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What do we know about Valery Obodzinsky? Part 2

Up to 1975, perhaps, anybody had no such number of concerts and such notices. At concerts excited fans threw huge bouquets, gifts, jewelry into Obodzinsky. And it took it for granted. But something happened, and everything failed suddenly.

Pavel Shakhnarovich: The compere Alov - the addict and the drunkard who and spoke then began to work With us: I will have the happiest day when you drink " vodka;. And this day came rather night. During a meeting New, 1976 Obodzinsky declared: I will drink " vodka now;. Began to beg him, the wife cried. But he drank. Also swept

Mikhail Bakalchuk: We worked together in Zaporizhia, in Donetsk, in the Russian cities - after some scandalous moments connected in its biography with Moscow. Valery was not really frequent, but always a welcome guest in Odessa. Acted in philharmonic hall, in the hall of the Russian theater. I do not like to remember the negative moments, but Already then Valery was any. In Zaporizhia the first office was perfectly fulfilled Red " poppies;. An interval, in the second Obodzinsky has to sing. I enter its dressing room and I speak: The Value, prepare: in 15 minutes - an exit . He looks, does not react. I repeated - zero emotions. Stirred up it, and it in reply: Mischa, well look, I was not even pricked. Well look I brought him round slaps in the face, and he repeated same. Obviously, swallowed tablets .

Pavel Shakhnarovich: In Omsk I put it in a mental hospital under others surname. On concerts it was brought by the nurse, then took away to spend the night in hospital. I watched that he did not step on the stage drunk, sat with it in a make-up room. But once left for a while. I look - he stepped drunk on the stage. Somehow left it in hotel, number locked, and transferred things to the number that he did not run away. I come - it is drunk. It appeared - began to knock, the maid came, he also ordered to bring him " cognac;.

In increasing frequency hard drinkings happened during tours. Having declared: I go to the grandmother to Odessa (he told it always when got drunk, even when the grandmother died), - Obodzinsky disappeared. Everything ceased to interest him. It degraded in the eyes. Called acquaintances, told some strange things. Once called Shakhnarovich: I call you from Sergiyevy monastery. I am a Saint .

Eventually all this bothered Shakhnarovich and he left. Soon musicians

Arkady Astafyev, the trumpeter, long time acting with Obodzinsky ran up: We arrived to Yoshkar - to Ol - there were two concerts, success stunning! Alas, it was the finish. Came back to Moscow, sat down at the " airport; Bykovo . All group left, and Valery could not leave inside of the plane. I dragged it on myself, then called a taxi and took home In 1983 - m Obodzinsky mastered only one concert in Moscow, and in 1986 - the m left a scene and disappeared .

Vladimirych, we will pull on 100?! Is not present

, it did not disappear. Lived in Moscow. More precisely, existed. It had by then no apartment any more, families - too: the wife left. He lived in temporary barracks at necktie factory where he worked as the watchman. Saws nearly an every day. Until in July, 1991 the destiny sent it a meeting with one of the most faithful and devoted admirers - Anna Yesenina. As soon as learned where it is, right there went to it to a warehouse. When saw it, was shocked. If met on the street - did not learn. Its morning began so: Hey, Vladimirych, we will pull 100 grams?! And still, still, still. He as though forgot that he was a singer. Spoke: hochubyt simple man. It was pleasant to it that nobody touched it .

Despite mad popularity of Obodzinsky, Anna long time did not know what the singer is. Since the childhood she loved Pyotr Leshchenko, Vadim Kozin, Mario Lants, Lolita Torres. And was never interested in a modern Soviet platform. And when once in the middle of 70 - x the girlfriend called her in Variety theater on some Obodzinsky`s concert, exclaimed: You in the right mind?! That I listened to some Soviet singer?! But all - went to a concert. And from that day started going to all Moscow concerts of Obodzinsky. And every time regardless of a season gave it roses.

