refusal of food in the 18th century when professor Pyotr Veniaminov began to recommend medical starvation at chronic diseases zheludochno - an intestinal path.

Modern scientists to a consensus concerning starvation did not come, noting that the method has both pluses, and minuses. Let`s understand.

to Catch up and overtake

First - the purpose. Defenders of a method consider medical starvation as an excellent method for stimulation of protective forces of an organism. During a stress at the person appetite vanishes, and for some time it is possible absolutely to cease to eat - thus the nature restores protective processes. On the other hand, starvation can aggravate many diseases, beginning from stomach ulcer and finishing with nervous breakdown. At long starvation the organism ceases to receive vitamins and minerals necessary for it.

At medical starvation it is possible to achieve rejuvenation of cages and fabrics and to reduce weight. It would seem, here only plus. But is not present, starvation for an organism is a stress, and after dumping of the first kilograms it as though begins to suspect that there came bad times, and it is necessary to stock up with fat. What after the first victories over extra kilos so difficult happens to keep weight and not " is explained by it; to overtake or even not to overtake previous indicators.

to Win against cancer

Further - process. Due to starvation it is possible to save fine is plus. But it is necessary to suffer, especially at first. Food, as we know, - one of the best antidepressants, it is heavy to refuse to itself this pleasure. Besides the growing feeling of hunger it is very difficult to keep a tight rein, and quite often the women pro-starving all day till late evening closer by the night rush to the refrigerator to absorb all the look will come across.

However if to muffle in itself hungry rushes, the organism will soon pass to use of the internal stocks as power source. The metabolism will accelerate, toxins and other harmful substances will be removed from an organism. There is an opinion that starvation is useful even at fight against cancer cells. However, the opinion very ambiguous, and without dense interaction with the doctor is better not to start business.

we Grow thin at home

What to do if there is a wish to become tightened and harmonous how to revitalize an organism and to be prepared for a spring season? Today there are several types of starvation: this one-day starvation, reduction of a diet - the admission of one meal and full refusal of food (and in extreme options and waters). With the first two methods the situation is more simply. But if you decided to grow thin - be prepared.

Here it is important to be adjusted emotionally, setting as an object to get a beautiful and healthy figure. The success of all enterprise depends on your will power. If you are going to grow thin in house conditions, will be to enter into practice fasting days much more effectively (apple, rice etc.) than sharply to cease to eat. Completely it is possible to refuse food on one, at most two days, without forgetting to drink at the same time not less than two liters of water a day. At this time it is not necessary to take any medicine, to smoke or take alcoholic drinks - your stomach will definitely not understand it.

After one - two hungry days you do not hurry to gorge on. Enter into a diet at first one dish, then another, eat often, but gradually. At this stage the risk is big to return the lost kilograms with interest. Do not forget about sport, you go more and run.

Of course, it suits more persons interested to throw off a two-three of kilograms, than that who really decided to be engaged in improvement of an organism. If you refer yourself to the second, more conscious category, then before beginning to apply medical starvation, address the qualified specialist in the field of food. Recently as mushrooms grow in social networks offers to lose weight by means of such experts and if there is an offer, then, so there is also a demand. But nevertheless it will be more useful to health if behind consultation you see a doctor.

According to Bragg or according to Nikolaev ?

the Founder of a method of starvation and the vegetarian Paul Bragg practiced one-day starvations with the subsequent increase in number of days. It within a year starved according to the following scheme - at first one day, then, quarterly, week and time a year three more weeks. Bragg denied enemas, did not eat salt and many saws of the distilled water at all. He attached great value to sports activities, breath and strong nerves.

The Soviet psychiatrist and the doctor of medical sciences Yury Nikolaev attached great value to starvation too, but, unlike Bragg, applied to clarification of an enema. According to Nikolaev it is necessary to starve according to the following scheme: at first it is necessary to clear an organism by means of enemas and laxative. Then follow the shower special pressing massage, infusion of a dogrose and walk. It is necessary to drink mineral water, to use dos Sharco and to do gymnastics. Well, and, of course, completely to abstain from food.

The candidate of medical sciences Georgy Voytovich considers that treatment of heavy patients with method of starvation needs to be carried out in several steps, or, on its expression, cascades. These stages need to be alternated cycles of recovery food.

And in Ukraine the certain Alexander Brusnyov calling himself the healer is popular now. Having refused in 52 years official medicine, Brusnyov created the Universal System of Health. He practices starvation for the purpose of improvement of an organism in combination with respiratory technicians. However in two days of starvation the former professional soldier recommends to have a dinner.

Decide to starve or not, but, anyway, it is possible to introduce medical starvation only under supervision of the therapist or skilled nutritionist. In this question supporters of a method are absolutely unanimous.