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What is known of Thai cuisine? The remarkable giant a jackfruit

Jackfruit - the natural giant in every sense this word. It and the biggest fruit in the world, it also provides locals to very much from necessary for life.

There is in Asia a fruit - the giant. It is also tasty, it also is useful, it also is used.

A jackfruit - the Indian breadfruit tree - Artocarpus heterophyllus .

To any unknown Anglo-Saxon Jack the name of the relation has no. Portuguese muddled the Malayan name of a plant a little: to a chakk - zhako - Jack.

The jackfruit in India where it is cultivated by about 6000 years, was nicknamed bread for the poor . Possibly, not only because direct relative of a breadfruit tree. Nutritious, starchy, full of vitamins, inexpensive and well grows on the place. Alas, exactly on the because, unlike many other tropical fruit to grow up it at us it will not turn out in any way. Not only that ceilings in the house, but also greenhouses such will not be. Besides the jackfruit, as well as durian, smells slightly a little and a little kolyuch. In Thailand it is stored on a backyard, in any way not by(with) houses.

Fruits of a jackfruit fasten directly to a tree because still such branches which can sustain the weight of fruit were not born. The jackfruit - the biggest edible fruit in the world, it reaches weight 34 kg. And one tree it is capable to give in a year to two fruitful tons. The chief producers - Thailand and Vietnam, they export the fruit frozen or preserved in syrup on North - the West, to Europe and America.

The unripe jackfruit by ancient Asian tradition is used as vegetable. Extinguish, fry, cook - and separately, and as a part of dishes. So, a fresh and boiled jackfruit - ingredient of salads and a curry, add it to meat or shrimps (it appears, there was already a recipe of a curry from a jackfruit, only in the Ceylon option).

And mature, ripe - full-fledged fruit. Taste - zemlyanichno - pineapple. Jackfruit segments are eaten, respectively, do salads and desserts. In all Hugo - East Asia a huge number of options of its preparation: cook in coconut milk, do ice cream, chips, sauces.

Like to use a jackfruit and vegetarians for replacement of proteinaceous food, assuming that it contains enough those substances which they lose owing to the beliefs. Besides it is considered that taste of an unripe jackfruit is a little similar to taste of poultry. So a sandwich with a jackfruit - quite to a sandwich.

As often it happens in Asia, seeds, flowers, leaves and wood are used.

Jackfruit seeds too not just edible, but also tasty. They are just roasted and eaten - as chestnuts. Taste - nut. And it is possible to weld or bake, then taste - dairy - sweet.

Wood of a dzhekfrutovy tree belongs to family mulberry and too is very good. It is used also for construction of temple Buddhist buildings, and for usual houses. From it the amazing furniture and fine musical instruments turns out. And all because termites do not eat this wood - who them knows why. Perhaps, from - for lacteal juice, sticky and odorous - the same sticky latex, as well as in a case with a sapodilla. Therefore if someone risked to buy not cut fruit, it is worth oiling hands and a knife vegetable.

The core of wood is used by monks of forest Buddhist temples for coloring of the clothes in traditional light-brown color.

Here such remarkable giant jackfruit. Unfortunately, the season of maturing of fruits does not coincide with tourist find fault - a season . Nevertheless in some option it is possible to find and try it.

In a roller it is possible to see how to undress a jackfruit. At the same time the Thai girl obviously weighs a little more, than this magnificent fruit (if not so much).

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