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How to create the warm atmosphere at a New Year`s table? We select the correct menu!

Mood in many respects depend on what you ate - scientists who studied dependence of an emotional state on food came to such conclusion. Correctly made menu of a New Year`s table will help each guest to feel comfortably. What products promote mutual understanding and warm companionship?

Good hostesses know that the atmosphere of a New Year`s dinner and a warm friendly chat are not less important, than tasty prepared dishes. What mood will reign at a New Year`s table? How there will be a communication between guests? Whether it will be comfortable, cheerful and interesting to them? It appears, all this can be planned, having correctly picked up ingredients for a New Year`s table.

Long-term researches of ritmolog claim that food, their color and a way of preparation define mood and a psychological state of the person. Let`s try to use this unusual approach by drawing up the New Year`s menu.

For example, fish on a holiday table will help to create the atmosphere of general love and understanding. It is especially important if at supper people who usually quarrel have to meet or do not understand each other. Fish dishes will help mutual understanding and harmonious friendly communication.

It is the best of all to serve fish with fresh greens. Greens will help to change quickly relationship between people. At the choice of fish give preference to types in which there are not enough bones. In ancient times diplomats specially served bony fish if wanted to confuse or embarrass the interlocutor. But you do not want it?

One of favourite delicacies of a New Year`s table - red caviar . It promotes transfer of worldly wisdom and practical knowledge. If among guests there are people whose experience in family life or in business is very interesting to you and you would like to learn from this person, put near it a plateau with red caviar, and he will share the experience with pleasure.

You plan to alternate food with dances and cheerful competitions? Then treat guests with mushrooms . They give additional physical forces and desire to move actively.

At a table banal buckwheat - a dish which becomes rare decoration of a New Year`s table can create the romantic atmosphere. But if you decided to meet New year with darling, take care that on a table there was a buckwheat. For example, bread from buckwheat flour or the vegetables stuffed with buckwheat. It is possible to borrow interesting ideas of dishes from buckwheat in ancient Russian cuisine which is famous for refined recipes.

For New year it is accepted to make wishes and to plan. With it you will be helped by the fruit served for a dessert . For example, grapes will prompt how truly to dispose of money, and the apricot is capable will provide the solution of difficult questions in business. Color of fruit also matters. For example, orange fruit open the creative potential and creative thinking.

In a year of a goat astrologers offer to lure symbol of year apples . Apples, unlike other fruit, suggest not to plan the future, and to concentrate on the present. If you wanted apple - it is a signal that it is necessary to analyse events which take place here and now. They are very important.

And, of course, in new year everything has to be in " chocolate; . This is blown long time remained a symbol of prosperity and wellbeing, more than a century ago only rich families were able to afford this expensive delicacy. Chocolate invigorates and lightens mood, additional energy appears. Ritmolog also claim that color of dark chocolate adjusts on full health.

Herring under a " fur coat; - this salad by all means will appear almost on each New Year`s table. Let`s try to predict what mood guests will have after this dish. All vegetables which are a part of salad are root crops. Ritmologiya claims that root crops set us thinking on the past, to plunge into memoirs, and also strengthen family, related bonds. If carrots enter salad, then it disposes to creativity, and beet gives a charge of health and strength for active action.

Not incidentally speak: You are what you eat . The correct selection of food as in a New Year`s, and daily diet, is capable to change your life significantly. Knowing as each product works, it is possible to use consciously these properties for creation of a certain state and the solution of tasks necessary to you.


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