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How meets morning the planet? Ten breakfasts from around the world of

set Morning the tone for everything to day. However for many this time of day turns into torture: it is necessary to scrape off itself from a bed, to carry itself sleepy to a bathroom, to pull clothes and at way. The fair number of people traditionally forgets to have breakfast. And in vain. The good breakfast is a guarantee of energy and positive mood. Correctly speak: Eat the Breakfast itself, the lunch is divided with the friend, and give a dinner to the enemy .

If you gorged on cream of wheat in a garden for the rest of life and do not recognize coffee drink, then can safely follow an example of inhabitants of the most different corners of the planet. So, before you 10 breakfasts from around the world.



French turned the breakfast into the real work of art (on that they and French). It consists of coffee, tea or cocoa and croissant or bread and butter and jam. Bread has to be by all means fresh, soft, fragrant, and coffee - a lung: latte or espresso with milk. Well and, of course, French adore croissants - with jam, chocolate, oil. In a word, the breakfast is also beautiful and graceful here as France.


This country is famous for exotic fruit, seafood, meat of bulls, lambs, and also cheese. Prefer to have breakfast nourishingly here - morning begins with vegetables, bread, eggs, sausages, ham or one hot dish.


In the land of the rising sun have breakfast rice, " soup; Miso and various garnishes and salads. Among garnishes - the fried or prepared on a grill fish, tamagoyak (the curtailed omelet), onsen tamago (or eggs tamago), tsukemono (marinated vegetables, are served with rice), noriya (dried seaweed), natto (the Japanese soy cheese). By the way, on the Japanese etiquette it is necessary to put a bowl with rice at the left, and a bowl with soup miso - on the right side of a table.

England British traditionally prepare

for breakfast of 7 dishes. These are fried sausages, the fried crackling bacon, tomatoes, white beans, fried eggs, fresh toasts with oil, sometimes - champignons. From drinks on a table tea with milk or coffee and surely juice. The frequent guest on the English table - pancakes with jam.


Residents of Celestial Empire do not leave rice even in the morning. For breakfast eat liquid rice porridge here and drink green tea. At the same time porridge turns out very dense or creamy. Sometimes add pork to it, sometimes - berries and fruit.

Turkey Turks it is obligatory for

for breakfast drink black tea. And it does not mean that they will refuse coffee or juice. And the main morning courses are eggs, cheese, olives, butter, honey, jam, cucumbers, tomatoes, sweet pepper, the Turkish sausages and fruit here. And it is only the most modest Turkish set.


Cubans have breakfast a unique dish - the real Cuban sandwich. It will be necessary for its preparation for you: long loaf, butter, Swiss cheese, ham, salty cucumbers, lettuce leaves, bananas and vegetable oil. The sandwich is baked with all ingredients in an oven, and here bananas are fried separately - on a frying pan. To feel the Cuban, after a breakfast smoke a cigar.

Alaska the Severe climate of Alaska which part is behind a polar circle is reflected by

also in traditions of kitchen. So, a breakfast here very nourishing - venison and fried eggs on weighty pancake.

Philippines Filipinos begin with

the day with fruit, rice and sausages. The last roast with salt and garlic gloves - call such dish sinangag. Then sausages mix with eggs, meat and haricot.


On a morning Mexican table you will see beef, chilekiles and other products. Nachos, cheese and haricot - also the part of a breakfast, all dishes are generously seasoned with spices.

Bon appetit! Bon appetit!