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Check on durability: how test video recorders?

Each buyer wants to receive qualitative goods which will serve it for many years. Therefore producers understand: insufficiently just to make a good thing, it is also necessary to check its working capacity in different conditions. And than the gadget, especially careful testing to it is more difficult it is necessary.

For example, car DVR. This popular and useful device can be seen almost in any car, but very few people know that it passes through fifty various tests before getting on counters of shops. To show process of testing of registrars, we glanced in laboratory of the Mio company, the famous producer of automobile electronics. Let`s look what testing is undergone by devices and what equipment there it is used.

The most difficult in operation of the video recorder - to provide the qualitative image in the conditions of constantly changing lighting. The bright midday sun, dim night lamps, marker lights in dark tunnels - all this very strongly influences the written-down picture and demands from electronics of instant change of parameters of shooting. Properly to adjust work of the software, in laboratory model real road conditions and estimate quality of rollers: whether details in a deep shadow are well visible? Whether there is no flare at sharp change of lighting?

One more important parameter of operation of the video recorder is the correct focusing: what sense in video if road objects blur on the screen? Especially for testing of a correctness of work of an auto focus producers designed an automatic mobile platform. The video recorder is fixed on an arm, and the platform begins the movement, dynamically changing distance to the removed object. At this time testers watch the events on the screen, estimating the speed and correctness of autofocusing of a lens.

Then the staff of laboratory subjects video recorders to a long freezing in a temperature chamber. What situation is modelled by this test, it is clear to all, many drivers periodically forget devices in the car at frosty winter night. However, the temperature chamber works and on heating so specialists of the company, having properly fried thoroughly test party of gadgets, can claim with confidence - the three-hour parking under the scorching summer sun will not affect operability of the device in any way.

And it is only small part of the factory test program. In laboratory all is checked: functioning of GPS - the receiver and G - a sensor, the accuracy of fixing of a track of a route and duration of continuous record (the standard for the registrar - three hundred hours without loss of data). And special robots carry out tests of touch panels of the device, pressing menu icons with a different force and under a different corner.

However, a picture is worth a thousand words: we suggest to watch this video to estimate test laboratory and to observe work of the modern equipment.