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In what to meet New year?

How to become the queen of New Year`s evening? How it is correct to pick up dresses and accessories for the main holiday of year? Answers to these and many other questions - in article!

The most long-awaited and bright holiday of year - already on a nose. It is a high time to think of in what dress to appear on New Year`s evening to surprise darlings, guests and, of course, to cajole a symbol of the coming year - a wooden goat.

Main women`s issue What to put on? on the eve of New Year`s evening it becomes actual, more than ever.

As a goat - the rural animal who got used to fresh air and the nature is desirable to give preference to natural fabrics. Also the dress has to be monophonic, simple, but elegant. And that the image looked complete and elegant, it is possible to add a modest dress with accessories - also from natural materials: tree, semiprecious stones, ceramic clay, skin.

From a paste and other artificial decor it is better to refuse. And it is possible to add style and luxury to the dress by means of leather or suede inserts, fur (for example, the fur vest which is put on over an evening dress). The goat will be very much not against if all chosen fabrics are not only natural, but also pleasant to a body, soft and streaming.

Blue, green and yellow, and also their shades will be successful flowers for festive evening - 2015: lime, mint, pistachio, emerald, violet, blue, sand, lemon etc. with

If to take advice of fashionable designers who already managed to let out New Year`s collections of actual dresses of next year then you will shine on New Year`s Eve in:

smart and womanly dresses in a floor with a flared skirt, and - la the mermaid;

lacy short and a midi - dresses with cut on a back;

in cozy, warm dresses of large knitting (especially handwork - on a note to needlewomen);

long knitted dresses with a deep decollete and lacy finishing;

long dresses with volume, air sleeves in retro style;

bright printovanny (especially - on east subject) dresses;

extravagant dresses with a " form skirt; tulip ;

all familiar and already favourite dresses with a frill - basky.

All these options it is by all means underlined a figure, feminity and sense of style of the owner and will make it a bright asterisk of festive evening. By the way, all from the offered options will be pertinent not only houses, on a visit or restaurant, but also on an office party, in a circle of colleagues and companions, once in a year dared not to observe dress - a code.

And it is possible to add an image with a hairdress with ringlets and pleteniye. As the second symbol of year is the Sheep, ringlets in a New Year`s hairdress will be as it is impossible by the way. They can be created, in advance having registered to the checked hairdresser or having made independently, in house conditions: by means of the curling iron, irons or the hair dryer with a nozzle " diffuser;. And little women of fashion on the eve of New year can braid a set Afro-braids, and then to untwine and to accurately comb hair a comb with rare teeth. The beautiful waves imitating a fluffy skin of a lamb are guaranteed!

And of course, gathering for a New Year`s Eve, do not forget to put on yourself a droplet of favourite spirits and to take good mood!


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