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Who wrote the well-known song Quizas, quizas, quizas ?

Song Quizas, quizas, quizas - one of the most known in the world, already more than half a century it continues to be executed, and in different languages. Her author - the Cuban composer Osvaldo Farres.

If to ask the ordinary person whether he knows the Cuban songs, at best he will remember well-known Guantanamera - the girl from Guantanamo (by the way, that Guantanamo, which with the American prison). Very few people will remember the song Quizas, quizas, quizas though its melody has to be familiar aurally to very much.

Music, as well as spirits, bears in themselves ephemeral elements with which after the first look or a touch of a hand there can be a novel which is going beyond time which can last all life . (Osvaldo Farres).

Osvaldo Farres is the Cuban composer, the author of more than 300 songs which widely dispersed worldwide. In spite of the fact that one its song, at least, is well-known in Russia, there is no biography in Russian. And in English - couple of paragraphs. Spanish-speaking sources tell us quite unusual story of life and works of the Cuban musician.

Osvaldo Farres was born on January 13, 1902 in the small Cuban town, in provinces Las - Vilyas. The teacher advised parents to take away the capable boy to the capital, but it was succeeded to move to Havana not at once. Only in 25 years Osvaldo gets to the capital, studies drawing, painting there, earns additionally the advertizing artist, the designer, the illustrator of publishing house. Then he, suddenly for himself, begins to compose songs ( music never included in my plans ) ...

There is really interesting story. Farres until the end of all the long life did not learn musical notation. He did not play one musical instrument, did not read notes and could not write down them. Words and music came to its mind at the same time. With words it is always a little easier to remember also own melody, and then Farres learned to use a dictophone, writing down himself. Further - a trick, friends, performers, publishing houses. God " concerned it; - said about Farres, and in it there was the homespun truth.

Osvaldo Farres successfully works for radio, creates programs which format becomes popular around the world. And constantly fruitfully composes. Almost all its songs keep recognition of listeners and now. For example, in many countries of Latin America on the Mother`s Day it is accepted to sing Farres`s song Madrecita . This the musician devoted the song to the mother, but she could not hear it - had incurable deafness.

Osvaldo Farres was a friend of the president of Cuba Carlos Prio Sokarras. This president for few months before elections to time of a military coup was overthrown by the dictator Batista. Who, in turn, in several years was overthrown by Fidel Castro. Latin America endures the history.

But Farres did not want to remain in Cuba, he went to the USA and more did not return home any more. - York it also lived in New for the rest of the life (died on December 22, 1982). Farres was awarded the order by the highest Cuba (despite it, at first after departure he was declared traitor ) numerous diplomas, medals and other awards of the different countries (USA, France, Mexico).

In 1947, in Cuba, the song " was written; Quizas, quizas, quizas . It instantly won popularity. In the English option it is often executed with the translation - Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps (in Russian a quite good variant of translation - Who knows ) .

The substantial part of the text is clear from the name. Desperate He asks it: days pass, well when. Her answer is clear to It too: Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps ...

But there is no present tragedy in the song. In Farres`s bolero in general there is not enough tragediynost, they gentle, they are full of soft and joyful love to life - first of all.

As the proof of the international popularity of a song is provided often one history. Farres was the believing Catholic (in Cuba nobody ever touched church). During the pilgrim trip to Bethlehem the musician heard the own song in the driver`s cabin in Hebrew.

Farres`s songs were sung by Edith Piaf, Charles Aznavour, Paco de Lucia, Julio Iglesias, Sara Montiel, Placido Domingo, Andrea Bocelli and Jennifer Lopez, and many others.

Subject of songs of Osvaldo Farres generally - the difficult relations of the man and woman. And here the musical genre in which the most part of songs is written can be defined as a bolero, we will talk about it next time. This genre is extremely popular in the Latin American music.


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