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What disturbs to eat properly ? To

Whom listen, it is more than a half of our compatriots would like to grow thin . Not only women, men too. And would like in quotes - because in any way not grow thin . Why? I will assume that not really - that want. But there are also other reasons. Let`s look?

If to listen, apparently, that whether slightly a half of us dreams / wants / is going to get rid of excess weight. How many from intending undertakes implementation of this difficult business? And tries to obtain how many - that noticeable and, the main thing, stable results? In my opinion, not really many.

We will choose couple from many reasons:

1. The mass of temptations which it is almost impossible to resist (at least, according to those who did not resist).

2. High cost healthy food.

We will begin with the first.

In what we were going to be engaged? Healthy, balanced, healthy nutrition? Or something seemed to me it seems tasty ? Is not present? It is correct! Yes, the balanced diet can be at one also tasty. Can! But, in - the first, it is not obliged, and here it is necessary to choose. And in - the second, tastes - piece disputable. To whom one is tasty, to whom another.

We are slaves to the habits, including food. From them on the first place - a habit to tasty. And to it which is not simply far from usefulness and it is harmful. And figs with it, but then do not exorcise about healthy food!

For those who nevertheless will decide to fight with a weight is the whole two ways to avoid temptations. Well-known: to endure. By effort of will, having clenched teeth Literally, not to eat superfluous.

And the way is more difficult, but is more effective: change of eating habits. Change, but not temporary refusal of favourite dishes.

Who argues? It is possible by effort of will to refuse from sweet, fat, flour, smoked, fried what I passed?

For a long time you will last? If whether yes, that is worth it it? Probably, costs - but only if for a diet there are medical indications. Or others, really serious. Desires it seems it is simple to grow thin do not treat those! Because a diet - piece serious, demanding competent occurrence and an exit. And even after its end to a former image of food it is better to forget about return for a long time. Otherwise and to you it is not necessary to undertake! As weight will quickly return. Also there is a lot of!

Leaves - or to refuse very for a long time from tasty, or to keep shape trainings. That for many it is worse than a diet and it seems an impracticable task at all.

Anyway you will perceive a new diet / loadings as coercion as something temporary. At such relation the internal discomfort is inevitable. And the longer, the it is bigger! It is necessary to you, such price?

Temptation circle. Break at work, a dinner with a family, even walk - all and everywhere eat something tasty! Without speaking about holidays, campaigns on a visit and other actions which are followed at least by tea drinking. Try to remain sitting on a diet at such temptations! It is possible to struggle, of course, with himself by strong-willed effort. And having broken once again, to be sorry about for nothing the spent efforts and again gathered (moreover and with compensation ) kilograms.

However there is a way to control weight without special physical and sincere torments.

First of all we forget about a diet! Also we pass to a balanced diet. The difference is simple: a diet - times, a balanced diet - for the rest of life. And the diet is more rigid, demands many big restrictions.

Nevertheless without restrictions in any way. And most likely, serious. The only way to avoid a constant stress (to avoid really, but not to press it in itself) - change of eating habits. And also change of all way of life is not excluded. We are beings integral, difficult, all in us is interconnected! You will change one - and there and another, the third But so far the speech about food.

The main change - the healthy food will begin to be perceived as tasty. Appetite will come to compliance with real requirements. In other words, there will be sense of proportion. And at the same time you will begin to feel that it is really necessary for you.

The balanced diet is capable to give one more effect: perhaps, you will have also a need for the movement - an important indicator of improvement of an organism.

Difficult? Yes. But, as all radical decisions, effectively!

And we will not begin to forbid ourselves that we loved. The main thing - a measure in everything. Let`s begin with reduction of portions. Knowing the " sizes; usual portions, I will assume: we reduce a minimum twice. Only gradually! Most of people overeat, repeatedly exceeding receipt of calories over their expenses. More correctly not is " less; and to balance receipt and power consumption. What will help? Correctly, physical culture.

Ask, how without tasty? Why without ? All is possible. There are no bans, there is a measure. And with change of habits will become tasty useful.

I will concern only one concrete category of products. Various yogurts with additives, sweet milk drinks and so forth are not dairy, but sweet. So they also should be perceived.

A problem, the second after an overeating, - imbalance of a diet, congestion its unhealthy kinds of fats and carbohydrates. Again we cut down the majority standard delicacies Gradually we come to healthy norm: proteins - 25 - 35%, fats - 20 - 30%, carbohydrates - 45 - 65%.

The concrete diet is selected individually, gradually, empirically. There are no uniform norms, only the general principles. At all of us different build, a metabolism, a way of life. General recommendation one for the majority: it is considerable to reduce quantity of food.

Gradually we go to a new basis of food: grain, rye bread, fish, bird, low-fat meat, dairy products, vegetables, fruit.

Spices and seasonings are useful, but it is necessary to consider: they stimulate appetite. To return so not for long to from what left - to inadequately big portions! So we try to prepare with a minimum improvers . The healthy food can be tasty in itself, without needing improvements.

Naturally, there are less semi-finished products, sausages and so forth. Sausage is so tasty from - for abundances of amplifiers of taste. In itself they, maybe, are also harmless, but how you think why they are added? It is correct that ate more and bought still! So the dish, the better is simpler.

Stop! I told dish ? Generally, exactly the dishes which especially are difficult prepared should be avoided.

We cook porridge on water, meat - fish we fry with a small amount of oil, we boil or we extinguish. We eat potatoes and rice containing the mass of starch moderately. We forget about existence of sugar and white loaf. Bread rye, grain, otrubny and so forth. And it is very moderate with pasta!

It ideally. To which it is worth aspiring, but without excessive enthusiasm!

I said that it is necessary to clean fats from a diet? If yes, that it seemed to you. It was talked of restriction of their quantity and legibility in quality.

Fats are necessary. We clean excessive and unhealthy. Generally animal. Vegetable oils, fat fish we leave, without going beyond reasonable limits. And animals we do not exclude, and we reduce. Also do not take in head to exclude eggs, in them the mass of useful substances.

In general, the we spend less time for cooking, the it is simpler and better. Preference - pure to products. Cooked porridge, stewed fish or a bird What means with what? In total! With each other! And it is possible and separately.

If it seems tasteless, so you are simply not hungry. Wait about half an hour - hour. Perfectly physical exercises stimulate appetite. It is desirable power. By the way, they promote reduction excess weight .

Also there is an excellent indicator of that, we are hungry or business is simple in a habit is. When it is really hungry, practically everything is tasty

In what manages balanced diet ?