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What series should be watched in 2015?

2015 - y promise to be serial year bright and saturated, rich in interesting and long-awaited premieres. Among them - the most expected, in our opinion, will be screen versions of books of Joanne Rowling and Neil Gaiman, new work of David Duchovny and a fantasy - historical travel to Ancient Egypt.

At the beginning of a year professionals of the serial world have two hobbies - to make various ratings of the best series of last year, finding out what premiere was the brightest and shot more loudly than the others and to make various waiting lists in eager rivalry prophesying the great future to the forthcoming prime ministers.

To tell the truth that the first that the second for the simple ordinary viewer - extremely thankless jobs as, as they say, on taste and color all felt-tip pens different . But to sum up the results, having called the most remembered serial premieres of 2014 and to draw up plans, having specified what prime ministers promise to become the most successful forthcoming year, perhaps, cost.

So, we will talk about what bright serial premieres are prepared for us by 2015.

Casual vacancy ( The Casual Vacancy )

This premiere planned as the joint project of BBC channels (Great Britain) and HBO (USA), especially will interest fans of Potteriana and fans Joanne Rowling. It will be pass - series which basis for the scenario one of the latest books of the famous storyteller with absolutely not fantastic plot is: we will see what rat fuss is developed at a grave of suddenly died member of local council of the town of Pegforda Barry Feyrbrazera in fight for its become empty chair. The death of the member of council suddenly becomes the catalyst of social problems of a small town, baring all its hidden troubles and contradictions. Elections in the conditions of full social disorder are a road to nowhere. And still someone has to take the place of the member of council. Who it will be?

The first book of Joanne Rowling focused on the adult reader made deafening success. It is hard to say thanks to what - to advantages of the book or skillfully carried out PR - campaign, but the rights for the screen version of the book the BBC TV company redeemed soon after start of sales.

The series will remove Johnny Campbell - that to which we are obliged by emergence of series Doctor Kto In the " flesh; and Shameless persons .

Project castes, certainly, deserves attention though generally admirers of the British series will fully estimate a cast: we will see Rory Kinner ( 007: Coordinates Skayfoll Black mirror ) as Barry Feyrbrazer, Michael Gembon ( Sleepy hollow Doctor Kto ) as Howard Mollison, and also Julia Mackenzie ( Purely English murder ), Rufus Jones ( Adventures of Paddington ), Kily Jous ( Death on a funeral ) Joe Bobin ( Secret diary of the call girl ) and many others.

The series start on February 15 on the American channel HBO.

American gods ( American Gods )

This premiere will please with

all admirers of the American science fiction writer Neil Gaiman, the author of such well-known stories as Star " dust; Koralina Children of Anansi Good signs owner of the award Hugo awards Nebyyula Bram Stoker`s awards.

Series American gods waited very long - the rating of expectations of the project makes 96%: wait for it the same as new Star wars .

The premiere of series is appointed to 2015, but so far there is nothing to tell about the project, besides the fact that Neil Gaiman will be engaged in the script of series personally and that the TV show is ordered by starz channel (USA) which, as we know, seldom misses with rating prime ministers (we will remember at least To Chuzhestrank 2014).

Plot in brief is as follows: the person known as the Shadow quite corresponds to the name - its antecedents are hidden by shadows and everything that we know about it, are that it goes to the wife`s funeral from prison from where was conditionally - are ahead of schedule released for this sad reason. On the road it meets the person by the name of Wednesday who appears, neither more nor less, one of the terrestrial embodiments of God Odin. And here the most interesting begins further.

To tell the truth, itself I look forward this premiere as the book American gods - it, certainly, phenomenon. It is interesting to see how serialshchik will cope with its screen version.

Hieroglyph ( Hieroglyph )

One more dark horse the forthcoming serial year which threatens to become the real favourite - the new project from FOX " channel; Hieroglyph . It is historical a fantasy - the drama how the small pilferer becomes servant Faraona in Ancient Egypt. And as Faraona, as usual, the most beautiful women surrounded, the town for a love treugolnichk will also be.

The director of series is Miguel Sapochnic among whose works - Doctor House Game of Thrones Under a dome but most of admirers knows it as the person who shot the movie Eviscerators .

Among the stars occupied in shootings you easily recognize Max Brown from Tudor dynasty and Beauties and monsters charming Reece Richie from the movie Prince of Persia: Time sand and Heracles and also Kondolu Rashad from Elementary and Adam Lidbiter from To Survive and series Real " blood;.

Date of a premiere Hieroglyph it is not defined yet so you monitor our monthly reviews.

Aquarius ( Aquarius )

One more novelty which we just could not ignore - series Aquarius at which ratings of expectation read off scale at least because in these series David Duchovny comes back to television. We will see the adored handsome man as the harmful and awful detective story which is engaged in investigations of not less awful crimes and as a result comes to terrible sect Family based by the terrible criminal Charlie Manson.

It is necessary to tell about series still here that: in - the first, action of series happens in the sixties the last century, that is the project is removed in the retro genre loved now - an action, and in - the second, the plot of the project is based on real events - Charlie Manson`s sect was really guilty of series of cruel murders in the American cities.

Besides David Duchovny acted Getin Antony as that Charlie Manson, Claire Holt in series ( The Vampire Diaries The most ancient ), Gray Damon ( Real " blood; Fires of night Friday ) and Jason Ralf ( Gossip ).

The series start in March if, of course, start is not postponed as it already became twice since the beginning of shootings.

We offered you some bright expected projects of 2015 to which it is worth paying attention. You monitor our monthly reviews and be aware of news of the serial world.