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Genetic terrorism, or All is useful that got into a mouth ? Part 2

How to reveal hypermarket - products

according to mass media, about 30% of the Russian production contain genetically modified proteins that in most cases is not specified on packing.

However in 2002 the Russian Ministry of Health entered obligatory marking of all products containing 5 and more percent of hypermarket - raw materials. But later the chief health officer of the Russian Federation Gennady Onishchenko entered some changes, and now have to be marked are blown which contain 0,9 and more percent of hypermarket - components.

It is important to note that these products are more available at the price, than the products which are grown up in the natural way.

Therefore in conclusion I can tell only one: eat on health!!! For you there is a choice: there are these products or not. To buy hypermarket - a product at the cheap price or to get checked by time natural, but it is expensive Nobody knows whether consumption of hypermarket - products will be reflected in the person in decades, whether their use will affect our generation - all this will show time. Consumers have an option. Would you like to be guinea pigs, to solve to you Finally I submit to

the list of some hypermarkets - products in the Russian market (Information is provided to Greenpeace):

the Company - producer of Kellog`s: Corn Flakes (flakes), Frosted Flakes (flakes), Rice Krispies (flakes), Corn Pops (flakes), Smacks (flakes), Froot Loops (color flakes - ringlets), Apple Jacks (flakes - ringlets with taste of apple), All - bran Apple Cinnamon/Blueberry (bran with taste of apple, cinnamon, blueberry), Chocolate Chip (chocolate chips), Pop Tarts (cookies with a stuffing, all tastes), Nutri - grain (toasts with a filler, all types), Crispix (cookies), Smart Start (flakes), All - Bran (flakes), Just Right Fruit & Nut (flakes), Honey Crunch Corn Flakes (flakes), Raisin Bran Crunch (flakes), Cracklin` Oat Bran (flakes).

The company - producer of Hershey`s: Toblerone (chocolate, all types), Mini Kisses (candy), Kit - Kat (chocolate bar), Kisses (candy), Semi - Sweet Baking Chips (cookies), Milk Chocolate Chips (cookies), Reese`s Peanut Butter Cups (peanut butter), Special Dark (dark chocolate), Milk Chocolate (milk chocolate), Chocolate Syrup (chocolate syrup), Special Dark Chocolate Syrup (chocolate syrup), Strawberry Syrop (strawberry syrup).

The company - producer of Mars: M &M `s, Snickers, Milky Way, Twix, Nestle, Crunch (shokoladno - rice flakes), Milk Chocolate Nestle (chocolate), Nesquik (chocolate drink), Cadbury (Cadbury/Hershey`s), Fruit & Nut.

The company - producer of Heinz: Ketchup (regular & no salt) (ketchup), Chili Sauce (Chile sauce), Heinz 57 Steak Sauce (sauce to meat). The company - producer of Hellman`s: Real Mayonnaise (mayonnaise), Light Mayonnaise (mayonnaise), Low - Fat Mayonnaise (mayonnaise). The company - producer of Coca - Cola: Coca - Cola, Sprite, Cherry Coca, Minute Maid Orange, Minute Maid Grape.

The company - producer of PepsiCo: Pepsi, Pepsi Cherry, Mountain Dew.

The company - producer of Frito - Lay/PepsiCo (hypermarkets - components can contain in oil and other ingredients): Lays Potato Chips (all), Cheetos (all).

The company - producer of Cadbury/Schweppes: 7 - Up, Dr. Pepper.

The company - producer of Pringles (Procter &Gamble): Pringles (chips with tastes of Original, Low Fat, Pizza - licious, Sour Cream & Onion, Salt & Vinegar, Cheezeums).

The companies which were not interrogated Greenpeace but in products of which GMI (According to research of the Head test Center of food products were found at GU of scientific research institute of food of the Russian Academy of Medical Science):

of AGP (USA), Bellako Spolka (Poland), Degussa Texturant Systems (Germany), Protein Technologies International (USA), Solbar Hatzor LTD (Israel), LLC Balt Fud (Russia), LLC `Biostar Trade (Russia), Herbalife (USA), LLC Delight (Russia), Interactive Nyyutrish (Canada), LLC Moguntion - Interrus (Russia), LLC Novopak - TM (Russia), LLC Office Arsenal (Russia), Palsgaard (Denmark), CJSC Pi - Prolayf Polsmaki (Poland), LLC Growth is Lyne (Russia), SANF for Vitamaks (Gala import), LLC Soy products LLC " UNION; CJSC Urals Kursk Food " technologies; Hee Spays Co of LTD. (Korea), Tsentral Soya Protein of Groups (Denmark), LLC Eko Trade .

Which of the Moscow producers uses hypermarket - components meat and meat products: JSC Tagansky meat processing plant JSC Cherkizovsky MPZ JSC Ays - Philly JSC Bik Biryulyovo meat-processing plant, CJSC East pier (t. m Pelmeshki from Oleshki ) CJSC Glavprodukt JSC Ikma LLC Ilyinsky sausage plant JSC Moscow agricultural industry OJSC Moscow cold-storage facility No. 14 JSC Moscow cold-storage facility No. 9 CJSC Russian sausage house JSC TPO Russian bistro JSC Cold-storage facility No. 7 Experimental plant konservno - sausages, LLC Esna LLC Yukon ;

confectionery, bakery and flour products, instant products: JSC Bolshevik CJSC Group of companies Borodino LLC The Grandee - the " Service; LLC Dilanes LLC Diso JSC Dobryninsky combine muchnisto - confectionery SUE Cracker Moscow pishchekombinat, LLC MORSBI JSC Moscow pishchekombinat CJSC Moscow " bread; LLC Victory Confectionery, LLC Flight TPO, JSC Russian bistro LLC Rustorg Group of companies, LLC French bakery and bistro JSC Bakery No. 12 JSC Bakery No. 22 LLC Tsentroprodukt ;

fish products: LLC Dilanes SUE Moscow fish factory CJSC Labirint ;

baby food, dairy products: JSC Ays - Philly JSC Cherkizovsky Meat Processing Plant Nestle Danon Similac ( Abbot Labs ) ;

soy products, vegetable canned food, food additives, vegetable oils: LLC JV Vartex LLC Philly .

The list can be continued!