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What waits for us on travel across Turkey?

the Turkish earth of ridges, plateaus and fertile valleys are the line of the section between the East and the West. Turkey located in the territory of Asia Minor and East Thrace between Europe and Asia where waters of Dardanelless, the Sea of Marmara and Bosphorus divide two continents, - the country of a never-ending charm. Its culture is unique, and history is as rich, as in ancient Byzantium. The coast of Turkey usually is associated with such historic figures as Cleopatra and Alexander of Macedon for whom this place was a romantic shelter.

Ancient called this earth Asia Minor, Turks call Anatoliya. In the north of it wash waters of the Black Sea, on West side dominates Aegean, and the South is rich with the Mediterranean coast. Here, from time immemorial, roads from depths of the Asian continent extended.

Today the Turkish nation plays a role not of a boundary between the East and the West, and, on the contrary, the bridge between them. She freely and safely looks forward and is very firm stands on the feet .

Recently Turkey turned into the large tourist center enjoying wide popularity of residents of other countries coming here to spend the holidays. If you chose Turkey, I assure that you will not be comprehended by disappointment: it is the country in which unforgettable impressions will accompany you continually. Turkey is excellent hotels, Turkey is paradise for rest with children, Turkey is paradise for gourmets, rest in Turkey not only beaches, but also excursions in historical places, tourism in Turkey is a diving and rafting.


the Turkish Liras (TL) address in the form of coins and banknotes of 5000, 10000, 20000, 50000, 100000, 250000, 500000 and 1000000 T. As inflation is very high (about 15% now), it is impossible to call a reliable exchange rate.

The hard currency is allowed to be imported without restrictions, however the sum more than 5000 US dollars need to be specified in the customs declaration.

Going to Turkey, it is not necessary to change houses a lot of money for Turkish liras as the course can be very adverse. On credit cards it is possible to pay off only in large hotels and car rental agencies in the west of Turkey.

The customs duties

Carpets can be taken out only upon presentation of the cash-memo with the indication of date of production, the antiquarian products (created till 1945) are not allowed to be taken out at all. Follow also customs rules on import of goods to Turkey (no more than 200 cigarettes, 1 l. alcoholic drinks with a strength over 22% etc.) .

The resorts of Turkey

of the Offer from the best tour operators - rest in the best resorts of Turkey.

A value added tax in Turkey by

In 1944 imposed a value added tax of 15%. For compensation of a tax it is necessary to submit at departure from the country at customs cash-memos. Upon purchase of valuable things (carpets, etc.) before demanding the check, find out whether the tax is included in goods cost.

Health care

of the Inoculation officially it are not required for b, however I recommend to make antitetanic injections. Only on Chukurov`s plain during the period from March to November there is some danger of malaria - in case of a trip to this area it is necessary to take preventive measures. In a hot season I recommend to use cream with high degree of protection against intensive ultra-violet radiation and in the first days of stay in the country to refuse dishes with a large amount of vegetable oil.


In Turkey information bureaus for tourists (Tourism of a danyshmasa to a byuros) are available. However, they have no enough information materials. However the personnel are in most cases ready to give any feasible help (Business hours: mostly 9. 00 - 12. 00 and 14. 00 - 18. 00, it is frequent later in the evenings).

Mail Central post offices of the large cities are in most cases open for

daily, except vs., 8. 00 - 24. 00, in vs. 9. 00 - 19. 00. Small post offices work daily 8. 00 - 12. 30 and 13. 30 - 17. 30, in the tourist centers sometimes longer. Post charge for cards ( kartpostal ) or letters ( mektup ) makes $0,3-0,7 the USA. Mail makes also payment of bills and exchange of cash.

Phone can call

From phone booths only by means of telephone plastic cards (are on sale by mail). It is the simplest to use desktop telephone sets directly by mail. For long-distance conversation it is necessary to gather at first 00, then a code of Russia 7, then a city code (Moscow - 495, St. Petersburg - 812) and number of the called subscriber. If you call from other country to Turkey, take 0090.

In Turkey the East European time (VEV) works, i.e. it is necessary to put clock back an hour rather Moscow. Summertime is same, as in the Central Europe.

Shop hours and establishments Shops are open for

daily, except Sunday, with 8. 30 to 19. 00, and in the centers of tourism also till late evening and on Sundays. Public institutions work Monday through Friday 9. 00 - 12. 00 and 13. 30 - 17. 30. In the middle of summer of establishment on the coast after a lunch are closed. They do not work also during the proceeding several days of holidays Sheker - a Bayram and Kurban - a Bayram.

Purchases the Choice of souvenirs is huge

. Products follow Ottoman tradition from copper and brass of manual stamping, thin woodcarving and tubes from sepiolite or ceramic plates with drawings. Vases and caskets from alabaster and onyx, and also jewelry of gold and semiprecious stones have modern design.

Also the choice of spices, honey and confitures is rich. Be careful upon purchase of carpets and kelim. The clothes from skin cost not much. As a rule, it is necessary to bargain, reducing the price approximately for a third of initial.

The clothes

are recommended to stock up with spacious clothes from cotton fabric in the Summer. Shorts and undershirts out of tourist zones are undesirable. Turks are strict in clothes! In the spring and in the fall, and also at walks highly in mountains take with yourself a warm pullover and a waterproof jacket. To the territory of archeological excavations it is always necessary to go to footwear on a rigid sole.

Photographing in Turkey

of the Film are available on sale, but cost much. Military facilities are forbidden to be photographed! Before photographing people, it is necessary to receive a question or gesture their consent.