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The Time - a time - we will be glad on the century ? The best roles of Mikhail Boyarsky

Mikhail Boyarsky - the Russian and Soviet stage and film actor, and also the famous singer and the TV host. Russians love Boyarsky for his charismatic manner of performance of songs, familiar expressions and individual style to which Mikhail Sergeyevich does not change several decades.

The unique and original actor Mikhail Sergeyevich Boyarsky who this year is 65 years old was born in Leningrad (St. Petersburg, Russia) on December 26, 1949. He was a descendant of the well-known theatrical family which, most likely, and defined the future of the actor.

His father - Sergey Aleksandrovich Boyarsky - was an actor of Theatre of Komissarzhevskaya, and mother - Ekaterina Mikhaelovna Melentyeva - stepped on the stage of Comedy theater. Let`s note that the famous parents were against actor`s career for their son. The boy since the childhood was loaded music that it did not have time for theatrical circles. Mikhail could not disobey parents and finished as they also wanted, music school at conservatory on a piano class, however after that entered the Institute of theater, music and cinematography, on L. F. Makaryev`s course.

The star career, as well as many other great actors, Boyarsky began with mass meeting - crowd of students, fellow travelers, group of teenagers. But already then its approach to a profession significantly differed from the majority same as it young graduates: Mikhail believed that everyone even if a small role, it is necessary to play with soul having given all the best on a scene on full. Besides, he did not consider shameful to agree to small roles thanks to what in several months after transfer in troupe of theater became the most playing beginner.

of Cinema

the Son of a creative family very much early got to cinema - during study at school he acted in several bit parts, and also a short film Matches to children not a toy . But participation in the comedy " became the real first role of Mikhail; Straw hat in 1974. On a movie plot it needed to reincarnate in the Italian tenor Minardi, and dark-haired Boyarsky perfectly coped with an objective - it was noticed and began to be invited in other movies, and roles it grew.

In 1975 the Soviet cinema-goers for the first time saw the two-part movie of Vitaly Melnikov Eldest son . To Mikhail shootings by what he played in an environment of an eminent cast - Evgeny Leonov, Svetlana Kryuchkova, Nikolay Karachentsov and others were remembered.

Those to whom today for 40, for the first time got acquainted with actor`s game of Boyarsky thanks to movies Masha and Vitya`s New Year`s adventures (1975) where the actor reincarnated in a smart cat, and Mother (1976) where the actor played a wolf. For a role of a predator Mikhail had to master ice dance.

Teodoro in the musical two-part movie " became the first legendary role of Boyarsky; Dog in the manger (1977). Initially for this role Oleg Dahl and Oleg Yankovsky were tried, but as a result the director Jan Fried gave it to Mikhail. All actors tried to reincarnate completely in the roles therefore in a scene where Teodoro receives from Diana a fan on the person then it has blood from a nose, Terekhova so strongly hit Boyarsky that at that blood really went (which got into the film frame).

The most recognizable image Mikhail can be considered D`Artagnan`s role. Soviet adventure musical three-serial television movie D`Artagnan and three musketeers it was removed in 1978. At first Boyarsky was invited to a role of Rochefort, but after the first tests the director Georgy Yungvald - Hilkevich approved it for a role of the main character.

Mikhail Sergeyevich remembers: Frankly speaking, when I was approved for D`Artagnan`s role, I did not appreciate cinema. Then I was the real theatrical snob, was proud of the fact that together with me Petrenko, Friendlich, Ravikovich, Vladimirov step on the stage. And then everything suddenly became minor. I sought to arrive to Odessa as there was my real life somewhat quicker. We practically never removed a uniform, did not even undress: moustaches, long hair, the horse waits for you, a sword always nearby... Nearby sea, prairie, bushes. And we eat a game with pleasure, even despite dirty hands. We so naturally passed into the 17th century, and Is brisk Is sickly (the director Georgy Yungvald - Hilkevich) maintained this passion in us. It was pleasant to it that from us constantly bore wine, tobacco, horse then and " hay;.

D`Artagnan`s Role became defining in young Boyarsky`s career, words of his hero are quoted still: Thousand devils! One for all! And all for one! The one who will not dare to laugh at his owner Laughs at a horse! Adventures proceed! and many - many others.

After that he was invited in a comedy film of the director Svetlana Druzhinina Courtship of the hussar (1979) where he embodied an image of the young hussar in love. He played the hero with similar character series of the historian - costume movies: Naval cadets, forward! and Long live, naval cadets! (1987 and 1991 respectively). It is also possible to refer two more works with the director Jan Fried to number of its star roles - Don Cesar de Bazan (1989) and Tartyuf (1992). Singing

we Will note

that Boyarsky is famous not only thanks to full devotion on a shooting stage and to ability to experience the hero to details, but also from - for the voice which possesses a special timbre.

Among the famous songs which he sang during actor`s career appear: So far - so far - shaking Purkua of a pas compositions from the movie The Person from Kaputsinov Boulevard Don Cesar de Bazan and others.

Also some multgero talk this unique voice: Ivan ( Flying ship ), Coward Lev ( Adventures in the Emerald city ) Kot ( Ivan Tsarevich and Grey Wolf both parts), Viking Plevaka ( How to tame a dragon both parts).

And songs Big Dipper Grey horse City flowers and many others are still loved by people of all generations.

Progress of this legendary actor is noted by the state ranks the Honored artist of Russia and the People`s artist of Russia, and also the Orders of Friendship and For merits before the Fatherland IV degrees.