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How different zodiac signs pick a nose?

Aries. Begins to pick a nose suddenly and with frenzy. Does not suffer councils of criticism from people around concerning the actions. Usually the kovyryaniye in a nose the Aries is followed by mass arrests, executions, revolts, revolution. In certain cases - world war.

Taurus. Approaches business in details. One week prior to the appointed kovyryaniye does a mark in the daily log Saturday, 19:04 - a kovyryaniye in a nose . Puts an answering machine on phone, disinfects a finger. As method of spektromentalny testing chooses a nostril. Never misses.

Twins. Rush about from one nostril to another as cannot be defined in what pokovyryat. As a result do not pokovyryat in one, but will remain extremely happy with the person and will paint the poem, a picture, concerto for five pianos with an orchestra.

he is Extremely timid therefore picks a nose only in the dark room, mainly alone or groups on 2, 3, 4 persons. At this time reflects on caducity of all real. Often does in the personal diary of a note about the impressions and feelings.

Lion. Picks a nose mainly in an environment of the audience clapping to it. The conducted researches showed that standing ovations and shouts Bravo! Encore! increase efficiency of a kovyryaniye in a nose by 40 - 47% Lev.

Maiden. As the true esthete, does not pick a nose - it is lower than her advantage and does not answer morally - to ethical principles. But actively participates in discussion of the treatise of Gerhard Von Kreinersteisburga Kovyryaniye in a nose. Causes and effects then writes the detailed review which makes on the Culture channel.

Scales. Before pokovyryat in a nose, all will thoroughly consider for and against this business. Will consult to friends and relatives. With the psychologist. With children (if there are no, then with neighbour`s). Will read Gerhard Von Kreinersteisburga`s treatise Kovyryaniye in a nose. Causes and effects . Will watch on the Culture channel the review of the Maiden about it. Again will consult to friends and relatives. At last, will make the right decision.

Scorpion. Picks a nose, having maliciously blinked the eyes as if selecting the new victim. During this process it is better not to touch it and not to approach it closer than on 2 meters at all. Some scientists assume that at this time the Scorpion is even more artful and dangerous, than during the marriage period.

Sagittarius. Picks a nose vigorously, with jokes and humourous catchphrases, entertaining all around until zadolbat and to it do not unscrew a finger. But the Sagittarius does not despond! It has 9 more fingers on hands and whole 10 standing! With the boundless wit the Sagittarius adoring travel will go all over the world, getting all on the way. Well, at the end of process the Sagittarius has at most 6 working fingers on hands.

Goat. Picks a nose only on emergency. At the same time calls the ambulance, militia, firefighters, neighbors, Sergey Zverev and the Ministry of Emergency Situations... So, just in case... It is simpler to goat to make secure now, than then convulsively to dial the broken finger some numbers. Respect to it for it.

Aquarius. Among Aquarius the most large number of geniuses from all Zodiac. So instead of directly being engaged in practice - a kovyryaniye in a nose, Aquarius will remove a formula of an ideal kovyryaniye, an absolute kovyryaniye and a polukovyryaniye then will take roots 3, 5, and 8 degrees from an absolute kovyryaniye in a nose, divided on 2. But on it will not cease to have a good time and will call the closest zodiac friend - the Twin, and they together will write also the opera to that concerto for five pianos with an orchestra.

Fishes. These tovarisch do not take out a finger from a nose at all. They eat with it, drink, play sports, play a bayan, participate in national meeting. But not from - for bad manners, and from - behind a constant of thoughtfulness and absorption in the thoughts. They just forget to pull out a finger from a nose. And when remember - already late because again it is time...