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What can be prepared from sour cream and fruit? Cake!

Many love sweets. For holidays especially there is a wish to indulge himself and relatives with something tasty, some dessert. A New Year`s table already high-calorie therefore it is worth preparing for a dessert something easy and hassle-free. Fruktovo - smetanny cake - jelly - just the fact that it is necessary!

Most of people love sweet a yum-yum, it so, especially men. For New Year`s holidays thought that it is advisable to prepare something similar. My darling so gorged on all and at home, and on a visit that he told that he will not sustain pastries, and there is a wish him for something easy, well can, jelly or an easy dessert some. Foggy so told, and to me to suffer, think that he wants there.

I began to google, as usual, and the recipe of summer fruit cake from the sour cream divorced gelatin got. Found several recipes, they differed from each other slightly therefore created the option, proceeding from those products which were available at that time. It turned out very much even not bad.

But not such easy this dessert. I will not understand some bloggers (blogersh most often) who with a clear conscience advise similar desserts as an easy summer cake. What it is easy? Sour cream - 20%, sugar, a biscuit or cookies is already hardly for a liver, about a figure in general I am silent.

At once thought that it is possible to replace sour cream with fruit yogurt, but there was no yogurt in the refrigerator, there was a wish to have to shop not really. Another time I will surely prepare from yogurt. On one website found in general option with condensed milk, such blow in a liver. Though sweet teeth will estimate.

Let there will be a sour cream, prepare for the man - he does not need to grow thin, and itself I will eat a little. All products in the refrigerator were available therefore long did not think, went to prepare. Here only the biscuit was not and there was no wish to bake it. But I was not going to despond about it, cookies precisely will approach instead of a biscuit. It will not be worse, and for a form any capacity, not necessarily special, silicone though such it will be more convenient will descend.

So, on small cake it is required:

Smetana of 20% - 300 g

Sugar - 100 g (to sweet teeth - 150 g).

Jelly fruit - one package.

Small biscuit or 3 - 4 cookies.

Fruit fresh or tinned.

2 tablespoons of gelatin.

1/3 glass of cold boiled water.

Preparation. At first to prepare jelly according to the instruction on packing, only waters should be taken less, to fill in in a superficial form. It in order that it was possible then it is jelly to cut. To wet gelatin in water and to leave for half an hour for swelling.

Meanwhile, so far jelly stiffens, and gelatin bulks up, it is possible to cover a form food wrap if a form at you not silicone. I took a drinking bowl which usually I use under fresh salad. We will overturn cake then therefore select a form proceeding from it, there is a wish to put on a table not only a tasty, but also beautiful dessert.

So far it is possible to be engaged in a stuffing. At me was bank of tinned pineapples, and I cut small five rings, broke cookies. In a form it is necessary to lay out layers: cut with jelly, pineapples and small pieces of cookies. Two such layers got into my form.

Further to mix sugar with sour cream in the blender. To put the bulked-up gelatin on slow fire and to stir slowly constantly, it will not be dissolved yet. It is important not to bring to boiling. Then to enter there a thin stream sour cream which already became friends long ago with sugar, and properly to stir everything. To fill in fruktovo - zheleyno - pechenyushny mix and to put a dessert in the refrigerator before full hardening, approximately for about two hours.

My darling estimated, ate with pleasure, told that it he also wanted. Still told what is possible also without cookies, and would add nuts. Precisely, shredded nuts, any, will be in such dessert very much even to the place.

Bon appetit!