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What to prepare? Recipes for weight loss

are For some reason considered to be that control of the weight are obligatory starvations and rigid restrictions in food. Starvations and diets will not help to get rid of extra kilos and to keep weight, they are a stress for an organism and can do harm to health. As it is paradoxical, but it is possible to grow thin and tasty is!

If you decided to be engaged in the body and to throw off excess kilograms, then it does not mean at all that it is necessary to refuse food at all or is only when you feel that you here - here faint. At such behavior the risk that once you will break is very high and you will begin to eat much. Besides almost full refusal of food leads to delay of a metabolism that is also fraught with excess kilograms subsequently.

Therefore I suggest to study to you several simple recipes for weight loss which will help to remain full within several hours and at the same time to grow thin.

the Garnish

Zapecheny vegetables are an excellent way to eat well and avoid excess calories. And if to add to such dish of a little low-fat meat (for example, chicken breast), then it will become excellent food even for a holiday table.

The dish requires 400 grams of pulp of pumpkin, on one feature of red and orange sweet pepper, 200 grams of Brussels sprout, 1 bulb, several tomatoes of cherry, 5 tablespoons of vegetable oil, one tablespoon of white wine and as much honey.

Preparation . We cut pulp of pumpkin in small cubes, we cut sweet pepper after cleaning of seeds and partitions thick strips. We halve each kochanchik of Brussels sprout, and we cut onions after cleaning thin half rings or quarters (depending on the vegetable size). Tomatoes of cherry are divided into quarters. We mix everything. We oil vegetable mix and a baking sheet on which vegetables will be baked. We cover with aluminum foil and we send to an oven at 180 degrees for 15 - 20 minutes.

We cook sauce : we mix the remained tablespoon of oil with honey, white wine, we salt and we pepper to taste. We spread the baked vegetables on a dish and we sauce, it is possible to decorate with greens to taste.

Second course - meat

we already mentioned meat In the first recipe and it with an ulterior motive as proteins of an animal origin are very important at observance of a diet - they do not allow to atrophy to muscles during deficiency of nutrients therefore do not neglect meat. If you keep the figure, then give preference to low-fat grades of beef, chicken meat or turkey better. Besides at the use of meat the metabolism is quicker normalized.

Meat roll . For its preparation we will take 1 kilogram of beef fillet, couple of bulbs and fresh large tomatoes, a one-liter jar of marinated tomatoes in own juice, a bunch of cilantro and green onions, 1 teaspoon of garlick powder.

Preparation . We cut fillet on pieces and we scroll via the meat grinder. It is better to make it several times, then weight will turn out more gentle. We salt and pepper forcemeat, we add eggs and garlick powder. Everything is carefully mixed to a uniform state and we put aside aside that it was drawn.

Now we prepare tomato sauce . We clean onions and we crush, we do the same with greens and marinated tomatoes (it is necessary to remove a rough peel from the last). Also we salt this weight and we pepper to taste. We add part of tomato sauce (no more than a third) to forcemeat that that became more juicy.

We line a form for preparation with foil, we roll up in it roll and we put it in the oven which is previously warmed to 250 degrees where we bake slightly more than an hour. When giving roll on a table we water it with mix from the fresh tomatoes and tomato sauce cut on cubes.

If meat roll is rather festive, than a daily dish, then the following recipe will approach for every day as in its structure only several ingredients and prepare it quickly enough. Besides the increased content of cellulose will help an organism to get rid quicker than yours of excess calories.

Cutlets with vegetable marrows. we Take half a kilo of low-fat meat (chicken fillet or beef), a vegetable marrow of the average size, a small bulb and a tablespoon of a semolina.

Meat is crushed by means of the meat grinder or the blender. Onions after cleaning or are cut on small pieces, or crushed together with meat. The vegetable marrow is wiped on a large grater, and in minutes 10 we wring out weight and we add to forcemeat, there we put semolina, then we salt and we pepper to taste, it is possible to add spice. We leave weight for 10 minutes then we form small cutlets and we steam them for 15 - 20 minutes.

the Dessert

Many believe that when the speech comes about weight loss, it is necessary to refuse a dessert forever. But it not always so. There is a big variety of sweets which can be used in reasonable quantities. Among them and fruit desserts - they not only very tasty, but also useful as will saturate an organism with necessary vitamins and minerals.

One portion, the dessert prepared according to our recipe contains about 200 calories. Of course, it not so is not enough, but it is possible to indulge itself once a week with such delicacy.

Shokoladno - strawberry cake . For preparation of cake layers of cake

it is required to b 100 grams of skim cheese, couple of eggs, 50 grams of dates (already without stones), 25 grams of oatmeal, 100 ml of skim milk, couple of teaspoons of cocoa - powder.

In the blender we put dates, in several seconds we add warm milk, a little more later - eggs, and we shake up to a condition of uniform foam. Then we knead oatmeal and cocoa with cottage cheese and we send all this to the blender to other ingredients. As soon as all this turns into very dense substance, it is possible to start baking.

The baking sheet is dimmed by parchment paper, we spread on it dough. We level and bake at a temperature of 160 degrees for 20 minutes (to a zarumyanivaniye).

It is necessary for cream : 400 grams of unsweetened dense yogurt, 300 grams of fresh strawberry, 50 grams of walnuts, 1 tablespoon of honey. Dense yogurt is mixed with the crushed nuts, then we put honey and small cut strawberry, we shake up and we cool in the refrigerator.

Ready cake when it cools down to room temperature, we divide into 6 parts (by quantity of portions), everyone is broken on large pieces and distributed on small drinking bowls. Now we fill in with cream and we give on a table. As ornament it is possible to use strawberry segments.

Of course, it is only small part of recipes by means of which it is possible to control the weight, without refusing to themselves tasty food. I hope, they will be pleasant to you. Good luck are also beautiful!