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Sabotage (2013). Firing at cardboard terrorists?

Still long before Arnold Schwarzenegger left a political post in California, its return to cinema was discussed as a grandiose event. Alas, time does not spare anybody, and long-awaited comeback of the mighty aged man instead of a fat point turned into series of optional commas... The film review on the fighter Sabotage (Sabotage, 2013).

Still long before Arnold Schwarzenegger left a political post in California, its return to cinema was discussed as something grandiose - the event comparable to a new round Star wars or remake Godfather (three times fie through the left shoulder). As if forgetting that the actor left big cinema without excess pomp, having acted in frankly unsuccessful trequel Terminator having flashed the person in couple of teleprojects and having shaded the charisma a mediocre adventure mess under the name Round the world in 80 days .

Nevertheless while Schwarzenegger wiped trousers at governor`s office, its glory grew stronger every year. And when there passed the hearing that after election term the actor will return together with the " team; Uncontrollable Stallone, many indeed decided that Iron Arney did not manage to grow old. Alas, time does not spare anybody, and long-awaited comeback of the mighty aged man instead of a fat point turned into series of optional commas. At first it was amusing, but far from reality Return of the hero then vigorous, but excessively secondary Plan of escape and at last, thriller Sabotage - the next attempt of Schwartz to play the drama where it never before was not.

In team of the colonel John Wharton casual people are not late: they or leave, or carry away them in the closed plastic packages. Their profession - murder, the place of activity - department of fight against drug traffic, specialization - introduction in cartels and work under cover. They have many enemies, it is even more ill-wishers, but the number of the last sharply increases when as a result of the next raid of special group of Wharton on a narcobrothel the huge sum of cash completely disappears.

Internal investigation without delay did not bring results: none of members of team confessed to the participation. The problem is in that, as to robbers of a money did not get - someone beforehand cleaned a hiding place, having left Wharton and his children with a nose. And after loss of millions to the city there arrives the crew of Guatemalan bandits, it is ordered to them to destroy all witnesses

Actually, to accuse grown old terminator in a failure Sabotage - more simply than the soared turnip. It is promoted not only by desire of the age actor still to embody on the screen images of cool guys, but also in general illiterate arrangement of accents in the movie. In total - it is wrong to draw conditional blanket on Schwartz when at a shot together with it there are not less talented and bright stars - Sam Uortington, Terrence Howard and Josh Holloway. In the same Return of the hero Arnold was successfully compensated by charismatic villains and Luis Gusman and Johnny Noksvil`s comic characters, and in Plan of escape the balance was reached by Sylvester Stallone`s participation. At the director David Eyre Arney it is presented in the concentrated look: it both the legendary fighter, and the expert in the field of drug traffic, and the unfortunate husband / father, and even the hero - the lover. Studying various forms of John Wharton, the viewer forgets about existence of other characters at all, and they have names, destinies, remarks in the text too, at last.

David Eyre is the expert in a criminal genre therefore it is absolutely not clear for what reason over Sabotage it had to work together with one of the main potboilers of a modern American kinoprom - the Skip Woods. The last is responsible for appearance of such frankly foolish fighters as Password Fish - a sword and Hitmen and also it is known for the ability to defile someone else`s franchizes thanking backs - to an off X-Men Origins: Wolverine and fifth part Die Hard .

Woods - the complete antithesis to the legendary king Midas: at that everything to what it touched, turned into gold, at Woods - in much less pleasant substance. Here and in Sabotage distinctly there is a style and a hand skilled master . And if the separate episodes which are obviously thought over by Eyre still look, then in general the picture does not meet expectations and represents series of inconsistent stage settings with more than strange final. By genre a tape thrashes from the cruel fighter to the gloomy thriller in " style; Seven however Schwarzenegger`s presence hints more on the oldskulny fighter who just to the viewer and is not offered. Instead palm off on us the mix Destination with Police Maiya .

It is only possible to be glad for Arnold to which began to trust drama roles, but David Eyre is not that director that it is capable to pull out from the actor the true emotions. Eyre is able to work only with ready material, whether it be Denzel Washington in Training day or Jake Gyllenhaal in Patrol . That is why at all abundance of successful hints Sabotage it seems some left unfinished, a semi-finished product. It is not excluded that the cause is the producers, by hearsay, who reduced initial director`s version of the movie nearly half. As a result, which - what logical communications broke, minor characters from full-fledged heroes turned into the depersonalized background.

Say that in the original even Arney was an out-and-out rascal so such option had no chances - who will want to watch the three-hour mystical thriller in which last filmstar turns into the greedy bastard?