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How not to make 5 main mistakes at selection of jewelry?

Stylists the Internet - shop of elite costume jewelry of FABIK tell how to avoid the main mistakes at selection of jewelry and accessories by the image.

Opening the Internet - shop of elite costume jewelry FABIC, we set the task to acquaint our women of fashion with recent trends in the world of design costume jewelry and fashionable accessories.

However, fashionable tendencies and fantastic photos of stars on covers of magazines should not cancel several basic principles at the choice of jewelry. It is necessary to consider a set of factors: place, event, stylistics of an image and, of course, your unique appearance and figure.

Here several basic rules for the choice of jewelry which stylists recommend the Internet - shop of costume jewelry and accessories of FABIK.

the Mistake 1 - Is not present to fonts jewelry!

many sets of costume jewelry are on sale Now. It is very convenient to buy them, but together to you it is not necessary to carry everything-. Especially this rule needs to pay attention at a combination of large necklaces and earrings from one set. If to speak about bracelets and rings, then it is better to put on them different hands if they from one set.

the Mistake 2 - do not select costume jewelry strictly in one color with clothes

For example, to a red handbag - a coral necklace etc. It is irrelevant for a long time and is rather predictable. It is better to pay attention to stylistics of accessories. Jewelry in pastel tones will approach a romantic image. They will emphasize sensuality and feminity. In an image of the vamp it is possible to pick up products from nielloed threw with bright inserts.

the Mistake 3 - you do not carry large crystals and diamonds in the afternoon

Because it is considered a sign of a bad form. These stones have feature to be poured only at evening light therefore they will be inappropriate day in the afternoon. And here evening actions - ideal option for similar jewelry. the Mistake 4 - be not blind

before trends in jewelry and accessories

does not need to wear jewelry which to you does not go even if they in a trend. Select jewelry for your shape of a face, the neck length, a shape of wrists and hands. Short necklaces, a necklace - choker are able to afford owners of a long swan neck. On a low neck the necklace of standard length or a sotuara, long necklaces with suspension brackets which came to us from 20 - x years just right will approach.

Oblong jewelry will visually extend a round face. Earrings, soft in a form, will be able to smooth a square oval. Will make the person more harmonous than an earring in the form of threads, suspension brackets. Earrings in the form of a sphere or a ring will be ideally suited for the extended face.

Ladies of curvy shapes best of all suit large jewelry. Thin girls will be decorated by both thin graceful jewelry, and massive. However, with the last be careful as some will look it is bulky. It is important to find the most beautiful part of a body and to emphasize it!

the Mistake 5 - be not afraid to combine costume jewelry and jewelry!

it is present

B nothing surprising and strange. Break stereotypes! The similar combination is very actual and leads to unusual images.

Girls, wear more jewelry and accessories! They which are skillfully picked up give completeness and identity to your image.