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How to choose the car on zodiac sign?

Let`s strike with motor rally - off road terrain and sloppiness!

Aries. What Aries does not love fast driving? Send it the car red, the " type; " Ferrari; is shorter - sports models. By the way, iron ( ferrum ) - metal of this sign. Active aspiration in everything to be the first will not disregard the " brand; Premier . Ride on health.

Taurus. " Buick; ( Buick ) the accurate machine, in economy is useful. And this is important! Usually prefers quiet, inspiring trust Opel or Saab . The real Taurus washes the car carefully, there is a wish to tell, licks (sorry, it is figurative). Shivers over each plug. Terribly worries about any scratch. The model chooses as the wife - one for the rest of life. On it you will carry forest products and other economic things.

Twins , buy " Audi;. You know why? Well to hear! Many Twins are not indifferent to audioplayers. It is so pleasant to drive a steering-wheel when wind in ears (and the head). By the way, without mobile phone anywhere, especially to the road. It is pleasant to change a car as gloves, to drive at once 2 cars (how to sit on two chairs ). I believe, a transmission (switching of speeds) - favourite part of the car. However it is not pleasant bench hammer (who does not know - it is a brake). In addition I recommend to get Mercury . After all, Mercury is the imperceptible messenger of gods. Nobody catches it... because will not keep up! Roll the field is called.

Cancer. These modest people prefer not to drive, and to wait; to give back, than forward; to go round obstacles, than to punch them (as an impatient Aries). All know, in the past carriage far you will not leave but Cancer likes ancient models (rarities for memory). The sincere principle prevails: more haste less speed . If that, is pressed on brakes, traditionally park in the put places, conservatively hide the car in garage (with the granary frightening lock). It is the fortress, a warehouse, a blindage! There are no problems with zapasky. The zealous owner keeps a mobile house in an order. In salon a cozy nest, but not a slipshod mess. Respects seat belts and a saving pillow, just in case pays an insurance (the favourite client of these companies). Still I will report - the patriot! If the Homeland tells: let`s support domestic producer Cancer will like feelings and will change on the domestic car - native and habitual. From foreign cars I recommend Chrysler (Chrysler). Or another - the main thing that the soul lay... nearby.

Lion. What Lev without romantic love? Therefore, without thinking twice, take the Italian " brand; Alfa Romeo . If unruly Lev, choose " Skoda; (Skoda). If abrupt and furious - be enough Jaguar (Jaguar). If clever, but you think that a slivka of society - get " Cadillac; (Cadillac) - the more long, the better. Demand the motor powerful that as in the song: and instead of heart - the flame motor! The Wheel in gold, diamonds. Well, not the car, but toy. The toy also is...

Maiden. Who follows the traffic regulation according to the instruction, honors a law letter? He does not move to red light, goes with the correct speed, does not argue with a gibededeshnik if that is drunk. Always sober, in one eye (or two) points - better to see. At gas station superfluous will not overpay, goes round each pool, protects ecology - watches an exhaust pipe. Without first-aid kit anywhere. Perhaps, favourite transfer - Road patrol answering to internal values - an order and accuracy of driving. Buy in an award Toyota or Nissan . They will please intellectual reason legible the buyer. You will sort and collect, and the car all the same will go.

Scales prefer elite means of transport. In the tram by force you will not drag! At least Rols - Royce give (the English brand of cars of the highest class). Wish to achieve the dream - to drive on Lincoln (extra - a class of limousines). Will not begin to refuse long from Mercedes - Benz (does not need transfer and representation). At survey special attention is paid on good springs and so forth conveniences (comfortableness). Without conditioner and the schooled driver not to offer the car. Council - all the time is polite to smile, smile to the seller...

Scorpion. The Car - an animal - the real Scorpions like to sentence, patting on a bumper loved " Porsche; and stayed in different scrapes of BMW. These people like to test the whole world (and a car) for durability. Emergencies not a rarity. Happens, optimistically think: Here I will break the car - on foot I will go . But car, just as her owner, revives from " ashes; (from fragments), also leads new passionate life. To a last straw of gasoline, the last kilometer of the infinite highway.

The Sagittarius wants a representative car that not to lose face before foreign guests and relatives. Speak, to a presented iron horse in teeth do not look, but if it is Zaporozhets - there will be a thunder and lightnings! It is not necessary to wet social reputation. The foreign car of all relatives, is more beautiful and lovelier than all! The owner - the barin (it about the Sagittarius) wants everything and much therefore the astrologer recommends - buy the bus. A trailer - the optimum choice (with the trailer). The main thing, is more than horsepowers, the Centaur - a semi-horse, the semi-person - operates this sign. If you are content with small, buy " Fiat; and Volvo . They will serve long, belief and the truth. Will not collapse yet.

The goat is guided by traditionally classical models. I recommend " Volkswagen; (Volkswagen) or " Jeep; (Jeep). The person is exacting to a car practicality, dreams that served eternally ( the morning sun never lasts a day and under the Capricorn ), or at least long. Silently bore burdens and deprivations of a course of life (route). The driver finds roads where continuous potholes and steep slopes. Not travel solitude with obstacles - norm of travel. The stubborn Capricorn goes according to the plan (district map) and the tough schedule of time. Therefore at marathon distances it does not have equal. Buy the all-terrain vehicle - you will not get stuck anywhere.

Aquarius. As well as to Twins (too air elements), will approach the two-wheeled friend - the motorcycle. It is possible to be closed up by the biker. Only put on a helmet more strong, over head and ears - differently will remember you: break - the head . If you dream to sweep with a breeze, take a cabriolet. Here at whom demolished a roof! Prefer the cars stuffed with electronics, it is possible on solar batteries and so forth. technical frills. With such happiness to go up hill and down dale (directly, and in different directions).

Fishes. Will approach English Bentley (Bentley). Something touching in the name of this brand, casts imaginations and dreams. Take violet color. When you knock, it it will become pale - pink. Not the car, but fairy tale! Fish adores car wash, however not always for the sake of purity - carries away process washings! When are not sure, do not overtake. If you believe that the best waits ahead - press on gas. Gas cylinders buy more. The road fortunately is remote, and on the road nobody promised to fill...