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What is Flirtation of " colors;? We decipher pictures

Flowers were always irreplaceable means at acquaintances and communication. From time immemorial was considered that flowers have the gift to express variety of human feelings. It is no wonder that exactly around flowers there was the whole culture of the relations of men and women.

Flowers allowed to initiate acquaintance, to show the interest, to hint at ardency of feelings or, on the contrary, at the complete indifference. Flower variations allowed to carry on silent dialogues and to express difficult scale of experiences. Sometimes flowers were sent instead of letters. For example, a hyacinth on number of buds appointed day of a meeting, and a hand bell by quantity of flowers even specified hour of appointment.

Though at all times and in each country flowers were presented with sense, the real language of flowers appeared in the 17th century in Constantinople. It was the whole science which was called to villages and where to each flower, a branch or a fruit (all them there were more than 800) there corresponded any value. At the beginning of the 18th century the king of Sweden Charles II brought language of flowers to Europe after a trip to Persia. Flower dictionaries were published in Europe during all the XVIII - go centuries, telling about secrets of a lily and a lilac, and his certain heads were devoted to drawing up bouquets. Language of flowers both was very popular in France and in England of times of the Queen Victoria. In Russia language of flowers got at first from Europe and only in 1830 the Russian poet Dmitry Petrovich Oznobishin translated from Persian and published the book " in St. Petersburg; To Villages, or language of " colors;.

Gradually language of flowers lost the applied value, having turned in the 19th century into fashionable game in secular salons of Europe and Russia. Game and was called Flirtation of " colors;. By means of this simple and fascinating game our great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers got acquainted and communicated.

Game Flirtation of " colors; - it something like modern role-playing game . However roles here are emotional states (for example, romantic love, jealousy, passion, disappointment, etc.) ., in which participants should stay during the evening. These states are described by short phrases of the " type; You are beautiful! My heart is sore with you! I fell in love with you at first sight, but you disappointed me. To Dai Wam one more attempt etc. Each of guests receives the picture with the image and the name of that flower which role he will play this evening. Values of flowers are given in the table. Exists still secret table of correspondence You and I which orders with what partner you form couple (for example, a rose - a mimosa, a lily of the valley - a cornflower, etc.)

In game is appointed the Mail carrier. Belongs to its duties to carry notes to participants of game. At the same time the Mail carrier, naturally, knows what flower to whom dropped out. The mail carrier goes with notes and secretly asks who is who to give notes to addressees. The mail carrier has no right to reveal secrets of flowers!

Here dictionary : some flowers repeat since I collected from different sources, left the most interesting.

An azalea - Take care for me

the Alpine rose - Be attentive!

the Ambrosia - your love is mutual

the Anemone - I abandon you!

Pansies - your innocence me subdued

the Aster - whether you Are able to love constantly?

the Begonia - I Offer you warm friendship.

the Hawthorn - I am excited when you sing! the Cornflower - Be simple

as it is

the Cornflower - I do not dare to express you the feelings.

the Heather (white) - Desires will come true

the Heather (lavender) - Admiration, loneliness

Cherry - You chained to yourself my heart, take it to

the Water lily - Feelings in my soul storm

the Gardenia - You are beautiful, secret love

of the Tack - Hotly I love you. with

of the Tack (white) - Innocence, pure love

of the Tack (yellow) - you disappointed me, refusal

of the Tack (red) - my heart is sore with you, admiration

of the Tack (field) - You are beautiful!

of the Tack (striped) - Unfortunately, cannot be with you, though I want this

of the Tack (purple) - Inconstancy, a capriciousness

of the Tack (pink) - Never I will forget you

the Dahlia - I Am glad you to see.

the Geranium - Nonsense, dullness

the Geranium - Me should talk secretly to you

the Hyacinth (white) - I am happy because I love you.

the Hyacinth (yellow) - Jealousy

the Hyacinth (red or pink) - You play with me!

