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How to increase and keep a resource of the diesel engine?

Motor potential of DVS are defined by manufacturer. But often real figure with capital do not coincide at all. As the resource of the diesel engine in the Russian realities is sharply reduced.

On that is the reasons:

Abrasive destruction of rings which the deposit and dust influence.

Difficult operational conditions.

Discrepancy of quality of fuel to the existing standards, design data of the motor.

by What is dangerous the Russian diesel fuel?

From - for discrepancies of viscosity to the ISO 3104 standards fuel supply is at a loss, quickly become useless nozzles, the fuel pump.

Even worse the situation with a cetane indicator is. For example, according to standards of the EU the cetane number has to be more than 51 unit, in Russia this figure is lowered to 45 pieces. One such a miracle - " gas stations; it is enough to destabilize work of DVS, to complicate start of the engine on cold. Repeated attempts of start will result in the increased mechanical wear, the motor will turn without oil.

Not less harmful the overestimated content of sulfur in fuel affects the engine. It provokes education corrosion on internal details, reduces durability of lubricant system.

If at structure there is water and firm particles, the system of a filtration suffers, fuel feeding process is broken. When filling with low-quality diesel fuel in the combustion chamber the carbonaceous deposit is formed at the expense of what the power of the power unit falls.

As a result notorious million plus cities let out the last spirit at run of 200-250 thousand km, and owners should fork up, spreading for capital repairs of the motor in service at least of 80 thousand rubles .

What can be made? How to avoid such fate and to increase a resource of the diesel engine?


Especially for it group of scientists, mechanics and experts in the sphere of fuels developed the catalyst of burning FuelEXx. The structure improves properties of diesel fuel, optimizes process of its burning.

Wear of TsPG decreases due to clarification of the combustion chamber and a gas-exhaust path. Also additive interferes with formation of a deposit in the combustion chamber. If to speak about exact figures, then indicators of wear of working plugs of cylinders are reduced by by 50% , and piston rings - by 1,5-2 times .

of FuelEXx prolongs oil service life

Process of incomplete combustion of fuel comes to the end with formation of deposits. Prematurely rings, cylinder sleeves wear out. After a bedding of rings the part of not burned down fuel gets to engine oil. There is an oxidation, fluidifying, and after and lubricant destruction.

There are several solutions of an above-mentioned problem: premature replacement of oil, use of expensive additives, washing. But it is much more reasonable to prevent such processes, to reduce quantity of deposits in the combustion chamber, to carry out a raskoksovka of piston rings by means of FuelEXx. It is much more favorable from the financial point of view.

the Resource of separate details, operational costs of repair

Additive of burning of FuelEXx fuel increases the between-repairs period. In particular, wear of TsPG is reduced by 50%. It confirms decrease in indicators of acoustic noise by 2-5 dB.

In the cars going by diesel fuel with addition of the catalyst, burn-out exhaust pipes it happens much less often. And all thanks to decrease in temperature in the combustion chamber, to full burning out of fuel: diesel fuel does not get to the exhaust highway. Duration of correct operation of the diesel engine without carrying out capital repairs increases a minimum by 1,3 times . About other qualities of FuelEXx it is possible to judge by results of independent examinations.

Catalysts of a dozhig, expensive black filters, " valves; will live longer!

Thanks to the burning catalyst in the fulfilled gases. Therefore loads of the black filter, catalyst of a dozhig sharply fall.

It is interesting that catalysts of a dozhig are capable to restore the working capacity: the redutsenta formed when burning fuel in additive clear their surface.

At flash and high-temperature burning of fuel-air mix additive clears cylinders and a final path, in particular the black filter, of a deposit. Also deposits from pistons are removed.

In more detail of the catalyst it is possible to learn about a positive effect which FuelEXx renders on a resource of the black filter rvsmaster here. ru/Blog/sazha - sazhevyj - filtr - i - katalizator.

Important features of the catalyst of burning of fuel

1. FuelEXx increases a cetane indicator by 3-5 units . It means that even in case of filling with low-grade fuel you will be able to minimize negative consequences, to keep a resource of the diesel engine.

2. The catalyst is capable to delete water therefore the probability of its freezing decreases from fuel. It simplifies cold start-up, preserves DVS against excessive loadings.

3. In structure there is no ferrocene and other harmful substances provoking cancer diseases. Moreover, FuelEXx positively affects environmental friendliness of an exhaust: decrease in smoke - to 70% .