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As to step through a black strip?

For certain the situation when all look like the world failed, nothing depends on you is familiar to everyone, waits ahead of nothing good, and there are no thoughts of how to get out of an array of problems. It is unclear, whether it ill fate whether a black strip, whether result of the wrong acts and aspirations

Reaction at each person on such dark events in his life it is various: someone slowly but surely plunges into a depression; someone has a ball, beginning from alcohol and finishing with what the imagination will be enough for. The author of this article such heavy minutes, being in a deep depression convulsively monitors The Internet, looking for the answer to the question What to do? And, by the way, which - that managed to be found.

So, I will give " below; techniques (we will call it so), which found. I admit honestly, on the experience checked, but not all. Checked, proceeding not so much from interest how many from absence of alternative. Not to tell that problems disappeared at once, but some positive tendencies through a small period were noticed.

the Contract with the Moon

Becomes on a full moon or in a new moon. It is necessary, looking at the Moon, to tell it thanks and to list for what (it is possible to prepare the whole list in advance, but nevertheless it is necessary to know when to stop). It is necessary to list the desires in such form as if they already come true fact. After that the note with that list which you already read is hung up or put on a window. The moon will see it and in the afternoon.

the Ritual granting desire

Tools: bay leaf - 3 pieces, an A4 format clean sheet - 1 piece, the handle with red ink - 1 piece.

Optimum factors: new moon.

Instruction: we take the handle, we write the desire on a leaf (somehow - in the middle, with edge - all the same), then loudly we pronounce it 3 times. The leaf develops three times, laurel leaves are put in it. After that the desire blabs out three times again, and the leaf (already with leaves) develops 3 more times. Now we hide masterpiece in the dark secluded place. Every morning on 3 times we repeat the desire. Becomes until conceived is not executed. After that the leaf needs to be taken from the secret place and, without developing, to burn (together with a lavrushka, it is natural).

Note: not real desires, " type; I Want that all men (women) on the earth " fell in love with me; I Want in marriage for Ben Affleck etc., are not executed.

Treasure map

Tools: and) a sheet of paper (the A4 format, A3 - are optimum), photos and cuttings from cards and magazines, glue, a ball pen, scissors; b) established on the Photoshop computer, skills on its use and a selection of pictures in the jpeg (gif) format.

Optimum factors: needs to create a collage in 2 - 3 days after a new moon. Strangers should not see your creation. It is necessary to look at the card at least 2 times a day. If you create it in Photoshop`e, then it is possible to hang out on a desktop.

Instruction: by means of one of two tool kits to us needs to make a collage which reflects aspirations and desires. The collage is formed by the following rules:

In the center has to be located your photo in the best look where you are beautiful, healthy, happy, young, are not burdened with problems.

In the top left corner (it is wealth sector) we place pictures which for you symbolize material prosperity - piles of dollars, gold ingots, the safe, with lots of money, the car of a latest model.

Over the head of the photo (it is success sector) we glue the image of the successful person (outstanding businessmen, the couturier).

(Sector of partnership, love) we place any pigeons, swans, hearts, couples in the right top corner and other, main that the symbol was pair.

In the right sector (on right hand your photo) we place photos of children (laughing or any pleasant photo with children if you do not have them yet). Note: if you do not want children yet, leave sector temporarily to be empty.

Below, in legs photos, there is a career sector, there it is necessary to place symbols of successful career (for everyone they are individual).

The right bottom corner - sector of knowledge - to place something there or not, to solve to you. The sector by analogy with others is made out.

The left sector - sector of the family relations. Best of all to paste there photos of all the family.

Reading mantras


Helps DEE GU MARA GORI GANDALI ZANDALI MADAMGA with difficult situations (the fastest solution of problems). To read 108 times.




Grants abundance, pleasure of soul and success in everything.


Finding of success in all undertakings.


Removal of obstacles of any kind.

All mantras are read on 9, 18... 108 times (the number has to be multiple 3) twice a day.

of Bidzha - mantras:

these short mantras can be attached either at the beginning or at the end of the main mantra for strengthening of effect!

to THEM - protects from enemies and failures

of SI - removes stress and fear, DON cures mental disorders

- gives eloquence

of AUM - clears up mind, increases vital energy

of AYM - gives abilities to training, DIN develops memory, intelligence

- brings wealth and a high position

of FRAMES - will award you with protection of high-ranking people

of HRIM - the KHOUM clears an organism

- removes damage and a malefice

of ShRIM - develops creative abilities

Here, perhaps, and all

the Purpose of this article - to raise a smile at the one who despaired, became unstuck also lost courage. Perhaps, these techniques will present someone new hope. And perhaps, someone`s intimate desire will take and will be executed