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Dmitry Kharatyan. An actor`s profession - a case or destiny?

Famous Russian actor Dmitry Kharatyan in youth never dreamed of actor`s career. However casual movie tests forever changed his life. And though the way to glory for it was thorny, it could achieve recognition and love of the audience.

The actor of theater and cinema Dmitry Kharatyan was born on January 21, 1960 in the city of Almalyk which is in the Tashkent region Uzbek the Soviet Socialist Republic. His parents were far from the world of art - the father worked as the teacher in technical college, and mother was civil engineer. When little Dima was three years old, his family by the invitation to new positions moved in heart The Soviet Union - the Moscow region.

At school Dmitry liked sport, especially team games. After lessons it, as a rule, with boys went on a football field, and liked to play hockey in the winter. Music was one more hobby of the guy - Dmitry won popularity among friends thanks to playing a guitar and excellent vocal skills. It gave it the chance to head vokalno - tool " ensemble; Argonauts which gathered during summer vacation in a summer camp Meteor in Moscow area where Kharatyan had a rest with 3 on 10 classes.

However, despite beautiful external data, an excellent voice and ability to keep on a scene, Dmitry at that time did not even think of actor`s career, only the happy combination of circumstances defined its future.

When he studied in the tenth grade, his friend by the name of Galina dreaming to become the actress called him on tests in a film studio together with herself. So it turned out that even it did not get a bit part, and here the director Vladimir Menshov chose Dmitry among a huge number of other applicants for Igor Grushko`s role - the romantic boy with a guitar.

Movie Draw in which Kharatyan also played the debut role, instantly made 17 - the summer guy a celebrity. The audience like sincerity and heat to Dmitry`s hero, and the song When we leave a schoolyard Alexander Flyarkovsky became a hit. Wrote it letters from all Soviet Union, young girls admitted to the actor sympathy - all this popularity nearly became the reason star fever . However the beginning actor was lucky, he could get it together in time.

Dmitry Kharatyan admitted many years later: Probably, the Lord saved from a temptation. Most likely, I was helped by a sober assessment of own place with life. The head, naturally, from success was turned, however remained on the place. A temptation success, glory, wealth and the power - one of the most serious tests for each person. Really, I woke up in 17 years well-known. Also I cannot still understand how I passed through this temptation and managed to remain. Just by some miracle... So many people literally broke, especially at such early age when the person still very weak... .

After the first role he decided to become an actor. Kharatyan almost without effort came to Theatrical school of M. S. Shchepkin in 1978. During study he did not cease to act - in the movie Hunting for foxes Vadim Abdrashitov the young actor not without effort, but all - is brilliant, got used to Kostya Strizhak`s role. It could give thinly socially sharp and psychologically difficult character of the hero. It should be noted that it is one of the few negative roles of a filmography of the famous actor.

In 1982 Dmitry Kharatyan was invited by the director Marlen Khutsiev, having suggested to play Pushkin`s role. Kharatyan remembers: When I was called by the assistant Khutsieva and offered this role, I at first even thought that over me very silly someone played a trick. I then asked the girl who was presented by Khutsiev`s assistant: You saw me alive long ago? At me, it seems, whiskers do not grow and even hair " do not curl;. However Khutsiev explained then to me that he saw me once in the degree movie of one young director. I as the lieutenant went on the tank, all soiled, and, according to Khutsiev, I was similar to Hannibal there, but not to Pushkin. Khutsiev, most likely, tracked this related parallel and began to try me. But this picture did not take place. The staff of the arts council of State cinema which declared to Khutsiev became the reason: Marlen Martynovich, you that, went crazy! Pushkin is the genius of the Russian people, and here some teenager moreover a surname at it Kharatyan . After such words basic Khutsiev curtailed shooting.

In 1987 Dmitry came to tests to the historian - the adventure picture Naval cadets, forward! Svetlana Druzhinina. The decision to give to young Kharatyan Alexey Korsakov`s role which became one of the most memorable in his pit was made. In several days after a release of the movie Naval cadets, forward! on the Soviet screens of the main characters christened Russian musketeers and it, of course, not casually. A dizzy plot, fearless and charming heroes, fine songs - all this had something in common in some degree with a popular picture about D`Artagnan. Kharatyan, Shevelkov and Zhigunov found unknown glory.

Dmitry remembers that time: After an exit Naval cadets, forward! some madness began. Letters began to come packs, someone even wrote that he plans to give rise from me, and someone, appears, already gave rise, someone named the son Dima, and someone Alyosha (in honor of my character Alexey Korsakov). One girl in general declared that she arrived from Ukraine that to marry on me .

After Naval cadets the actor Dmitry Kharatyan became the real Soviet movie star. The audience looked forward to a release of each movie in which he acted.

The comedy talent of the actor was opened by Leonid Gaidai, having invited Kharatyan to shootings in the picture Private detective, or Operation Cooperation which was removed in 1989. Since then Dmitry acted in two - three pictures annually, some last years he appeared on screens less often.

All in its filmography there are more than 80 movies. The most known of them, except above-mentioned, Long live, naval cadets! (1991), Naval cadets 3 (1992), On Deribasovskaya good weather, or on Brighton the Scourge there are rains " again; (1992), The Groom from Miami (1994), Aurora (2006).

His merits were recognized and noted by honorary titles Honored artist of the Russian Federation (2000) and People`s artist of the Russian Federation (2007).