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Ten years to online project are much or a little? We congratulate on Calend anniversary. ru!

Exactly ten years ago, on January 25, 2005, in the RuNet the new project - a calendar of holidays and events of Calend appeared. ru. For a short time it became not only demanded and popular - but also a unique resource, equal to which is not present not only in the Russian segment of the Internet, but also around the world.

Today the project celebrates the decade and is in top positions of searchers practically by all requests for holidays - religious, international, state, professional, informal.

The idea of the project was issued in the course of researches in the field of search optimization. During the analysis of demanded inquiries of users not covered phrases gathering peak number of displays in a short space of time were revealed. In any festive date people wanted to obtain most developed information on an event, but already next day these data were irrelevant. According to a plan of creators of the project, on Calend. ru daily had to get the new audience which is interested in the new significant afternoon.

Originally the website had only several sections on holidays of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Then volunteer assistants were involved, and the huge content base was created by efforts about one and a half hundred editors - the Russian-speaking authors living in the different countries of the world or studying their culture, traditions and history.

Within several next years on Calend. ru went continuous work on expansion and improvement of the content base. In 2009 the website came to new level, several new big sections appeared. Biographies of the famous people, significant events of all times and the people - from serious to funny, a name-day, days of the cities of the countries of the world, lunar and national calendars - all this and many other things you will find on the Calend pages. ru in a binding to the present day.

Today on Calend. ru are presented holidays of 75 states, 10 religions, about 400 professions and a set of other holidays and events reflecting culturally - a historical picture of day. And it is more than ten thousand editorial articles.

Year after year, day after day edition fills up content with new articles, carefully checking data and publishing only reliable information thanks to what the authority of Calend. ru steadily grows and allows it to take surely the top positions in a top - 10 search engines. And it is not casual: Calend. ru is necessary to many visitors of the RuNet.

The registered participants of the project can collect in a personal calendar own set of significant holidays - not only those that are presented on the website, but also personal and to adjust sending reminders for e-mail on the coming date. And you will not forget to wish friends, acquaintances and relatives happy birthday, a name-day, professional holidays or family dates.

Those who have the website anyway attached to calendar date can establish a thematic informer and trace actual festive dates directly at themselves on the website.

Employees of mass media will always find an interesting information occasion here and will be able to prepare the detailed developed material in time. Anniversary of great people, round historical date or just amusing culturally - the historical event which took place this day - choose that you want, depending on specifics of mass media.

With ten-year anniversary, Calend. ru! Growth, development, new creative ideas, interesting events for new articles, love and attention of users!