Anna Yesenina: When I found it, we sat, drank. And in two days he called me: The Child, help out! I took vodka, snack - and again on a warehouse! So I began to go to it regularly. Then Valera began to close a warehouse and for the night to come to me. And in the fall he decided that to it to anything to be wound to and fro and in general to anything to work there. I then went as the costumier by a tour with Boris Rubashkin. I had money. And Valera began to live at me, as in paradise.

Actually I did not aspire at all that he lived with me. And even some time resisted it. But it well me smanipulirovat. Here you help all, - he told, - and you do not want to help me . And here I broke. It was necessary to nobody at all. Even to own daughters. Younger Lerka its sense also did not know. When in 1979 Valera divorced Nelya, she was only born. Already then I them from Anzhelkaya, his oldest daughter, brought " here;.

There Passed time

She dreamed that Obodzinsky started over again singing. Called on radio, television, in Dews - and Moskontsert. But from it waved away, as from the madwoman. Only one Beacon responded: congratulated Valera with 50 - the anniversary and gave three of its songs in air. After that all suddenly remembered that there was such singer Obodzinsky. And process, as they say, went. Any offers fell down. But he not agreed to everything. For example, not at any price did not sing in night clubs. And even did not want to hear about any trips to America or to cruise around Europe. Even when to it suggested to sing only two songs for 500 dollars, refused.

Also the majority of songs which offered it was rejected by it. As a result Obodzinsky addressed Vertinsky`s creativity. Wrote down two of its songs. And then and whole audio cassette.

Anna Yesenina: Sometimes Valera threw work and went to a hellbender. Declared to me that forever me leaves, left in a huff and went to walk. In the district to Valera all treated with honoring. When there was no money, it could go to cafe, and he was free of charge fed. And all who feel like it poured to it .

In September, 1994 in a concert hall Russia the first took place (after a seven-year break) Obodzinsky`s performance. There was a notice. After the first song the hall blew up an applause. Nobody could believe that the person who passed through alcoholism and drugs managed to keep the voice in purity.

In the last years of life Obodzinsky resumed tour activity, gave several concerts in the different cities of Russia. In the last performance on television in the " program; Gold smash hit Valery Vladimirovich told: Very often I am asked: why you so for a long time disappeared? Creative life developed differently. There was a moment when I reached the ceiling. Also understood: will not let further. It bothered to be humiliated before all: before employees of television, radio who at the suggestion of the powers that be cut my records. Officials from culture declared that I sing not on - Soviet There passed time .

Could live 50 more years

the singer Died on April 26, 1997. He was only 55 years old.

Anna Yesenina: There was it suddenly. It had no serious diseases of which he could die. In 1995 I went to tours, and Valera without me has a really good time. After that I forced it to pass full medical examination. At it found only insignificant percent of sugar in blood and a cyst on a kidney. The doctor told: Valery Vladimirovich, if you normally behave, then you will live 50 more years . Prescribed to it a diet and some medicine for maintenance of an organism. Valera observed month its instructions. And then threw to me these drugs and told: Stop doing of me the patient!

And on April 25, 1997 to it it became suddenly bad with heart. We from Lerkaya (the younger daughter of Obodzinsky) called the doctor. But Valera did not want to go to hospital. Probably, felt that leaves, and wanted that it occurred at home. Hours at 8 in the evening he called me and told: I die . And similar he told something regularly. As I will begin something to shout, it bulty in a bed also begins: Oh, me it is bad. I die . Come on! - I waved away. - To us in three days to Petrozavodsk to tours to go . We from Lerkaya all night long sat in kitchen. Only at daybreak went to bed. And at this time he died .

Memorial service took place in the Central house of workers of arts. About 300 people came to say goodbye to Obodzinsky...

Anna Yesenina: On civil funeral in TsDRI there was no end to speeches how all were on friendly terms with Valera and as it was loved. And there was on a special support its photo in a frame with glass. And suddenly it fell to a floor, and glass with a terrible roar scattered into smithereens. After that all shut up at once. Thus Valera stopped this deification already from there, from heaven .

Valery Obodzinsky in Moscow on the Kuntsevsky cemetery is buried.