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What is social responsibility of business? Tatyana Shakhnes: business has to create values for the society

Director of Public Relations of LGElectronics Tatyana Shakhnes tells about whether it is possible to combine commercial result and social advantage for society how to make so that at the collective entrusted to you not went out eyes and how to fly by three quarters of the equator in two weeks.

The director of public relations of LG Electronics, the member of the Coordination center for donorship at Civic chamber, the author of the book Encyclopedia PR. Given rise with branch one of the most influential women of Russia according to the " magazine; " Company; owner of the award Kotler Awards 2014 and two tens more deserved ranks and awards and two decades of work in difficult realities of domestic business Tatyana Shakhnes tells about what qualities really effective public relations - the expert have to possess, where to find the twenty fifth hour in days and that is really important in life.

of Shkolazhizni. ru : In the book you tell about social responsibility of business much. As far as, in your opinion, in Russia it is an important factor for perception of the company consumers?

Tatyana Shakhnes : Social responsibility of business - a subject which relatively began to rise recently in our country. It seems to me, on that it and responsibility that someone has to undertake this mission. I am very glad that the destiny provided me such chance twice. To begin to work for the first time in the field of communications in 90 - e years when this industry only arose, and for the second time at the end of zero when I understood that in society the new trend - awareness of importance of social responsibility which can be headed only arises. Even not that to head, and to begin to work in this area, having applied all the previous knowledge.

Social responsibility is extremely important, actually the company works not in vacuum and has to create values for society. And on the other hand, the staff of corporation feels absolutely in a different way if they work not only for commercial result, but also brings benefit to people. Social activity motivates employees, does them by the persons feeling the contribution to society so does them more valuable and for the employer. Not so important, what mission will be chosen for itself by the company: subject of environment protection, the help to the children who got into a difficult situation, cybersafety or health of the nation it is important that it became part of an essence of a brand, as at LG in 2009.

Shkolazhizni. ru : You are engaged in PR not alone. You have an excellent team, it one of the stablest in the industry. How there is a selection of employees? As far as it is process, difficult for you?

Tatyana Shakhnes : Process this very difficult, for 21 year in the market to me only two persons with a complete description of the work, with journalistic both PR - experience and an example of the made publications and actions came. Alas, in the market it is few such professionals. Therefore you bring together talented people around yourself on grains and really you value them. It is important to understand that all people different, and their abilities sometimes do not shoot at once. And PR is exclusive - it is not obligatory to take the expert, sometimes there is enough your vision, intuition whether the person communication abilities from god, diligence and desire to seize all on the fly possesses. For full adaptation in the company the person needs not less than half a year, and for really productive and independent work - about a year. Therefore to allow to lose subsequently experts whom you train it is just impossible.

Shkolazhizni. ru : It is obvious that for people, being part of your team, in the market there has to be the real hunting. It is how difficult to hold the grown shots?

Tatyana Shakhnes : If in general to speak about to hunting behind the heads as about the phenomenon The matter is that even competences of the employee whom they try " up to the end are not known to the most skilled headhunters who, naturally, do not work in the companies; to tempt . Sometimes (I do not speak about our company now) the person has only relation to these or those loud projects, but does not realize them. So to sell it itself(himself) can, and the truth and its real abilities or their absence can to emerge much later.

Answering your question, to me sees that the only way to hold people - to give interesting work which meets their internal requirements realizes their potential and even becomes a peculiar hobby. And the employee has to have a various work, differently simply will go out eyes that is unacceptable for the person of a creative profession, and in PR the share of a creative is very big.

Shkolazhizni. ru : And from where to take people? There is a popular belief that in recent years there was a noticeable decline in quality of young performers in PR - the industry. It is often possible to hear from employers that the youth is nonprofessional, waits for easy and fast money and it is not ready to make professional investments into herself.

Tatyana Shakhnes : I think that the considerable element of truth in it is. If to sort the industry, I sometimes cannot understand where in general the generation 29 - 36 was gone, not all became heads, moved to other cities and other. As for young people, everything depends on their desire, and to me seems that youth from regions much more inquisitive, hardworking and looking for, than from two capitals. For the rest everything depends on the person.

