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How to travel even cheaper? Cunnings of systems booking online

Separate pricing are a division of clients into categories according to solvency for exposure of various prices, instead of the fixed price. Recently such way of business gained distribution in the Internet. Let`s consider how sellers of tickets try to outwit us, services of rent of hotels and cars. Also we will understand how to save the essential sums and to avoid an overpayment.

Tricks the Internet - services for sale of tickets and hotel booking Meet

, as it is known on clothes. The situation when on vacation local businessmen try to sell to foreigners and visitors goods and services is familiar to much is much more expensive, than to aboriginals. But if you try to merge with natives and will bargain, that is chance that it will be possible to beat down the price considerably.

On - scientific such behavior of dealers is called separate pricing . In brief, this division of clients into categories according to solvency for exposure of various prices, instead of the fixed price. Recently such way of business gained distribution in the Internet. Let`s consider how sellers of tickets try to outwit us, services of rent of hotels and cars. Also we will understand how to save the essential sums and to avoid an overpayment.

Attention! Watch you!

For a start small digression to the world of high technologies. When you visit the website, it can know about you enough a lot of things. The country where you live, the city, provider on what website you were before it what social networks you use. Can even obtain information on what questions you asked a search engine.

All these these resources receive from your browser, and is more concrete from special files of cookies which store information on the visited sites. Depending on this collected information the system also offers you the price.

And it will be that more, than as more solvent you will be counted by artificial intelligence of the website. He will take into account the country where you live, the city and even the area (can you you live in the elite place?) . Will consider from what device and as often you come. Admirers of production of Apple, we have to upset: for you prepared higher prices. And than more often and longer you look for the ticket interesting you or hotel, the price as a result will be that higher - the system will fairly decide that you are anyway ready to spend money.

Happens and so that do not show to residents of some countries certain offers at all. For example, in some hotels there will always be no empty seats if you visit their websites from Russia. Such here the Internet - discrimination.

As we are deceived

Among those who practice separate pricing most often meet the Internet - services of a tourist orientation and booking of tickets.

We will make simple experiment. If to visit the website of reservation of Hotels hotels. com, for the same hotel in Paris to the European (whether it be the German, or the Russian) it is necessary to lay out slightly more, than to the American.

Here example from other area. Website OneTwoTrip. ru offers us the cheapest ticket for flight to London at the price 4 271   rubles. It would seem, cheap.

Though if you look for the ticket with the same parameters, but having presented the Englishman (how to make it, is slightly lower), will offer you the ticket almost twice the cheapest way.

By the way, in Europe focuses with the prices of dealers punish for similar. For example, ten years ago, two tens European airlines were accused of unfair establishment of ticket prices. It became clear that air carriers established different ticket price depending on the country of accommodation of the buyer which they determined by data of his credit card. The companies had to refuse this practice - the prices are identical to all inhabitants of Europe now. Later similar trial was also concerning the European car rental agencies which tried to expose various prices for residents of the different countries too. The existing bans concern only inhabitants of the European Union so far. To offer other prices, living beyond its limits, it is not forbidden. So to buyers to have to fight about the Internet - sharpers.

How to outwit sly fellows

there are three main ways available to any the Internet - to the user by means of which it is possible to fight against the described tricks.

Way first: to contact sellers directly. Generally, the Internet - services on which offers from different hotels and airline are collected are created to save to us plenty of time and money. We should not be engaged in independent searches on the Internet of favorable offers on a set of tens if not hundreds of the websites. The saving of time here really considerable, and here with money everything leaves not so unambiguously.

But nobody disturbs, for example, having found suitable hotel, to address independently them. You will be pleasantly surprised with a difference in the prices.

Way second: to use the mode incognito in browsers. It is a special anonymous operating mode of the browser at which the websites will not be able to monitor your movement and to watch you. In this mode the browser does not keep the entered passwords, search queries and history of visits. The websites will not be able to find out what sites you visited before that was looked for and what device you use. And respectively, will not be able to overstate the price or to play with quantity of empty seats.

To include the mode incognito in Internet Explorer and Mozila Firefox press the keys Ctrl + Shift + P. And in the Google Chrome and Opera browsers use Ctrl combination + Shift + N. Unfortunately, this way cannot guarantee that the website does not learn in what country you live. More powerful tools are for this purpose necessary.

Way third and the most important: to use instruments of change the IP address. For such cases need the anonymizer and VPN. Both tools are offered by the HideME service, rather known in a RuNet. ru - on its example we will also consider the solution of this task.

We will begin with the first tool. Apparently from the name, the anonymizer is intended for those who want to keep the anonymity on the Internet. It is the server - the intermediary who hides you from the website, transmitting all necessary information through themselves. Only and, perhaps, the main minus of the anonymizer is an impossibility of work with the difficult websites from - for technical features of realization of this tool (script). The anonymizer well is suitable for viewing of the websites, but not for full work with them.

Much more opportunities are given by Virtual Private Network, it is the Virtual Private Network, and it is more often simple VPN . Such VPN - service allows not only to work on the Internet anonymously, but also it is easy to change the IP address. From the point of view of the visited sites, it will look as if you came from other country, and at you their functionality completely will remain.

It is rather simple to use VPN: you download the program, you enter there an access code (here it can be received free of charge for days) and you are connected to any desirable country from the list of available. At the time of the publication of article well to more than 30 countries, including Europe, Asia and the USA.

And in conclusion . As we already spoke at the beginning: any skilled traveler by all means will give to you advice to bargain abroad. Thus it is possible to reduce the price several times.

the Same council we, having a little altered, we will give you and we. You should not be trusted recklessly that price which is offered by the websites. Bargain! Look for ways to cut your expenses, especially in our crisis time. We hope, our councils will help you, to avoid tricks the Internet - aggregators and to save money.