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Where there are 14 most surprising monuments?

1. The pissing boy (Brussels, Belgium) Grant

, the most known of the strangest monuments in the world. It, but not Bruegel, Bosch and all Flemish painters combined, brings to people happiness. Jokers (and it is practically each tourist) try to drink at least a drink of the water following from... well, you understand, and it is even better, to concern... well, it is clear what too...

As at such popularity the boy did not turn into the girl, unclear yet. According to the latest data, similar sculptures are already established more than in two hundred cities worldwide, however, the main, though fairly become green and lost former pressure of a stream, - all in the same place, in the capital of Belgium.

2. A huge finger (Marseille, France)

A you registered in volunteers local football the fan - club? And paid taxes? And you behave well? Look at me! Somebody unknown, but very big and powerful threatens children and adults: not to misbehave!

the Most initial version: this monument - a symbol of a sea bay near which there is Marseille. The bay, allegedly, has the finger form.

3. A monument to happiness (Tomsk, Russia)

Happiness, according to sculptors, looks as a full wolf. Yes, it is that wolf - the pensioner from the animated film Once upon a time there was a dog being at peak of elation: ate, drank, helped the friend out of trouble... Generally, now - I will accustom to drinking !

On a belly at this happiness - the button when pressing which the character Armen Dzhigarkhanyan`s by voice says aphorisms from the animated film.

the Monument quickly became the place of gathering of the former soldier of the people in Russian Airborne Troops Day and Day of the Frontier guard.

4. A huge fork (Oslo, Norway) Hunger is won by

these regions long ago and irrevocably, however, it is unknown even whether there was it sometime in general. whether

Can consider this design, height about the three-storyed house as a symbol of general satiety or, on the contrary, a reminder that there are countries where even usual herring is inaccessible to inhabitants, everyone solves for himself.

is Authentically known that on the handle inscriptions on great and mighty the " type already appeared; there was Vasya .

5. Legs in stockings (Park Chonbon, Seol, Korea) All are good

young Koreans, here it is only more difficult to see their small harmonous legs, than to entice Kim Jong Il aboard the plane: the national suit and at all national traditions order not to show to strangers anything above an ankle.

But unless is the law which could not be bypassed anyway? Now everyone can observe this part of a human body.

As it is strange, among visitors there is a vast majority of women.

6. A huge Easter egg (Vegrevill, Canada)

Legendary eggs of Faberge who for years pored over the creations can be seen only in museum collections.

A this masterpiece called on - Ukrainian pisanka (the town of Vegrevill is inhabited mainly by ethnic Ukrainians), it is visible for kilometers.

can Embrace egg only a vdvadtsater, to break - heavy artillery, however at his construction any chicken did not suffer.

7. The died hare (village of Arestin, Piedmont, Italy)

the Infernal pink rodent filled by specially processed hay was stretched in all the considerable sixty-meter length on a mountain slope Kolletto Fava.

Creators great and big-eared, Vienna an art - " group; Gilletin called it Monument to all dead in obscurity . At the same time anyone can get on a breathless corpse, lie down and think of meaning of life.

8. The woman - the rear view (Nagano, Japan) Here these inhabitants of the Island of the Rising Sun - constantly want to surprise with

all other mankind. TVs at them in the form of a handkerchief, a hotel room of the size of a left-luggage office, a piece of crude fish at the dinner price for two (with alcohol!) .

Here and the anthem to the escaping female beauty embodied in bronze by local masters turned out peculiar - nobody ever saw faces of the beauty.

But it, e - e, a reference point, in full view of visitors of park of Akimo, and lawfully enjoys wide popularity. About it it is possible to judge by characteristic attritions. Anyhow - according to national beliefs, the touch to them brings good luck.

9. A monument to a pervonachal (Ladies - the square, Amsterdam, Holland)

Despite numerous hypotheses, none of residents of the capital of the Netherlands yes sir also know that the architect Wim Witteman the work in fallichesky style wanted to tell.

In the people Dam Monument Grote Lul - sorry, " is called; Big x. y .

But similar interpretation for the country where the Museum of Sex and the Red light district is recognized as national property, confuses nobody, and Stella traditionally is considered the meeting place of lovers. And the lost tourists.

10. Cheerful Plumbers (Krasnoyarsk, Russia)

Probably, it is correct - to put monuments to truly national heroes. And who in popularity can be compared to workers of an adjustable spanner and masters of installation of laying?

Heart-to-heart talk of two such masters - grown wise life and only - only taking the thorny road covered with the broken struts and the got littered toilet bowls - is told by the sculptor with a huge expression.

Is remarkable that, despite abundance of fine details, acts of vandalism (to drag off a piece for memory) is noticed was not yet.

11. The keyboard (The river embankment Iset, Yekaterinburg, Russia) the monument Occupying nearly two square kilometers perfectly is got a bird`s eye view by

, directly - teeth of a mythological dragon after a meeting with the dentist.

On a terrestrial surface it was chosen by gamers and hackers. Special popularity as sociologists - enthusiasts found out, the key with the letter " uses; Yu .

12. Processed cheese (" plant; Carat m. Autofactory, Moscow, Russia)

Well-known Friendship it is quite worthy to be imprinted for descendants. Not a fox under the handle with a crow, not musorokamer embrace two fallen workers treasured is yellow - blue whetstone with such tenderness with what hold on hands only the most expensive.

Is remarkable that the younger generation is almost universal considers this sculptural group by DJs at an acid party. But those who are more senior, with feeling of deep satisfaction and ignoring law enforcement agencies, gather near a monument with the container ringing in a string-bag. Speak, even the snack is not required.

13. The photographer - the terrorist (Dusseldorf, Germany)

I want that equated a photolens to the gun! - so probably the prototype of this strange worker of local mass media thought.

looks the Muzzle in the face to the stood gaping tourist: a pier, do not relax, you at us on a hook and each your step are known to us. And as sat down as sat down - and specially that you got into the shot! Here precisely speak: the third power - the most terrible.

14. The invisible man (Yekaterinburg, Russia)

It left, without having said goodbye, and did not even promise to return. Two bare feet and the vast inscription explaining that it is a monument to Herbert Wells`s hero, but not " factory; Fast walker .

in the Evenings overdue e - burzhsky passersby hear strange uterine laughter: really he, hidden, stands somewhere nearby and examines a stone reminder on himself favourite? Also laughs loudly.