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Paternoster (2013). Why you should not play in blind-man`s-buff with ghosts?

V 70 - x years of the last century were so hard to buy decent housing in the secondary market, as well as now. Here and Platform family having many children realtors forgot to notify that in the house acquired by them there was so much strange and sometimes terrible events that just right there to arrange excursions, and to settle goners... Film review of the horror film Paternoster (The Conjuring, 2013).

James Wang has an easy hand. At first one of the most long and precisely the most profitable a horror - the franchize " started with its giving in Hollywood; Saw and now the Malayan returned fashion on horror films about damned houses. Since Astral (2010), the director and the producer surely combines a standard horror story about haunted house with other directions of a genre. In the new movie Paternoster Wang expanded and deepened an idea Paranormal phenomenon having crossed a damnation of four walls to a story about obsession and an ekzortsizm.

In 70 - x years of the last century it was so hard to buy decent housing in the secondary market, as well as now. Here and Platform family having many children realtors forgot to notify that in the house acquired by them there was so much strange and sometimes terrible events that just right there to arrange excursions, and to settle goners. However, when finance sings romances, and at five minor little girls it is inevitable, it is not necessary to choose especially. Though know Roger Perron beforehand that on the next tree the witch hung herself, in the cellar killed 11 - the summer girl, and on an attic mother strangled own son - it, perhaps, considered also other options.

Certainly, the family on the new place as all illusive population of the house became more active did not manage to accustom. And if knocks, scratches and other foreign sounds could be written off for decay of a structure, then unauthorized movements of bodies in space and terrible ugly faces, nykayushchy on dark corners is a standing occasion to ask for the professional help. Fortunately, in the city give entertaining lectures known across all America ghosts hunters - married couple Ad and Lorraine Uorreny. They - that precisely have to understand what swine was moved at night to frighten the Platform family is not absolutely clear to

, why, holding quite viable, commercially successful and similar as envisioned and to a plot a dilogy Astral James Wang needed to remove Paternoster . In fact, the last five years the director picturizes the same plot about the family which appeared in the power of demonic forces. With only that difference that for shootings Paternosters Wang armed with real history from life which, however, almost does not differ from his imaginations. For greater persuasiveness prototypes of characters were invited to the movie as consultants, and the real Lorraine Warren even allowed to get into the shot. However in reality the events on the screen all is difficult to believe - because except for old photos and antiquarian things, all the rest - most likely a fruit of sick imagination, let and not only creators of the movie, but also those to whom this picture is obliged by the birth.

The genre of horror films in general is limited in means, and Wang`s methods did not change since the time of him " at all; Dead silence (2006). At some moment you understand that the arsenal of the author is very narrow and predictable - from sharp and loud sounds in the ringing silence to suddenly flying in a camera lens of ominous physiognomies from which validly it becomes feel ill at ease. But also the place to lucky finds was too. It is possible to carry the music box with a secret to those, game in a blind-man`s-buff with the ghost and, of course, a doll of Annabel about which a bit later.

Fresh ideas alternate with terribly worn out by a cliche in a proportion one to three therefore the fear is periodically replaced by yawning, and boredom - sharp emissions of adrenaline. Skilled Wang in methods of intimidation achieves unambiguous result when forces the viewer to peer strenuously into darkness, in which someone is but right there the director smothers the success, urging to be afraid of the terrible ugly face which hid in a case. The ghost is terrible until you do not see it. And as soon as authors show cards, on the screen the banal horror with bustle, messing around of a small lamp on dusty closets and the other devilry fabricated begins.

What does Paternoster in total - the significant representative of a genre, so it is the distinct scenario and excellent actor`s ensemble where, first of all, it is worth allocating magnificent Vera Farmigu and already the third time in a row of Patrick Wilson entering this river. Thanks to them history acquires the necessary details, not only physiological, but also psychological " meat;. And that absolutely for horror films a rarity, the audience seriously worries about characters, but not just reckons bodies waiting for final fatalit over the raged monster. And did not begin to be zealous separate thanks to James Wang that did not assimilate to colleagues busily with mokyyumentar though some elements of pseudo-documentary nevertheless are used by it.

As usual in modern Hollywood, the best - always the enemy good. And therefore two successful movies - are always better, than one. And even better three. So, it was at once decided to start in development the sequel which, most likely, will come out in 2016 - m. And the operator John R. Leonetti cooperating with James Wang since Dead silence once again, after Mortal Kombat 2 and Butterfly Effect 2 picked up foreign idea and from one subject " line; inflated whole backs - off, the devoted gloomy doll of Annabel that it is locked in a glass box in the secret room of a demonolog of Ad Warren.

Picture Annabel`s Damnation cost three times cheaper, than Paternoster generated it, but in the light of popularity of the original acted in film distribution not less adequately. And while one treat venerable public to the next adventures of zombies / aliens / sharks - cannibals, others prefer oldskulny decisions, remembering that Amitivill`s Horror - it is not just classics, it is a plot for all times: residents change, stay at home.