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Genetic terrorism, or All is useful that got into a mouth ? Whether (part 1) of

A really we eat all that is useful? Today nearly a half of the consumer market is filled with genetically modified products. The truth disappears from us! As it became known that on the grocery market Russian Federation the marked transgenic crops are delivered not always.

According to mass media the following information was transferred: G - N Scriabin (the head of " firm; Bioengineering ) having quite good communications with certain officials of the government, tries quietly without public discussion to introduce cultivation in a mass order of hypermarket - crops - first of all, potatoes and " beet;.

Why to us is afraid to be told about it? What products are?

About hypermarket - products

Before starting research of the matter, it is necessary to know about transgene products. You want to know, than eat

So, genetically modified products, or hypermarket - products, are such products (and not only products, but also plants) into which DNA the gene which is not given them by the nature, a gene from other organism is entered. This gene allocates them with such new properties as high productivity, nutrition and flavoring value, resistance to diseases, etc. In Russia cultivation of transgenic crops commercially is officially forbidden. Still the science did not prove harm or harmlessness of hypermarket - production for a human body and ecosystems. Therefore in this respect there are two opinions: one say that new products have to become our future, and others claim that the use of these products will lead to the worst consequences

Positive sides

Use of hypermarket - components allows to refuse chemical means of protection and fertilizers almost completely. And it, in turn, will allow to solve a problem of shortage of the food. For anybody not a secret that in the world there are a lot of starving. Every day 20 thousand people die of hunger. From this it is possible to draw a conclusion that developments of hypermarket - products have a noble purpose.

The made experiments from hepatitis and AIDS over animals on the basis of transgene tomatoes successfully passed test. Experiment showed that at triple feeding of mice transgene tomatoes observed the effective immune answer against hepatitis B and slightly smaller, but also effective against a human immunodeficiency virus, - Sergey Shchelkunov (the center of molecular biology of genomes) told. - Though more than ten years around the world work on production of edible vaccines, nobody achieved such results " yet;. And again this experience serves as the proof of need of further research of influence of hypermarket - components on organisms. But if frankly, then we do not know (as well as scientists do not know) what reactions can arise at these mice further It will show time.

Therefore researches continue. For example, scientists from University of the State of Kansas found out that in grains of hypermarket - wheat contains strong antioxidants - the substances interfering development of tumors. Genetically modified wheat can be effective protection against tumors of intestines and some other diseases.

But as it was already told above, there is a set of negative opinions on research of influences of hypermarket - cultures on the person and environment...

Negative sides

the Main opponents of development of hypermarket - products is the movement Greenpeace . On their beliefs, transgene live organisms are unnatural that damages health of the person. According to mass media, in Boston appeared (thanks to developments of hypermarket - components) a new species of fish - a species of genetically modified fish. In opinion Greenpeace this development can cause irreparable injury to natural ecosystems of the sea as hit of this fish in the sea can cause violation of natural selection during evolution. fish - a mutant has advantages in comparison with the types which are found under natural conditions.

Also researches show that transgenic crops lead to irreversible changes in the nature. Already now more than a half of food products contain the changed DNA chains as the modified genes - by pollination or through food - get into live organisms and cause mutations. It is possible to draw a conclusion that in several years of unmodified live organisms just will not remain.

Was noted also other unpleasant fact. Developments of the " technology; improvements products and plants were not disregarded also by narcobusinessmen. Police officers of Colombia found in remote mountains Sierra - Nevada - - Santa - Marta in the north of the country of a plantation unusual cooks (Erythroxylum Coca), yielding a harvest in eight times more, than a usual cocaine bush. It were the huge bushes having much more than foliage and reaching height nearly 3 m that is twice higher than usual. Now productivity cooks and production of drugs, seemingly, continue to grow in spite of the fact that according to official figures for the last five years acreage cooks in the country was cut approximately by half (to 100 thousand hectares).

Special harm of hypermarket - products can put to a human body. For example, the use of the modified soy can provoke femininity at boys and early development in girls, and also causes impotence in adult men as the hypermarket - soy contains special phytohormone which influences a hormonal background of the person.

Only time will show how healthy or at all is not present will be future generation.