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What is the bolero? The love story and treachery

Many Latin American songs are united by one genre - a bolero. A genre this rather old, been born in Spain, but on broad lands escaped in Latin America. In it the famous songs about love are written.

At the word Bolero the shortened jacket is generally remembered. The considerable part of mankind will remember and Bolero Ravelya. However a genre this rather old, been born in Spain, but on broad lands escaped in Latin America.

The bolero of the Cuban musician Oswald Farres " is very well-known; Quizas, quizas, quizas . It is possible to remember two more known boleros - one of Mexico, another - from Panama. It will be a question of two songs, one is called not too originally - Love story the second - Treachery .

But at first all - short digression to history of the bolero.

The bolero is the Spanish dance which settled by the 18th century. Danced it to the guitar, drums and castanets, in a tripartite rhythm which in each step at some point was still split up (can be, it will be easy for someone to remember from Bolero Ravelya well-known fast and accurate that is that is that is that though, by the way, Bolero Ravelya not quite bolero).

A century after a bolero appeared in Cuba. But it turned out the origin obliged not to Spain, and to own vagrant musicians (the founder of the movement and a genre Pepe Sanchez is considered). From Cuba the bolero moved to Mexico further, victorious procession of both songs, and dances. But the homeland of the Latin American bolero - the Caribbean Region, the island of Cuba. The bolero was so fallen in love that its began to call king of hearts .

The main difference of the Spanish and Latin American bolero - meter. If the Spanish dance was in a tripartite size (time - two - three), then Latin American are four quarters (time - two - three - four). Slow speed, the two-submultiple size allowed this genre to become a shelter of lyrical moods. Therefore the Latin American song - a bolero is, as a rule, the song about love. With all accompanying feelings, of course.


Perfidia - it is the well-known song written by the Mexican composer Alberto Dominguez (on April 21, 1913 - on September 2, 1975). Of course, it too about love. And treachery. Or artful treachery. In a word - about the broken and deeply suffering male heart. The song written in 1939 practically at once became popular and won the international popularity.

The song sounds in movies Wild days Love mood 2046 Dexter Kings of a mambo in well-known To Casablanca (Ingrid Bergman and Hemfri Bogart dance in the Paris night club), in From 180 and above (2005, Russia). This song is mentioned and even serves certain actor in some literary works.

Historia de un Amor ( Love story )

One more very known bolero - the song of the Panama composer Carlos Almaran. It is the song about the left love (to realities it was written under tragic circumstances). The song composed in the tiny country of Panama in 1955 instantly extended worldwide. It will be sung both on Chinese, and in Japanese. In native Spanish Alla Bayanova will sing. In Russian this song was sung by Claudia Shulzhenko, under other name - First meeting .

Carlos Almaran is the Panama musician and the businessman. Studied in Spain and the USA, based also the first Panama television channel. For immortal Love story (still in the list of the most beautiful songs) it was awarded by the Gold laurel wreath.

Naturally, three songs do not limit a bolero genre in the Latin American music in any way. And if to remember that To Besama mucho - too bolero? But about the last it is already much written, and with others, perhaps, we will occur in other texts about the Latin American music.

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