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What series it is possible to call the best in 2014?

Summing up the results of 2014 - go serial year, we will call several brightest premieres to which continuation we look forward. Comics, the historical melodrama and the detective - here than the left year will be remembered.

Annually, analyzing ratings and results of various serial awards, I come to a conclusion that even the most pathos awards and victories do not guarantee to series brilliant and long life. Here the same works Oscar syndrome - the most favourite by the audience and most national series seldom when are treated kindly by critics.

For this reason, summing up the results of last telegod, I will call those serial starts which seemed bright and interesting, worthy continuations to me and, judging by the number of downloads and viewings, the most part Russian the Internet - audiences.

Gotem with Ben Mackenzie

the Undisputed leader of year; Gotem about which we wrote in September, prophesying it the quite good future, considering attention of the Netflix service to it. Bin Mackenzie who grew up from the teenage panties ( The Lake of S. - Lonely hearts ) coped with responsibility conferred on it and did not disappoint fans of comics about Batman, and they also make the most part of spectator audience of series. If you remember, Gotem is that fictional city in which action of all stories about Batman is developed. And we will see the beginning of history of transformation of the boy Bruce into the defender of the city of Gotem.

Chuzhestranka with Sam Yuen

a Real discovery of year Sam Yuen who played in series " was; Chuzhestranka a role of the innocent Scottish young man from the eighteenth century. This red-haired handsome as Jamie Fraser broke hearts of all women of the world the blue eyes and charming naked knees, sparkling from - under a kilt. Wedding a series of a TV show was looked by more than four million people, and it is the serious application for success. We look forward to continuation of series in April, 2015, it is so interesting to learn how the courageous medical sister from 20 - go in severe conditions of medieval Scotland will be died centuries.

Present detective story from Cari Fukunaga

New work Mathew Makkonakhi and Woody Harelson did not nominate so far only lazy - Gold " globe; threatened main characters of the film in the nomination The Best actor pass - series or the movie on " TV; the series were nominated, including, and on the award Emmie but it was succeeded to win so far only the nomination The Best introductory credits .

A story about how two enough charismatic the detective are engaged in a legal investigation of seventeen-year prescription, won the hearts of TV viewers in many respects thanks to star a caste. Whether the second season in which Mathew Makkonakhi and Woody Harelson will not be any more will be able and it will be a question absolutely of other events, to repeat success of the first - time will show. But today TV show Present detective story - it is one of the brightest premieres of year.

Under an unhappy star - a failure of year

Yes, in 2014 also. So, contrary to all ratings of expectation, the series which, apparently, had everything that is necessary for success - an original plot, beautiful faces in a caste and the skilled producers who laid a hand to success of such projects as " failed; Girls Carrie`s Diaries and Studio 30 . But the TV show how the terrestrial girl falls in love with the alien who by miracle escaped together with the fellows during a big space disaster completely failed, and his ratings looked even more miserable, than the ship of aliens which plummeted to earth. As a result the project was closed.

Besides listed, pay attention to such projects as Lovers Bad judge Fargo Strain Hospital Nikerboker and space drama Beyond limits . Very soon these series will return from a break so do not waste time - it is already possible to look at the left series in the Network.