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How to make carbonara? Recipe history

Italian cuisine has almost no opponents. It is popular with people of different estates and age, regardless of their place of residence. In Italian cuisine hundreds of dishes became already so popular that extended worldwide and took root into kitchens of the different people. It is undoubted that one of the famous Italian dishes is also paste alla carbonara.

Paste alla carbonara (ital. Pasta alla carbonara) is the spaghetti with small pieces to a guanchiala (not smoked salty pork jowl in Italian) filled with cheese sauce parmesan, pekorino Romano and eggs, fresh ground black pepper and salt. This dish was invented in the middle of the last century, and its main highlight consists that sauce reaches full readiness as a result of action of heat on it just welded paste.

It should be noted that the classical recipe quite often changes. In particular, to the guanchiala often replace with pancetta (to a guanchiala and pancetta differ in the fact that in the last it is more meat a streak), jowl - smoked bacon, and add cream to sauce.

Among experts in the sphere of cookery quite often there is a dispute what of numerous recipes, which are widespread under a look " today; classics is authentic. One claim that cream in sauce has to be obligatory, others believe that such additive will only spoil gentle taste of a dish.


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strange that one of fundamental dishes of Italian cuisine still has no unambiguous history. Many culinary specialists - historians state the assumptions and even give arguments, however none of them read any exact proofs still therefore it is difficult to answer specifically an issue who for the first time was resolved to mix all ingredients and to receive unique paste alla carbonara.

This dish was widespread on the most probable version among the workers burning wood near Rome. Historians give a literal translation of the name of food as argument of this theory: " carbonara; from Italian - the coal miner.

Other version says that carbonara became Italo`s result - the American friendship. During World War II the American soldiers who arrived to the territory of Italy to be at war with the German aggressors, brought with themselves sack lunches among which there were an egg powder and bacon. Inhabitants quite often treated defenders with paste which Americans also filled available for them therefore the interesting dish which is fallen in love and to Italians turned out.

Still all new and new versions move forward. So a few years ago on pages of the Italian Osteria delle Tre Corone edition scientists declared that the name received a dish from the oppositional movement of a karbonariya which met in Veneto`s region.

The only thing that does not give in to doubt - it is age of carbonara. On pages of collections of recipes this dish was for the first time published in the middle of the 20th century. Geography Each province of Italy prepares


paste alla carbonara in own way. So, Romans cook sauce from pekorino Romano (the matured cheese from sheep milk), yolks and pancetta, others quite often add cream. And some in general replace sheep cheese usual firm with a pronounced smell or at least mix it in equal portions with parmesan to kill a specific smell of the present pekorino of Romano.

After the recipe dispersed worldwide, hostesses in other countries began to cook carbonara after the own fashion - one add mushrooms or seafood, others replace fat, in their opinion, jowl with chicken. However the Italian culinary specialists do not take offense at so free treatment of the recipe, in Italy consider that process of preparation is first of all creativity.


Many popular dishes have the secrets, also carbonara did not become an exception.

The first secret consists in the correct processing and amount of eggs. I think that for anybody not news that the tasty dish can turn out only from qualitative ingredients therefore try to buy eggs with a large and bright yolk (excellent option will become checked house). It is very difficult to calculate exact amount of eggs as it depends on pasta, however classics 3 pieces on 400 grams of spaghetti are considered. At the same time surely wash each egg as they will not pass serious thermal treatment.

The second secret consists in the choice of cheese. this product impacts to a dish a refined smell and relish therefore it is necessary to approach the choice of cheese with all gravity. In Rome most often at preparation of carbonara use pekorino Romano, however, as we wrote earlier, it can seem to some bluff therefore it is better to apply a combination of cheeses - a quarter of a glass pekorino and three quarters of a glass parmidzhano redzhano (the Italian boiled pressed cheese from cow`s milk).

And, at last, the third secret consists in garlick aroma. Should noting that it is a controversial issue too. So, some the chief - cooks believe that its frying will help to reveal to appetizing aroma of garlic while others prove that it is much better to add small cut garlic to sauce crude because only at contact with hot macaroni this product, slightly heating up, adds a special savor and aroma.

Recipe of paste carbonara

to cut 100 g of pancetta (will suit a guanchiala or even bacon) on small cubes. Then to roast it on small fire on 2 tablespoons of olive oil. On other ring to bring 4 liters of water to boiling, to add some salt and throw there 400 g of spaghetti and to boil to a condition of al dente (they have to be completely ready, but at the same time keep notable internal elasticity at a sting).

to mix 3 eggs with 3 tablespoons of cream, then to pepper and salt to taste, to shake up all weight a nimbus, having added 50 g grated pekorino (parmesan).

Bacon from a frying pan to clean, put in available on it fat garlic, to dip and add a little cooked spaghetti. After that the frying pan should be cleaned from a plate and to pour in it in the weight which is shaken up before it. It is necessary to disturb until eggs turn. After that add bacon and 50 more g grated pekorino (parmesan). From above a ready dish can decorate

with leaflets or small cut basil greens.

The well-known Italian dish - paste carbonara - perfectly will be suitable for residents of our country. It is tasty, nourishing and in winter cold weather will perfectly warm you as though having moved to hot coast of the Mediterranean.


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