In the book I try to explain to young colleagues importance of practice from the very beginning of study, need to enter this or that professional circle, to get acquainted with journalists long before the termination of higher education institution if we speak about PR. It is very difficult, it is difficult to combine study and work, however it is necessary. At some moment occurred glamorization professions, feeling that PR - the expert is the moth flitting on exhibitions, the presentations, aspiring to beautiful life and realizing itself great through social networks and the incredible number of the published pictures. Time showed that it by no means not so. And that hard time in which we live now new economic realities will force to look once again very attentively at functionality of people of our profession, to leave really bringing benefit and values of employees and to cut those who do not understand importance of serious work.

Shkolazhizni. ru : The following question just of it. It is considered that the heads most " fly to crisis the first; useless staff of the companies. As a rule, carry to those also employees of PR - services. In what feature of PR - work in the decreasing market? What should be endowed what to place emphases on?

Tatyana Shakhnes : I think that the good management always sees and appreciates useful employees. PR - service is useless if a little corpulent years people did not create actual values for the company, did not bring new projects which sometimes lie outside PR, did not involve in the front and back projects offices, a top - management of the company, partners.

Communications - concept comprehensive, and depending on what was made earlier the management also will estimate importance of this or that function or people. Crisis can generate apathy, and also the aspiration to creativity, development, generation of new ideas can. It is necessary to think less of big budgets, and it is more about integration, associations of partners in important projects It is necessary to try to create what other companies do not have, and, of course, it is correct to give these or those advantages of your commodity categories.

Shkolazhizni. ru : In what a difference between work in Russia and other countries? Whether there are some features of PR and GR in our country?

Tatyana Shakhnes : I think that creative and pro-active work is demanded in each country and it is appreciated both by the country leaders, and government institutions. It is much more interesting to work in Russia, in my opinion, as our industry is relatively young and it is necessary to construct many tools from scratch. At the same time, when your projects are implemented worldwide, we understand that the best practicians from Russia can conquer all globe. Joint projects with the state are also extremely interesting, there is a feeling of participation, an opportunity to participate directly in life of society, to change the world to the best. I am very glad that our project on donorship which is given rise in Russia became demanded and takes root in China, Latin America, South Korea, Africa and Europe. I with the great pleasure gave already more than 50 lectures to young specialists in the leading higher education institutions of more than 40 cities of Russia and I always ask them not to be afraid. To go forward, to dare, and then everything surely will turn out.

Shkolazhizni. ru : How deeply you plunge into work details? It is how important and possible to know all directions and nuances of work of your company? You have a huge set of product lines

Tatyana Shakhnes : Having plunged into work in 1994, I do not leave it. The respect of colleagues, representatives of the industry, reputable media community is based just on your understanding of production value. Not so much transfers of its technical characteristics how many an explanation simple human language that it is production can give to people - the fine picture, a volume sound at a minimum of wires in the apartment, preservation of freshness of your products at essential economy of energy, easy cleaning when the vacuum cleaner or follows you, or in general will practically be able to do without you as the robot - the vacuum cleaner. A keyword in my work - consensus therefore every week I discuss with the Russian and Korean employees and characteristics of gadgets, and their new counters convenient for all, and I try to find the thinnest side between information and a possibility of people to perceive a product, without imposing it.

Shkolazhizni. ru : Whether you had to press through the skeptical attitude towards yourself at the staff of the company? The skeptical relation as to the woman, as to the person who as technical and other specialists for certain consider, is engaged some nonsense also spends their time?

Tatyana Shakhnes : It happens infrequently as I the oldest in good sense the employee of the company therefore with advance of production, granting samples, information, the presentations and meetings of obstacles did not arise. When we began to be engaged in the donor project and to communicate densely not only with mass media, and and about business - partners of the company, I had to spend more time with our sales managers to explain to our employees and business - to community why the companies successful in area of electronics, also the social partnership, participation in country life, advance of health issues of the nation and a healthy lifestyle is important. But it was not an obstacle, and it is rather an exchange of information as the fact that the largest federal " network; El Dorado and 9 major regional partners work with us and in the field of donorship, made our cooperation absolutely special phenomenon in the business environment.