the Hyacinth (purple) - I regret, forgive me to

the Hyacinth (blue) - I will be with you always

the Hyacinth (violet) - with me Be more tender.

the Gladiolus - Dai to me the chance, I am sincere

the Wistaria - Welcome

the Gloxinia - I fell in love with you at first sight

Peas - I do not believe in your feelings.

the Hydrangea - Thanks for understanding

the Sweet pea - Thanks for perfectly spent time

the Jasmine - whether you Will fall in love with me sometime?

the Iris - your friendship means to me many

the Cactus - Constancy

the Guelder-rose - If you abandon me, my heart will become torn.

the Calla - your beauty dements me!

the Camellia (white) - You are delightful!

the Camellia (red) - You - a flame in my heart

the Camellia (pink) - Passionately I wish you to

the Camellia (white) - You are delightful

the Clover - Would like to know...

the Hand bell - Why you torment me with whims?

the Hand bell - you recognize hour of our meeting

By quantity of flowers the Lily of the valley - Long and secretly I loved you

the Lily (white) - Is delightful to be with you!

the Lemon leaf - Forgive to

Mack - You make sleepy!

the Daisy (white) - do not try my patience

the Narcissus - Remain same fine as you are!

the Forget-me-not - Remember me!

the Mistletoe - the Kiss me

of the Orchid - You are a beauty!

the Primrose - I cannot live without you!

the Petunia - your gift calms me

the Peony - As you are inscrutable! with

the Ivy - I Wish to please

the Primrose - I cannot live without you

the Mignonette - Not your beauty, but kindness captivated my heart

the Rose (without thorns) - I Love at first sight

the Rose (white) - I am worthy you, you are delightful!

the Rose (white, sluggish) - you did not make on me impression

the Rose (bud) - you are beautiful and gentle as this bud

the Rose (branch) - Yes!

the Rose (yellow) - I am jealous

the Rose (red) - I love you!

the Rose (forest) - your wounds will be healed!

the Rose (sheet) - Is not present!

the Rose (pink) - Please, trust me

the Rose (darkly - crimson) - I in mourning

the Rose (tea) - I will Always remember

the Pink bud - Beauty and youth, innocent heart

the Lilac (white) - Let`s love each other.

the Lilac (violet) - my heart belongs to you.

Plum color - Keep the promise.

the Tulip - I Express you the love.

the Tulip (yellow) - your smile as a sunlight!

the Tulip (red) - Believe me!

the Tulip motley - your fine eyes

the Violet - Nobody knows about our love.

the Violet (white) - Let`s risk

the Violet (blue) - I will Always be true!

the Phlox - we Will burn our letters!

Hop - we Will wait for favorable circumstances.

the Chrysanthemum - You are a beautiful friend

the Chrysanthemum (white) - the Old love does not rust.

the Chrysanthemum (yellow) - Weak love

potatoes Flower - You eclipse all!

the Cyclamen - Resignation and good-bye Tsinniya`s

(scarlet) - Constancy

of Tsinniya (white) - Courtesy

of Tsinniya (yellow) - I remember you every day Tsinniya`s

(red) - we Will be on friendly terms eternally! the Bird cherry - As you pleased me with


the Dogrose - whether It is possible to trust you?

the Apple blossom - You - my special respect. Yasmennik - Be happy with

and my friendship

it is amusing to consider still lifes with flowers and to try to read them by means of this grant.

Here for example, T. Fedorov`s , Lilies of the valley - well just very much, very long and very secretly I loved you !

Whether Yu Pantsirev, thought that its The Bouquet with flowers of " potatoes; can be read as You eclipse all ?

And its Hand bells will set for someone the difficult task - to understand when the appointment is made?

A. Zoryukov , appears, asks: whether you are able to love constantly?

Obukhova Elena exclaims:

Dai to me the chance, I am sincere! As you are inscrutable!

We will not be inscrutable, we will arm with the dictionary of flower flirtation - and forward!