Shkolazhizni. ru : What you see the work in 5 years?

Tatyana Shakhnes : Probably, same what we see also development of PR - the industry. Now everything depends on us, and the branch will be such what ourselves it will construct in the next five years. In my opinion, PR of the future is a certain social contract with society with participation all of the changing technologies. Of course, the future of the industry will be influenced by gadgets as they will give the chance of new integration and start of processes of dot communication with the consumer. But it is only a question of speed of delivery of information and its processing that heartlessly in itself. The most important that behind high technologies, development of new products and changes in society is cost by people who create values. Eventually to us not the size of the screen of the smartphone, but convenience of the device, not the size of pixels of a camera, but pleasure derived from viewing of qualitative photos, not existence of new details in the refrigerator, but freshness of the products given on a table is important.

Future PR - the sphere leaning on four components which are closely connected with psychology and competences of people. Nobody replaced the human relations yet, and it will be the most important component of communications of the future. The second component is also inherent in homo sapience, only talented. Ahead there will be those who have superintuition who is capable to feel changes in society, to give to society what will be required at the moment and in the future and will be rather courageous.

Abraham Lincoln spoke: Who passively waits - eventually receives expected, but only the fact that he remained after those who acted vigorously .

Interesting and qualitative content with considerable part of infographics and video to influence various canals of perception of our audience will become the third and major component: audialny, visual and kinestetichesky. But its emotional binding that the given material was really interesting will be the most important in contents, and the created trends concerned people around.

And the fourth component connected with all other concepts there will be an identity of the person who is responsible for public relations. I would not like to speak about the raised mediynost or narcissism, but the specialist in communications has to be really interesting to society, a wide range of journalists, it has to be the personality, but not a gray mouse. The professional of the future needs to listen to councils, but to go forward the way. By the way, now RASO (The Russian association for public relations) develops the professional PR standard - the expert.

My prediction: future PR behind all types of communication tools starting emotions and giving feedback. But the most important, from my point of view, excellent PR of the future is an ability to expect events, not to be afraid of them and ability to take the responsibility. In the book I give an example. Authors of the documentary Brain on an automatic pilot arguing on a subconsciousness role, on decision-making, on strength of mind, gave a number of very interesting examples so important and in our profession. In 2009 there was an event which became history of aviation under the name The Miracle on Hudson . Then to very skilled pilot, the former military pilot, it was possible to put at two refused engines safely the plane with 150 passengers. It made landing, ignoring all protocols, and his intuition rescued one and a half hundred people! What helped this person and what communication here with PR - the experts acting most often in comfortable office conditions? To study experience of others, to accumulate the, to develop intuition and constantly to be in shape.

In the book I compare future PR to the huge kitchen divided into several compartments: there will be both a high cookery, and molecular dishes, and more familiar homemade food, but all these viands will be not less tasty. Everything will prepare proceeding from needs of the person and if the guest is not able to choose, the chief of our imagined kitchen will help him. He not only will make the new recipe, but also will invite to kitchen to share pleasure of preparation of a new unique dish. It would be desirable not to wait for this time, and to begin right now...

Shkolazhizni. ru : Give now a little from a different angle. LG - large Korean corporation. There is an opinion that Koreans are absolutely impossible in work. Cases when skilled professionals came from European to the Korean company are known and left in two weeks, so tojoint stock company could not sustain loadings. What more in it is the myth or facts of life?

Tatyana Shakhnes : It seems to me, it is the myth, some exaggeration. Of course, Koreans workaholics at the gene level. To lift the destroyed country after war, nearly two generations of Koreans slaved away. Therefore the concept of working discipline, devotion once is peculiar to the chosen place of work the representative of this nation. Work - a certain condition of a trance for the Korean, natural state at which the person does not ask himself questions how many hours he works. If you divide these values, agree that it is important not to discuss news from social networks at work, private matters, holiday, and concentrate on performance of tasks or generate new ideas, you will be admitted to collective, and you can work in the company extremely long. I think that the people leaving the Korean companies after work in European did not bring special benefit to employers also there.

Shkolazhizni. ru : The woman in the Russian company and in the Korean - whether is a difference in the relation? In perception? Repeatedly it was necessary to hear from the Korean friends that in Korea there is a certain discrimination of women at business including salary.

Tatyana Shakhnes : Koreans perceive the company as uniform, well debugged mechanism where work is a peculiar cult. If you correspond to this concept, then the trust to you is very high, despite a floor. The fact that I am the woman working long ago in the company received a management position, did not surprise me. The main thing for Koreans is an ability to work, reach compromise, to bypass acute angles. Work for the Korean - not policy, not ability to maneuvre, and to execute honestly assigned to you. And if at the same time you are ready to realize new ideas, to offer improvements, then the trust to you will be even higher.

Shkolazhizni. ru : One of the most difficult things is a management of time. Whether you do it is, or you have assistants? How your day is built? Whether there are some firm rules?

Tatyana Shakhnes : Surprisingly, but it seems to me the simplest thing. Since the childhood the father accustomed me to be late never so I always come earlier. Later, having learned to work hard and having gained experience, I understood how it is possible to find room in one unit of time much. Of course, concept of value of time at all a miscellaneous. In the book I describe one psychological experience: group of people ask to close eyes and to open them exactly in a minute. Someone relies upon intuition, someone opens eyes a bit later, and someone and in two minutes. Time - a loose concept, and everything rests against self-discipline. If to speak about time and relationship with people, then it is necessary to appoint a deadline for the people who are not sharply feeling time to earlier term.

Accurately to calculate the project on two weeks ahead, I do the long plate in Excel by dates and affairs which are planned for every day, since landing time at the airport. I as if live in advance all future scenario and I try to be inspired by result because I expect that on time at us very intense schedule. So far memory does not bring therefore I have no assistant, and for the best storing I write down all plans by hand. In my opinion, it is careful and rational to use the main thing every minute precious time. And in this case I remember dialogue from the book Alice`s Adventures in Wonderland : What do you want? - I want to kill time . - Time very much does not love when it is killed...

Shkolazhizni. ru : On work you spend a lot of time on the way. What costs at least recent Air marathon of good when you in a week spent not one ten hours in flight. Very many after it would try to be closed in the house that in general to see nobody - you in the plane and in a trip to Europe again. How it is possible to switch?

Tatyana Shakhnes : Actually, we spent on the way about two weeks, and sometimes it was only three the share of a dream - four hours. Having looked back, I also was surprised that we overcame more than 30 000 kilometers. It while length of the equator is only 40 000 kilometers. When projects interesting, you forget about difficulties, and over time when the physical fatigue passes, you remember the best. The most important is an ability to switch on the way, to change the picture before eyes.

So, in Novosibirsk, having worked in a row about eight hours and understanding that ahead sleepless night, I stopped by in the tremendous local zoo located in the wood and having looked at animals, having driven on a big wheel and having inhaled fresh air, again felt inflow of forces! Also sport helps to switch. Three times a week by 7 in the morning I go to the hall. I am very much helped by reading books, in process you are had to other world and time too. And, of course, architecture monuments, having looked in Omsk at ancient merchant houses or the center of modern Yekaterinburg which kept traditions and history of mining edge or later being transferred to the eternal city - Rome, you are restored much quicker.

Shkolazhizni. ru : Whether there is a desire to be fenced off from the whole world and to remain alone with itself? Whether it works well?

Tatyana Shakhnes : If I want it during week-end, of course, but one day on a sofa with the book becomes more than enough. Sometimes cooking also takes off fatigue and tension. But I am a sociable person, and literally in several hours I am attracted again by big projects. In total - Antoine Saint - Ekzyuperi was right: If you want to construct the ship, do not urge people to collect the wood, to divide work and to give orders, instead in the beginning teach to grieve for the huge and infinite sea . Here and I through a couple of hours of rest begin to grieve for the boundless sea...

Shkolazhizni. ru : Whom you can call the most important person in your life?

Tatyana Shakhnes : I think, mother who transferred me endless love, thirst for knowledge, ability to overcome difficulties, intuition and understanding that it is not necessary to be afraid of any work it is only necessary to think how to realize these or those projects.